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Arathi Highlands, Dustwallow Marsh, Desolace: Level 37 - 39

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Arathi Highlands 37

This book begins with our first run into Arathi Highlands. Three quests bring us here. Tallow in Tarren Mill has The Hammer May Fall. Callow in Undercity gave us To Steal from Thieves, and we picked up a quest in Stranglethorn, Trollbane. With these three, we begin our trip from Tarren Mill.

Road to Hammerfall

Expedition 1
Run south to the main road and take it to the east. Run through the great gate and into the Arathi Highlands. Our first stop is the ogres of Boulderfist Outpost at 34, 40 - clearly marked on the zone map. Here, we need Ogres scattered around the hill, and Enforcers inside the cave. Finished with your killing spree, return to the road and continue to the east. Three Stromgarde Cavalrymen patrol along this road and they should be avoided when you see them. At 51,59 look for a signpost to Hammerfall. The road turns to the north east and you should follow it all the way to the Horde fortress.

Running through the front gate, you will see Tor'gan immediately in front of you with a quest, Foul Magics (33). Accept it and then follow the iron fence to the left. At the bottom of a low area among some cages, find Gor'mul and accept his quest Hammerfall (34). Now climb the long stairs and pick up the flight path on your left. On the other deck are two quests for you to turn in. Zengu completes Trollbane but his follow up is a Stromgarde quest, which we will ignore for now. Next to him, Drum Fell completes The Hammer May Fall and offers Call to Arms (32), which we will accept. Behind them is the Inn, if you need it. Also in Hammerfall is the Artisan First Aid trainer, Dr Victor in a bunkhouse by the front gate. If your first aid is 225, you are eligible for his quest, Triage

Return to the troll at the front gate and turn in Hammerfall. He will respond with another quest Raising Spirits(34). Now you are ready to venture outside the walls.

Level 37 + 2 bars
End of first trip.

Meeting the Neighbors

Expedition 2
Hammerfall is in the north east corner of the map. Head directly south to find the Witherbark Village and kill your trolls. The trolls are scattered around the edge of the lake. In a general way, Witherbark Axe Throwers are on the north side of the lake, Witch Doctors are to the south, and the Headhunters can be found at the mouth of a cave at 68, 74. If you go too far inside, you will begin to find Shadow Hunters, who are not needed for this quest. Complete your circuit of the lake and you should have found all the trolls you need.

Next, make your way to the top center of the zone at 55, 42 to find the Dabyrie Farm. While you are travelling, kill any Highland Strider or Thrasher you come across looking for Highland raptor eyes. I had to kill at least 5 before the first eye dropped. Then I gathered them fairly regularly.

Approach Dabyrie's farm from the south. Your mission is to kill three named mobs in the three buildings surrounding the central field. You need to gather their heads, so make sure you have room in your inventory. You will find one of the men near the barn to the east. The other is in the stables to the west and usually comes with another Laborer. Up the hill directly north of the field, Kanata is inside the house and she disarms melee fighters. With the three heads in your bag, Genavie's quest To Steal From Thieves is complete.

Leaving Dabyrie's, continue west to the north west corner of the map to find Northfold Manor for Foul Magics. The task here is to kill all the humans and gather the Bloodstone amulets as they drop. Just be aware of the rather obvious Highwaymen who are stealthed, and the Pathstalkers who are ranged fighters. Since the central field has nothing but cows, it is simple to fight your way to the center, then pull the mobs one by one into the field. When you have 10 amulets, the task is complete.

Now return to Hammerfall, but continue to hunt raptors along the way until you have 10 Highland Raptor Eyes. These were dropping every 2 -3 kills.
End of second trip.


Expedition 3
Just inside the gate, Torgan accepts Foul Magics and Raising Spirits, for which he offers a follow up, Raising Spirits II (34) to take an amulet to Gor'mul in his pit of cages. Go speak to him now, and he'll send you back to Torgun with Raising Spirits III (34). Pick up Guile of the Raptor (37). Go visit Drum Fel on the deck and report your work among the Witherbark Trolls. Drum Fel offers the next quest Call to Arms (38) that sends you looking for Boulderfist Brutes and Magus.

