Help Wanted  

Volunteer writers sought to further expand ZAM's fantastic team

Interested in a career in the games industry? Do you have a strong prose style and a passion for gaming? If so, this is the opportunity for you. is looking to expand its writing team with a small number of demonstrably excellent volunteers. If you have the drive and desire to make your name known through the excellence of your writing, email your resume and a news story sample – any topic as long as it is PC game related, comprising 200 to 400 words, including examples of images you would choose – to

In addition, we are also specifically looking for a writer who is passionate and current on eSports gaming. Do you want to grow your voice in SCII, LoL, HoN and other communities? We can highlight your work.

Those moving to the next stage of recruitment will be contacted, we apologize but we will not have time to respond to every application.

Successful applicants will be expected to produce daily quality news stories in a timely manner. In return you will have the prestige of being a part of ZAM, developing your experience in journalism and get insider access to upcoming games and industry sources.

Are you the voice we have been waiting for?

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