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A flightmaster trains flying mounts and rents them out to adventurers for a small fee, depending on distance. You can only use a flying mount to fly to other Flight Points that you have previously visited and that are in-range for his mounts. Speak to the Flightmaster at each Flight Point to "learn" that location.

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New Flight Path

If the flight master has a new flight path for you to discover, a small green exclamation mark on your mini-map.

Flight master titles

Alliance Horde Neutral
<Gryphon Master>, <Hippogryph Master>, <Darnassus Flight Master> <Bat Handler>, <Wind Rider Master>, <Dragonhawk Master>, <Thunder Bluff Flight Master> <Flight Master>, <Flightmaster>, <Emerald Circle Flight Master>, <Spectral Gryphon Master>, <Dragonhawk Master>
WoWWiki currently lists 105 Flight Masters. I am sure we will get them all tagged here eventually, but not today.

If Elune wanted me to fly, She'd have given me wings!

World of WarCraft has many beautiful and amazing sights, and neglecting to see any of them because you permanently reside on the back of a bird would be a shame. Who can forget the magestic jungles of Stranglethorn Vale, or the heart-pounding horrors that lurk in the Plaguelands? Be all that as it may, the fact is sometimes you just want to get where you're going. And you want to get there fast. This is where you friendly neighborhood Flight Master can help.

Fine, I'll bite. Tell me more about these Flight Masters.

Flight Masters exist at thousands (ok, 10's) of locations throughout Azeroth and The Outland. You can use these masters of flight to hitch a ride to a far-off place. These sultans of the skies are so great they even allow you to fly for a very low cost, usually only a few silver.

While it is true that you can talk to any Flight Master and catch a flight, there is a catch. You can only fly to another Flight Master, and only if you've been there before. The first time you approach a flight master, they'll have a green exclamation point about their head. No, they're not green with envy over your gear. They want to talk to you! Talk with them, and they'll add their Flight Point to all the rest of the flight points you've accessed. Now you may forever fly to and from that Flight Master.

  1. While in Azeroth, you may only fly to other flight points that are on the same continent. So there will be no flights between Darnassus and Booty Bay, sorry.
  2. You may not access The Dark Portal while on a flight. Through extensive (and expensive) gnomish testing, it was determined that gryphons, hippogryphs, and all manner of horde flying machines could not survive a trip through The Dark Portal. Trust me, you don't want to know what happened. Suffice it to say that official complaints have been filed, and charges will probably be filed.
  3. Flights are not portals. If you catch a flight from Darnassus to Gadgetzan, you are going to be in the air for more than 10 minutes. Consider yourself warned.

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