Leave Hammerfall and take the road southwest. You're heading for the Boulderfist camp at 52, 75. The two mobs you need are found scattered around this area, and there is no need to enter the tunnels to find them. Patrol the edge of the area, and pull the mobs out.

The Highland Fleshstalker raptors in this area drop the Hearts for Guile. Stop and hunt the Fleshstalkers until you have gathered 12 Raptor hearts. With all your Brutes and Magi, return to Drum Fell and turn the quest in. Turn in Guile of the Raptor to Tor'gan, and complete the two quick follow-ups to finish the series.

Refuse any further quests and fly to Undercity. Talk to Genivie Callow, by the flightmaster, to give her her heads. This concludes this visit to Arathi Highlands; take the zeppelin to Orgrimmar and fly on to Thunder Bluff to turn in Frostmaw, to Melor on the Hunter's Rise. Accept the next quest, Deadmire (45). Then fly to Camp Taurajo. Our ultimate destination is Brackenwall Village in Dustwallow Marsh.

After the Frostmaw completion, Mackenzie was level 37 + 15 bars.
End of third trip.

Dustwallow Marsh 38

Shady Rest Inn

Expedition 1
At this point, we haven't officially visited Dustwallow Marsh, although you may have already done so to buy the first aid books. To reach Brackenwall Village, fly to Camp Taurajo and run south on the Gold Road until you reach the junction with a road running east. Follow this down into the Marsh. Just at the edge of the zone as you cross into Dustwallow Marsh at 29, 48, notice a burned out building with a sign calling it The Shady Rest Inn. We have some work to do here.

As you face where the door would have been, look to the left to find some three toed footprints on the ground. Right click them to accept the quest Suspicious Hoofprints (35). Inspector Tarem is also here, but he doesn't have anything useful to say. Now enter the foundation of the building and cross over to the fireplace against the back wall. On the bricks, right click the rather large shield hanging there to accept The Black Shield (35). Now turn to the left and find three burned wooden planks on the floor. On the third plank, look for a bright spot, and right click it to accept the third quest, Lieutenant Paval Reethe (37). Each of these are now marked with a bright yellow quest mark, so they are easy to spot.

Return to the road and continue east, taking the first left that you come to almost immediately at 30, 47. There is no readable signpost, but a red banner marks the road to Brackenwall Village.

Well along this road, you'll find an ogre named Mudcrush Durtfeet with a quest for you, Hungry! (36). After accepting, continue on to Brackenwall. Just inside the gate, find Nazeer Bloodpike on the right and accept Theramore Spies (35). Go pick up the flight path in the south west corner of the camp.
End of first trip.

Brackenwall Village

Expedition 2
Over by the mouth of the cave, Krog is waiting to receive the three quests you picked up from the Shady Rest Inn. Turning in Suspicious Hoofprints will start a small script where another orc, Kagoro, will go running off. He disappears shortly after leaving the gate, so there's no need to follow him. Turning in The Black Shield will lead to a second quest The Black Shield II (35) completed by Do'gol, an ogre behind you. He offers another quest The Black Shield III (37) to hunt darkmist spiders. Now return to Krog to turn in the final item you found at the Shady Rest Inn.

The third quest, Lieutanant Pavel Reethe, will seem to complete without a follow up. But if you speak to Krog again he will offer another dialog labeled "Finding Reethe." We will follow this clue later. Krog offers a new quest Inspecting the Ruins (35) which sends us back to the burned Inn to speak with Inspector Tarem. Return there now to speak to Tarem, but he still doesn't say much.

Now begin to look for stealthed Theramore Infiltrators. These occur in set locations at (37,24) (37,33) (38,34) (39,26) (38,22) (40,35) (41,35) (43,30) (38,22). I apologize if this display of coordinates outrages you. Just be aware that they occur roughly between Brackenwall Village and the main road. But also be aware that the Alliance patrol the road and have camps at intervals along it. All Alliance guards will attack on sight, so avoid them where they cross your path.

