Eversong Woods Quest Series  

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Eversong Woods Quest Series
Quest Series
Starting ZoneEversong Woods
Rec. Levels1 to 12
Next Ghostlands Quest Series
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Quest Series

This is the starting series for Blood Elf player characters. New Blood Elves start on Sunstrider Isle at The Sunspire.

Primary faction for this area is Silvermoon City and all of the quests in this series will increase your Reputation with Silvermoon City.

A value in parentheses following a quest name indicates the level of the quest. If found after an NPCs name, that is the minimum level you must be before that NPC will give you quests.

Sunstrider Isle

Starts with Magistrix Erona

  1. Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle (1) - unlocks Well Watcher Solanian, Arcanist Ithanas and Arcanist Helion
  2. Two quests:
  3. Report to Lanthan Perilon (3) - sends you to Lanthan Perilon

Julia Sunstriker <Mage Trainer>

  1. Well Watcher Solanian (2) - sends you to Well Watcher Solanian

Well Watcher Solanian

  1. Two quests:

Arcanist Helion

  1. Thirst Unending (3)

Arcanist Ithanas

  1. A Fistful of Slivers (4)

Lanthan Perilon

  1. Aggression (4)
  2. Felendren the Banished (5)
  3. Aiding the Outrunners (5)

Outrunner Alarion

  1. Slain by the Wretched (5) - Find the slain Outrunner and examine the package
  2. Package Recovery (5) - Take the package to Alarion
  3. Completing the Delivery (5) - Deliver the package to Innkeeper Delaniel in Falconwing Square

Falconwing Square

  1. Wanted: Thaelis the Hungerer (6) - examine the Wanted Poster on the steps near Aeldon Sunbrand

Sanctum series

starts with Magister Jaronis

  1. Major Malfunction (5)
  2. Delivery to the North Sanctum (6)
  3. Malfunction at the West Sanctum (5) - from Ley-Keeper Caidanis at the North Sanctum
  4. Arcane Instability (6) - from Ley-Keeper Velania at the West Sanctum

Spies series

starts with Aeldon Sunbrand

  1. Unstable Mana Crystals (5)
  2. Darnassian Intrusions (6)
  3. The Dwarven Spy (7)
  4. Fairbreeze Village (7)
  5. Situation at Sunsail Anchorage (7) - from Ranger Degolien

Apprentices series

starts with Apprentice Ralen

  1. Roadside Ambush (6)
  2. Soaked Pages (6) - from Apprentice Meledor
  3. Taking the Fall (6)
  4. Swift Discipline (6) - from Instructor Antheol

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