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Fae Yule is expected to begin in the afternoon Pacific time on Thursday, December 13, 2012 and run through January 7.

As the nights grow longer and snow begins to fall through much of Telara, Grandfather Frost and the Yulemother are anticipated by Telarans everywhere. For over a thousand years Yule has been celebrated by all the races of Telara, except the Fae. Greenscale would not allow the Fae to participate, but now that he is gone the Fae intend to celebrate extra-hard to make up for lost time.

Yuletide nears and Crucia mobilizes her forces against Telara and the weakened Plane of Life. Free the fae from her mind control and let all be merry!

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Event Merchants

Merchants that appear at the Yule Villages are only available contingent upon Fae Yule Instant Adventure progress.

New items for 2012 are linked in our Fae Yule 2012 category. They will appear on the merchant pages once we receive item data from Trion.

Phases and Quests

Phase 1: Remembering the Yulemother
Honor the Yulemother by lighting the way for travelers lost in the winter dark.

Phase 2: Reclaiming Fae Yule
Crucia's forces are attacking, and Atrophinius is on the rampage. Push back the Plane of Air and reclaim Fae Yule.

Phase 3: Fae Yule Celebration
With Fae Yule restored, it's time to celebrate and exchange gifts!

Phase Quest
A Lost Traveler 1
Surly Sober Satyr 2
Dashing Through the Snow 2, 3
Gift for a Bogling 3

Sledding and Snowmen 1, 2, 3
Instant Adventure 1, 2, 3

Repeatable Quests
Sled Slalom 1
Snowmen Snowpocalypse 1

Daily Quests
A Frosty Free-for-All 1
Baffling Crucia's Winds 1, 2, 3
Cheer Up! 1, 2, 3
Deck the Halls 2
Gifts of the Yulemother 1
Holiday Thievery 1, 2, 3
Light the Way 1
Rift Closed! 1, 2, 3
Stormproofing the Wardstones 3
The Safest Way 1, 2, 3
Wassail for Atrophinius 2
Yuletide Exchange 3

Instant Adventure

A random adventure in Instant Adventure zone rotations is Fae Yule themed. During the IA quests you will "build" the village, and at some point merchants will become available at it--including a Fae Yule dimension vendor that is not available through any other means. At the completion of the Instant Adventure the vendors will remain at the village until the next Fae Yule IA begins or one hour passes, whichever comes first.

Miscellaneous IA quests:

  • Spread the Joy: Spread snow on the ground near the Yule Village
  • Lost Package: Return 6 Fae Yule gifts to the gift piles at the village
  • Say Frosty: Build snowmen out of the snow piles
  • Assemble with Care: Assemble boxes of decorations
  • O Yule Tree: Decorate unadorned Yule trees
  • Winter Wassail: Collect Frostblossom, Nutleaf and Winterglory and add it to the Brewing Cauldron at the Yule Village.
  • Little Helpers: Collect gifts from the gift piles at the Yule Village and give them to Yule Revelers wandering around near the village
  • Rudy's Roundup: Encourage 9 Corgis to follow you back to Ama Ree at the village. To do this you must first use the temporarily Corgi illusion ability (Rudy's Way), then use the other temporary ability (Call of the Corgi) with a lost corgi targeted. You can have multiple corgis following you, but make sure you return them within a minute of using the ability on them or they will wander off again.
  • Feet of Flurries: Dance for snow! Use the temporary "Dance for Snow"ability, not the /dance command. After 10 dances have been done the meter will hit 100%.

Combat IA quests:
  • Winter's Chill: Rimetaloned Gustriders: Kill Rimetaloned Gustriders near the Yule Village
  • Winter's Chill: Frosted Windlashers: Kill Frosted Windlashers near the Yule Village
  • Winter's Chill: Storm Legion: Kill Storm Legion invaders near the Yule Village

Elite combat IA quests:

  • Defend the Yule Village: Protect the Yule Village (wardstone) from planar invaders. This quest culminates with Seoras (elite) attacking.
  • Sundereth: Kill Sundereth (elite) near the Yule Village
  • Xharlion: Kill Xharlion (elite) near the Yule Village
  • Yulelogon: Kill Yulelogon (elite) near the Yule Village


All of the Fae Yule achievements are associated with the A Very Fae Yule Whitefall warfront.

Rifts and Zone Event

Special Yule-themed rifts have been seen.

A zone event is associated with the celebration.

Currency, Gifts & Random Drops

The currency for this event is the Unique Snowflake. They are awarded from quests, for closing rifts and defeating invasions, participating in Fae Yule Instant Adventure, special Fae Yule objects, and in gifts from Grandfather Frost.

Most daily quests reward 25 Unique Snowflakes and a Jingling Bell.

If you find a Candycane, Holiday Gift or Mug of Wassail lying around, pick it up to get a Unique Snowflake and a surprise! You can also obtain Unique Snowflakes by defeating invasions, footholds, rifts, zone events and participating in Fae Yule themed Instant Adventures. The mobs involved must be green or higher to receive snowflakes.

While inside your home city you may receive a Fae Yule Gift from Grandfather Frost! This can include many things including the various Snowmen (such as Holiday Snowman), consumable appearance or buff items (Holiday Wassail, etc), a mount (very rare), Unique Snowflakes and more.

On your journeys, if you find a Lump of Coal, bring it to Grandfather Frost's hearth in Freemarch (6403, 5214) or Silverwood (7172, 3044) to bring warmth to the world!

Known Random Drops


A look at the new sledding feature for Rift's Fae Yule event.

Fae Yule Celebration
Rift Annual
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