Now follow the main road past the North Point Tower where it curves around to the south east. At 54, 27 you'll notice a path leading off to the east toward a house back off the road. Cross the open water and speak to Jarl. His first quest is for Marsh Frog Legs (35), to kill giant frogs. Behind Jarl, inside the house, another human named Mordant Grimsby has a second quest, What's Haunting Witch Hill? (36). Both of these quests are completed in the area around the house. The giant frogs are level 1 mobs with a 100% drop rate. Each Risen husk or spirit will give you one piece of information. When you have killed 10 of each, return to Jarl's house.

During this trip, Mackenzie leveled to 38.
End of second trip.

House of Jarl

Expedition 3
Turn in Jarl's frog legs and get the second quest, Jarl Needs Eyes (35). Mordant Grimsby also has a second task, The Witch's Bane (36). The plant you need is vivid green and purple, and found near the water. This time you want to avoid the Risen. Gather your ten plants and return to Grimsby. He will give you a Witchbane torch, with his next quest, Cleansing Witch Hill (36).

Walk to the end of the pier and right click on the torch. After the summoning, a gargoyle will appear in the area and hover for a few seconds before becoming attackable. Just wait for him to fly over to you. Defeat him and go back to Grimsby to complete the quest.

Beside Jarl's house to the left is some Loose Dirt. Right click on this to find The Lost Report (35) and begin a quest by the same name. Now return to Brackenwall Village. Take the Report over to Nazeer Bloodpike by the western gate. Turning in The Lost Report will seem to generate no further quests, but we will be able to return to Jarl's house and search again later. Nazeer also completes the quest for Theramore Spies. The follow up to this one is The Theramore Docks (35). Accept that now.
End of third trip.

Theramore Docks

Expedition 4
Before returning to Jarl, we need to gather his eyes. Leave Brackenwall to the northwest, and head to 34, 25 and the outskirts of the Darkmist Cavern. The field outside should be littered with spiders, each of which will drop 1-3 Unpopped Darkmist Eyes. They will also drop Acidic Venom Sacs. Stay until you've collected all 20 eyes and 5 sacs. Head to the east until you come to the main road, and follow it around to Jarl's house. Turn in his eyes and complete the quest, then pick up the next one, Jarl Needs a Blade (35).

Again, on the left side of the house, search in the Loose Dirt to find a Defiant Orc Head. Accept the quest The Severed Head (35). Directly north of Jarl's house is a passage to the beach at 57, 19. Move carefully to avoid the Risen in this area. You will find Razorspine here, a large murloc patrolling this path. Defeat Razorspine to loot the Sword for Jarl. The pathway leads down to an area of Murlocs that drop the 12 Murloc heads for Mudcrush's quest Hungry!. The murlocs in the camp directly opposite the path are closely spaced and tightly linked. An easier solo area is to the north west along the beach, where you can usually pull them singly.

When you have all 8 heads, run south down the beach until you come to Theramore Isle, an Alliance stronghold. Be alert for the newly-introduced Defias Rummagers along the coast. Just before the bridge, enter the water and swim around the island to the docks on the far side.

You're looking for the Captain's Footlocker that is submerged under the docks, and half buried in the sand at 71, 51. Right click to gather the Captain's Documents. Return to the main road and head back north. Stop by Jarl's house to drop off Razorspine's Sword, then continue on to Brackenwall Village.

Give your venom sacs to Do'gol, and he will send you back to Krog with The Black Shield (35). Speak to Nazeer Bloodpike and turn in The Theramore Docks, as well as The Severed Head. Accept the next quest The Troll Witchdoctor (35), one that sends us to Stranglethorn Vale. Run through the gate behind Bloodpike, and south down the road to find Mudcrush the ogre and turn in Hungry!, which is our final quest for this visit to Dustwallow Marsh. Return to Brackenwall and take the flight path to Freewind Post in Thousand Needles.

Mackenzie is level 38 + 15 bars.
End of fourth trip

Thousand Needles 38

This visit to Thousand Needles is really just a quick add-on to the last chapter in Dustwallow Marsh. If you have already reached level 39, feel free to skip this trip and move directly to Desolace.

Rustmaul Digsite

Expedition 1

We bring with us the quest The Swarm Grows. Fly into Freewind Post, then run east to the edge of Shimmering Flats following the road. At the border, turn south and follow the edge of the Flats; you will see a handful of Horde on the Needles side of the divide. This is the objective for your quest.

