Channeler Epic Weapon (EQ2 Quest Series)  

This quest series is for the Channeler-only Epic Weapon, Spiritbreaker, Eianosheoll's Folly.

The Channeler Epic went live on December 17, 2013.

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Series Summary



Go to Paineel (Sundered Frontier). In the same room as Sa'ib Waseem (Epic Repercussions NPC), go to loc 1986.34, -298.22, 3378.24 . Click the 4th book from the right on the middle book case, 4 shelves up. This will open a portal behind the pillar to the back-left. Click the portal to enter Ryizz'Eianshieoll's Sanctum. Inside, go the bookshelf at the back-right. There is a small book, click that to pick it up

Heroic Quest

Means and Ends:

  1. Ryizz is searching for a place to summon elementals. If I can find it, I can find him:
    1. Find Saedie Kalterra in Lavastorm, room right near the bell -136.00, -114.00, 646.00 .
    2. Go to the West of the Golden Skull Caves 107.00, -114.00, 215.00 .
    3. Return to Saedie

  2. Find the artifact that Saedie needs, and return it to her.
    1. Complete Deathtoll Access By Land By Air By Sea
      • Some notes about the Deathtoll quest: You can do all but access to AoAx4 at level 95. You MUST chrono to 75 to complete the 2x to gain access to the 4x (This is the only part that requires you to chrono thus far in the questline) or have a friend with access to the x4 for Gorenaire and Talendor
      • AoAx4 Access quest is here: Audience with the Guardian
      • There are reports if you kill Gorenaire first, wait for her ghost to stop talking, then click Talendor's statue, it will allow you to kill both in the same instance.
    2. Once Deathtoll access is complete, zone into Deathtoll for the secondary quest to update, return to Naggy, receive his scale and have it made into a shield
    3. Return to Saedie with the shield
    4. Summon the elemental in the original cave at 107.00, -114.00, 215.00
    5. Elemental is a weak lvl 100 Heroic ^^, damage it until you can talk to it, then return to Saedie

  3. I have lost Ryizz' trail. Ineed more leads if I want to find him.
    1. Return to his sanctum in Paineel, run around in his sanctum for a while, jumping around, it'll update eventually
    2. You need 9+ Investigating skill from the Swords of Destiny timeline, which starts with Liberating the Cavaliers to progress the quest here.
      • Investigation skill comes from Chapter 1, might have to find one statue in Chapter 2.
    3. Return to Ryizz' Sanctum and click on the large banner to the left, read the new journal
    4. Head to Moors of Ykesha and go to -842.55, -1092, 1149 and speak with Captain Azhub
    5. Head to -1439, -1035, 103 Kill the a Troll-Aspected construct level 101 heroic a group is recommended
    6. Pick up the book in his tent
  4. I need to find where Ryizz is going to strike next.
    1. Head to Cobalt Scar to Head Scholar Nabiha at 4426, -821, 360,
    2. Click the sword at 3897, -844, 416
    3. Follow the trail of blood north to 4131, -842, -64 (Click each circle on the ground to illuminate the next, a serpent will spawn at one of them.)
    4. Kill the 3 constructs, Jorey is recommended first, group is needed.
    5. Click the book at 4139.33, -842.66, -97.29 on the right side of the chest in the tent.
  5. Beat Ryizz to Daleen's house in Kelethin (This part is solo only)
    1. Daleen's house is at 403, 128, 395
    2. Kill the construct on the top level.
    3. Talk to the ghost.
    4. go back down talk to Daleen to finish the quest and get the next one.

Barking at the moon:

  1. Return to Ryizz' lab
    1. Click the paper that is flapping on his desk
      • CoE signature must be done now
    2. Talk to Chiss in Ferrott near the wizard spires
      • Must speak Sathirian
    3. Head to Harrows End entrance and zone into the special instance.
      • Kill 1st and 2nd named nothing else is required.
    4. Return to the Lab
      • Change to DPS spec/gear before entry. Serpent will attack, easy solo but lots of HP.
      • Clicky on the table.
    5. Go to Skyshrine and Speak to Jorlag
      • Follow the blood
      • The blood trail fades soon, so not much time to stop and fight. Best to have friends keep the path clear of trash for you.
      • Blood pool 1 at 76, 0, 44
      • Blood Pool 2 at 82, -1, 128
      • Blood Pool 3 at 140, 0, 149
      • Blood Pool 4 at 207, 0, 42
      • Blood Pool 5 at 282, 0, 0
      • Blood Pool 6 at 248, -1, 170
      • Blood Pool 7 at 294, -1, 170
    6. Click runes at 281, -1, 254 (Was found on Guk in the center of the room 281.39,-1.41,164.43 )
    7. Speak to Harla Dar in Vesspyr Isles

The Red Shadow's Long Fingers

    1. Speak to Lord Nagafen in Sol's Eye (special zone) ( Not Sol's Eye, Naggy's Lair )
      • Hail him, die, read text and talk to him
      • Choose "Fine I'll Leave"
      • Revive and walk back to him, he will tell you to come here.
    2. Collect 6 Sentimental Items for Lord Nagafen, These are body drops do not let anyone in group touch the body, has been known to bug it.


      • ToV: Labs
      • ToV: Halls
      • ToV: Hive
      • ToV: HK: Pickclaw
      • ToV: HK
      • ToV: Straum of the Protectors

    1. Return to Lord Nagafen
    2. Go to Painel find a letter on the table at 1653, -267, 3178
    3. Kill the dragon construct in the rat cave at 1067, -190, 3410 in Sundered Frontier
    4. Go back to Lab, you will be attacked.
    5. Pick up book ( Must equip Dark Mail gauntlets, otherwise the book burns your hands and you cannot pick it up )
    6. Find Ryizz in Stratum (special solo zone), and defeat the Construct.
    7. Return to Nagafen
    8. Go to Daleen's house in Kelethin at 403, 128, 395
      • NOTE: If you have a purple adornment in Daleen's bow, remove it before going through her dialogue or it will be gone.

Epic Quest




Spiritbreaker, Eianosheoll's Folly

Channeler myth .. \aITEM 1085753956 494225142 0 0 0:Spiritbreaker, Eianosheoll's Folly\/a \ \aITEM 28893089 1030440917 0 0 0:Blackwood's Focus\/a \ \aITEM 1713841204 1529290975 0 0 0:Redirection\/a

Epic Repercussions

ZAM would like to thank naeldair, Vunderfail, and Narolth for laying out all the initial information in this walkthrough.

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