Light's Hope Chapel (WoW)  

Light's Hope Chapel (LHC) is the Argent Dawn's base of operations in Eastern Plaguelands. At this time, they are using it as a base for the negotiations between themselves and the Scarlet Crusade.

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Found in the far east of the region, it serves as quest hub for both Horde and Alliance players. There is a path past Browman's mill to the south of it leading to Ebon Hold, the new Deathknight starting area.

This area has a flightmaster, an Inn, several quest givers and Vendors for players.

The Argent Dawn

The Argent down was an important faction before expansion pack.

Reputation with them could be earned by doing the many Argent Dawn Quest, as well as completing Scholomance and Stratholme. Scourgestones, obtained by killing the undead in both Eastern and Western Plaguelands, may be turned in here for reputation with the Dawn. The Argent Dawn's Quartermaster offered rewards for reaching certain reputation level, including the only shoulder enchantment available at the time.

With patch 1.11, more focus was given to the Argent Dawn. The keying process for Naxxramas required a certain amount of repuation with them. Insignia of the Dawn and Insignia of the Crusade could also now be gained by completing various quest for the npcs at LHC and could then be turned in for various rewards.

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