EQ2 Quest:Could It Be Magic  

EverQuest II
[Scales] Could It Be Magic (Solo)
Category: Thundering Steppes
To start:

Speak to Bawli at -463, -21, -397 in Thundering Steppes to begin this quest.

  1. Collect 12 pieces of arcane clay from Crossed Swords clay dervishes (scales to level) in Zek, the Orcish Wastes ( 430, -43, 382 )
  2. Return to Bawli to complete the quest


The full dialogues to this quest are available in the lore section below.

Erollisi Day
Quest Series

Erollisi Day occurs annually around Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th).
This article refers to things only available in-game during the event.
(Introduced in 2015)

OOC The title of this quest is a nod to a Barry Manilow song, Could It Be Magic.

The proper name of this page, Could It Be Magic?, contains a question mark which gives the wiki trouble. Therefore the Wikibase title has had the question mark removed.


These are the full dialogues of the quest when it was run on the Test server.

You say, "Hail, Bawli"
Bawli says to you, "You there! You look like you've been on several adventures, yourself. Do you know this land?"
You say to Bawli, "Yes, I have spent a great deal of time here."
Bawli says to you, "I am glad to hear it! See, I stowed away on a Far Seas vessel, and wound up at these docks. I'm confident that I'll find my way back to my village in Tranquil Sea, but this foreign land is proving intimidating, and not the type of landscape that I had expected of some place called Orcish Wastes."
You say to Bawli, "Wait! This isn't Zek, the Orcish Wastes. You're in The Thundering Steppes."
Bawli says to you, "This isn't Orcish Wastes!? Tar-bones!"
You say to Bawli, "What do you want in Orcish Wastes?"
Bawli says to you, "I was going there in search of some arcane clay, to sculpt some pottery out of. My mate would love it! See, we try to outdo each other, when giving gifts, and trinkets of our affection."
You say to Bawli, "Sounds nice."
Bawli says to you, "But if this isn't the Orcish Wastes then it is lost. There is no way I could find another ship to take me there, and still have enough time to make the pottery."
You say to Bawli, "You would, if I went to Zek and obtained the arcane clay for you."
Bawli says to you, "I would reward you, Cyliena. Just you wait until you see my feather dying techniques! I am very crafty!"
You say to Bawli, "Sounds good. I'll be back with your arcane clay from Zek, the Orcish Wastes."

You have entered Zek, the Orcish Wastes.
You have killed a Crossed Swords clay dervish.

You have entered The Thundering Steppes.
You say, "Hail, Bawli"
Bawli says to you, "That's it, I can tell! It truly is magical clay! I'll make some magnificent pottery from this, for certain. Thank you!"
You say to Bawli, "You're very welcome, Bawli. Here's hoping your mate likes the pottery, too."
You gain 31 Alternate Advancement experience by completing a quest!
You gain 7800 XP!
Bawli says to you, "Of that I have no doubt! Take this as your deserved reward, Cyliena."
You say to Bawli, "Thank you."
You receive \aITEM -1578422845 229525518:Cloak of the Love Bird\/a.
You receive \aITEM -1262602360 54149009:Erollisi coin\/a.

You say, "Hail, Bawli"
Bawli says, "I'll make some truly magnificent pottery from the arcane clay you brought me. Thank you!"

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