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C'Thun, which is commonly pronounced "Kah-Thoon" or "Kathune", is the last boss in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. Up until The Burning Crusade, C'Thun was commonly considered the most difficult raid boss in the game. In fact, he is still considered to be harder than many of the bosses in Naxxramas, even after The Burning Crusade release.

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The Boss Fight

Abilities & Strategy

Phase One

The initial phase of the C'thun encounter, this part of the fight consists of alternating Eyes shooting beams for 50 seconds followed by 35 seconds of Dark Glare as well as periodic spawning of the Eye and Claw Tentacles.

  • Eye Beam: (Green beam.) Deals 2,625 to 3,375 Nature damage. Eye of C'thun casts one every 3 seconds, if other players are standing too close the beam will jump to that person and deal double the damage it dealt to its previous target. The suggested distance is at least 10 meters apart. This repeats indefinitely until the number of targets within range that remain unafflicted is exhausted, so spreading out is key.
  • Dark Glare: (Red beam.) Inflicts 43,750 to 56,250 Shadow damage on any player who passes through the beam, which appears red and extends radially out from C'thun when its eye, appearing visibly red, will rotate this beam slowly clockwise or counterclockwise 180 degrees.
  • Eye Tentacles: Every 45 seconds eight small Eye Tentacles will spawn at the edge of the black expanse which house C'thun, knocking back anyone standing within a few yards of their spawn points, equally spaced in a circle around it. These eyes have a Mind Flay spell that does 750 damage a sec for 3 seconds.
  • Claw Tentacles: Claw Tentacles spawn at random locations in C'thun's room. Their melee is fairly weak: approximately 200 damage per hit, but they also do a one-time knockback when they are spawned called Ground Rupture for 1,350 - 1,650 damage. Additionally, they can do a Hamstring attack, making it more difficult to flee from the Dark Glare.

Phase Two

Once you bring the Eye of C'Thun to 0%, this phase will start. After a short pause, the central body of C'Thun will emerge. During this phase, C'thun has a shield which drastically reduces all damage to almost nothing. In order to bring the shield down and damage it, players must engage the stomach from inside.

  • Eye Tentacles: These continue to spawn the same as in phase one, however they now spawn every 30 seconds instead of 45 like Phase One.
  • Giant Claw Tentacles: Once every minute, with a 30-second offset from Giant Eye Tentacle spawns, C'Thun will summon a Giant Claw Tentacle at a random player's feet. Anyone on or near the spawn will take approximately 3,000 damage from the Ground Rupture that occurs, as well as being knocked away across the room. They also have a Thrash ability, meaning they will one-shot anyone who is not a tank.
  • Giant Eye Tentacles: Once every minute, with a 30-second offset from Giant Claw Tentacle spawns, C'Thun will summon a Giant Eye Tentacle. They do the same Ground Rupture when they appear and repeatedly cast the same Eye Beam ability the Eye of C'thun uses in Phase One.
  • Stomach of C'thun: The stomach of C'Thun is an entirely separate room. Every 10 seconds, a tentacle will emerge and swallow a random person in the raid. You fall from the top of the new room into green water, and are given a stacking debuff called Digestive Acid, that reapplies itself about every 4 seconds, and can stack up to 99 times, doing 150 Nature damage every 5 seconds per application. There are two Flesh Tentacles in the stomach that must be killed to weaken C'Thun, causing its body to turn purple and become vulnerable to the attacking raid for 45 seconds.

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