Nights of the Dead Quest Tracker (EQ2)  

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Nights of the Dead
Quest Tracker
2014 Edition
Survive the Night
A Dream By Any Other Name
A Nightmarish Illness (NR)
A Nightmarish Return
Train to Zone!
This Won't End Well...
There Will Be Ghosts
They Won't Miss It (NR)
Petrified Pumpkin Pies
McQuibble's Mystery
Scary Scarecrows
The Troubling Truth
The Haunting                             
Ghosthunter: Commonlands                             
Ghosthunter: Antonica                             
My Creepy Catalog (Guide Quest) (NR)                              
The Hedge Hollow Collection (NR)(C)                             
Pumpkin Bomb Collections:

Crunchy Candied Crickets (NR)(C)
Deadly Remnants (NR)(C)
Frightfull Fabric (NR)(C)
Ghoulish Masks (NR)(C)
The Great Haunt (meta) (NR)(C)
Closet Full of Skeletons (A)
Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire (A)
Nights of the Dead Devotee (A)
Tricky Treats (A)
Candy Crusher (A)
Pumpkin Pulper (A)
- 1 Pumpkin
- 50 Pumpkins
- 250 Pumpkins
- 500 Pumpkins
- 1000 Pumpkins
Visit for a full guide to this event. NR denotes a non-repeatable quest.

* (NR) denotes a non-repeatable quest. (A) denotes an achievement. (C) denotes a collection.

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