League of Freethinkers (EQ2 Quest Series)  

League of Freethinkers
Quest Series
Starting ZoneLoping Plains
Rec. Levels65 to 70
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

This is the mostly Heroic series for faction with The League of Freethinkers.

The League

starts with Chardasus Divok

  1. The League (68 Heroic) - Soloable
  2. Infiltrator in the House of Mistmoore (74 Heroic)
  3. The Wind of Strife Blows Fickle (75 Heroic)
  4. Experimentation Most Foul (74 Heroic)
  5. Shrouded in Secrecy (70 Heroic)

Relics of the Past

Havras "Hack" Scutter

  1. The Hand of Glory (65 Heroic)
  2. Dom of the Elani (67 Heroic)
  3. The Blackwater Mask (70 Epic)

EverQuest II

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