In the camp, speak to Moktar Krin and give him Bel'drun's note. In return, he will give you the next quest The Swarm Grows (35). Leave the camp heading south along the top of the shelf at the edge of Shimmering Flats, This will provide a short cut to the Rustmaul Digsite, away from the mobs that carpet the Flats. Begin by finding the entrance to the Hive at 66, 86. You can approach it from the west, and just drop down into it to find the Silithid Invaders.

From one of your first kills, you should loot a Cracked Silithid Carapace, which starts a second quest: Parts of the Swarm (35). Right click it immediately to begin collecting silithid parts from your kills. Enter the cave to find Invaders. You may need to clear the cave more than once to get all you need. Then look outside for the Searchers. The hive drones are yellow until attacked, but they call for help and others respond from a surprising distance, so that a single pull may end up attracting 2 or 3. They aren't difficult, though.

When the kill list is complete, and the items have all been gathered, return to Moktar Krin and turn in The Swarm Grows. You can follow the ledge at the base of the wall of the Flats right back to him at the edge of the Needles.

Then run to Freewind Post, travel to Crossroads, and talk to Korran again to finish Parts of the Swarm. His follow up quest has the same name, Parts of the Swarm (35) and sends you to Belgrom Rockmaul by the Warrior's Hall in Orgrimmar to complete the series. Fly there now.

Mackenzie leveled to 39.
End of first trip.

Desolace 39

Swimming Lessons

Expedition 1
During this chapter, we would really benefit from a few potions of water breathing. If that's available to you from an alchemist or off the Auction House, it is a good investment. Of course this is unnecessary for a number of classes and the Undead, who work well underwater. Begin this chapter by flying to Shadowprey Village in Desolace. You should have The Corrupter from our previous visit, as well as Catch of the Day.

First, pick up Other Fish to Fry (36), and Clam Bait (35), the two quests that are available just as you step off the dock. From Taiga Wisemane up the hill, pick up the quest Hand of Iruxos(38). Set your hearthstone at the Inn.

  • It is during these next few quests that we will use the potions of water breathing.

Out on the dock itself, you will find Jinar Zillen who tells you what to do to complete Catch of the Day, which we picked up in Ghost Walker Post. Swim out into the water looking for bamboo cages on the bottom and right click to open them. Half of them will drop Shellfish and but you could also get junk or a Lobster could suddenly spawn. You need to bring 10 Shellfish back to Jinar on the dock and he will give you the 2 Bloodbelly Fish that you need for Catch of the Day.

Swim north from the dock at Shadowprey, looking for clams along the bottom. You should see your first clam at about 24, 47. By the time I reached the shipwreck, I had gathered about 8 clams. Note that it isn't the clams that you want, but the meat inside them. Right click on them in your inventory to stack up the meat.

When you reach the shipwreck, look towards the shore to find the tower of Ethel Rethor. Walk along the shore south of the tower to find Rackmore's Log. This starts a quest, Claim Rackmore's Treasure! (36). Begin by hunting the Drysnap lobstermen south of the tower until you find a Silver key. Finish up any remaining clams at the same time.
End of First Trip

Naga Island

Expedition 2
Next, back on land, go to the north side of the tower of Ethel Rethor and talk to the Argent Dawn man for a quest, Book of the Ancients (38), to the naga island. Return to the water north of the tower and hunt the Naga until you find a Golden key. During this time, you will begin to fill out the kill list for Other Fish to Fry. Target the Slitherblade Naga and Sorceresses in this area, because there are very few elsewhere. With both keys, swim to the north west to the island of the Naga at 28, 8.

Swim around to the back of the island to find the idol and altar. Clear the oracles back there who may drop the Scrying glass you need for Corrupter. Activate the altar, kill Lord Kragaru who spawns, and loot the Book of the Ancients.

Begin to kill your way to the other side of the island, near a large stone block at the water's edge. Here, find Rackmore's Treasure Chest and open it to complete that quest. Stay in this area until you have killed the remaining mobs for Other Fish. Hunt Slitherblade Oracles until you find the Scrying glass. Now return to Argent Dawn man at the tower and turn in the book.

