Giants' Run  

The Giant's Run is a large expanse of land devoid of most life situated between Fort Wildervar and Vengeance Landing. Other than the occasional Vyrkul or Wolf, there is very little here although there are mining nodes for players scattered about.

Subzones of Howling Fjord

Ancient Lift Apothecary Camp Baelgun's Excavation Site Baleheim Balejar Watch Bleeding Vale The Broken Bluffs Caldemere Lake Cauldros Isle
Camp Winterhoof Chillmere Coast Daggercap Bay The Dark Defiance Derelict Strand Ember Clutch Ember Spear Tower Excavation Lift Explorers' League Outpost
Falls of Ymiron Fort Wildervar Frostblade Peak The Frozen Glade Garvan's Reef Ghostblade Post Giants' Run Gjalerbron Gjalerhorn
Halgrind Iskaal Isle of Spears Ivald's Ruin Kamagua The Laughing Strand Lake Cauldros Lydell's Ambush Midwall Lift
New Agamand New Agamand Inn Nifflevar North Spear Tower The Oblivion Rivenwood Scalawag Point Shattered Straits Shield Hill
Skorn Sorlof's Strand Steel Gate Stonewall Lift Thorvald's Camp Twin Shores The Twisted Glade Utgarde Catacombs Utgarde Keep
Valgarde Vengeance Landing Vengeance Landing Inn Vengeance Lift The Vibrant Glade The Waking Halls West Spear Tower Westguard Inn Westguard Keep
Westwind Lift Whisper Gulch The Windrunner Winter Breath's Lake Winter's Terrace Wyrmskull Village

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