After completing the water quests, travel to Kormek's hut, directly to the east of Ethel Rethor, and pick up the quest Bone Collector. Then run north to Thunderaxe Fortress.

Enter through the main gate and proceed into the main building directly in front of you. At this level, mobs will be quickly dealt with. Just take a minute to clear the outside ring hallway. Clear the central room entirely, then use the pick on the red crystal. A level 37 demon appears but he is not difficult. Then loot the Demon Box to complete Hand of Iruxos.

We're ready to travel back to Ghostwalker Post with the Oracle Crystal. When we turn in the Crystal to Mauren Bonesplitter, there will be a short scene, and we must speak to Maurin again, though a quest mark will not appear over his head. He sends us over to Takata who issues the final in the series, The Corrupter (40+). Because this is an elite quest, you will have to make your own choice about when to complete this one.

Level 39 + 9 bars.

End of second trip.

Kodo Graveyard

Expedition 3
Leave Ghostwalker Post on the Kodo Graveyard side and begin the collection of Kodo Bones, which look like kodo skulls on the ground. After each bone is collected, a ghost Kodo may appear and attack. The only danger is from the Carrion Horrors that might add during your fights with the Apparitions.

When the bones are complete, Find a goblin along the southern rim of the Graveyard at 47,61. He has a quest called Ghost-O-Plasm Round up (39). Accept that now and then continue south heading for Shadowprey Village. You could activate your hearthstone, or there is a very poorly marked path over the mountains beginning at 46, 67.

In the village, turn in Hand of Iruxos and accept Portals of the Legion (38). Also, run down to the dock and complete the two quests that are waiting there, Other Fish to Fry, and Clam Bait. Mackenzie was level 39 +12 bars.
End of third trip.

Valley of Bones

Expedition 4
Now return to Mannoroc coven and begin to close the Portals of the Legion. The purple portals look like Stargates used by SG1. Right click on the gate to close it and a level 38 demon will spawn. Two facts help us here: first, activating the gate can be done from a surprising distance away; second, clicking the gate does not aggro the spawned mob or put you in combat - so the extra distance gives you time to prepare. You have to kill the demon to close the portal, however.

Next, turn to the south east to find the entrance to the Valley of Bones, a narrow passage that heads directly south from 64, 80 patrolled by Undead Ravagers and Outcast Necromancers. For the Ghost-o-plasm quest, you are heading for a small hill in the middle of a clearing at 64, 91. There is a safe area at 65, 90 just east of the hill.

Clear the skeletons east from the hill, then right click the box in your inventory to plant the Crate of Ghost Magnets. Quickly turn and run to the safe area, sprinting past the ghosts that have spawned, but are still yellow.

From your refuge, pull each of the ghost centaurs up to you and fight it there. The difficult part is making a clean pull to get only one. If a good pull doesn't present itself, wait until the milling ghosts disappear, and plant another ghost magnet. For each magnet, I had at least three easy pulls.

When you have all 8, travel back to the northern gate. At this point we have an opportunity to evaluate our progress. For a number of reasons it's important to actually level to 40 before the end of this chapter. If you have already leveled, or are within two bars of doing so, then proceed to turn in your completed quests. If you are further away than that, you need to consider a quest that was listed as optional, earlier.

    • OPTIONAL: Immediately to the east of this northern gate is the camp of the Maugrim centaur. The quest, Gelkis Alliance, wants you to kill Maugrim centaurs until you become friendly with Gelkis centaur clan. Even if you don't have the quest in your log, you can pick it up from Gilda Wildmane after you earn the reputation. If you need xp, run east up the hill to the Maugrim plateau and farm the centaurs there.

With or without killing the Maugrim, travel to the Kodo Graveyard to turn in Ghost-o-Plasm. Continue north to Kormek's hut to complete Bone Collector. Hit your hearthstone back to Shadowprey Village to turn in Portals.

Level 40 + 2 bars.
End of fourth trip.

Desolace is now finished. We will not make a regular trip back here for quests, so complete any business you have here before leaving. Fly to Thunder Bluff or Orgrimmar and receive your level 40 training to end this book.

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