Ravennus' Horde Guide Book 09, 40-43  

Stranglethorn Vale, Dustwallow Marsh: Level 40 - 43

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This quest guide is designed to be completed by the solo adventurer. The progress of an actual character is included in the guide, a druid named Mackenzie, following four basic rules: No grinding, No Instances, No group quests, No extra rest. Typically, your character will level much faster than the example character, using the rested bonus alone.

We start this book, having just leveled to 40. If possible, make sure before you begin the long chapter in Stranglethorn Vale, that you have received all your level 40 training and that you have upgraded your armor if you advanced to a new type. If you didn't have enough gold at level 30, you need to get serious about purchasing a mount.

Patch 2.3 In this book, the chapter on Dustwallow Marsh walks through all the new content in the southern area of Dustwallow Marsh, including Tabetha's Cottage, the Zeppelin Crash, and the goblin town of Mudsprocket. These areas have many new quests, which requires a little extra time to complete. The additional XP gain is well worth the extra time we take.

Begin by traveling to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale.

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Stranglethorn Vale 40

Lake Neferiti

Expedition 1
Back in Stranglethorn Vale, begin by collecting quests in Booty Bay. On the top floor of the Inn, accept Hostile Takeover (36) from Kebok (we're not going to work on Skullsplitter Tusks on this trip). Just outside, talk to Baron Revilgaz for Goblin Sponsorship (37) . Back at the leatherworking shop, Drizzlik has Some Assembly Required (36).

Those first three quests all take place around Lake Neferiti. Fly to Grom'gol, and set your hearthstone at the Inn. Take the path to the main road then continue east to Lake Neferiti. We want to begin by hunting the Snapjaw Crocolisks. Make a complete circle of the lake, killing every crocolisk you encounter and you should gather 3 skins.

When you get to the east side of the lake you'll find the Venture Co. Operations Center. Break off your crock hunt to kill a few goblins. The Geologists in this area will begin to drop the Tumbled crystals for Hostile Takeover. Go up onto the platform to the second level and kill Cozzle inside the shack . Loot his Key. Come back down and find the small cottage to the south of the mill. Inside, you'll find a chest that the key opens to get the Blueprints.

Leave the cottage and return to the lake, killing more snapjaw crocs till you find the remaining 2 skins. Then hunt Venture Co Geologists until you have all your Tumbled crystals. I found the drop rate to be better than 75%.

With all your gathering at the lake complete, travel on to Grom'Gol base camp and take the flight path back to Booty Bay. Turn in your three completed quests. At the top of the Inn, give Hostile Takeover to Kebok. The Baron Revilgaz gives you the next Goblin Sponsorship (37) quest for Shimmering Flats. Also, the leatherworker offers Excelsior (38), which you should accept.

Level 40 +6 bars.
End of First Trip

The Vile Reef

Expedition 2
Fly to Grom Gol. We should have Encrusted Tail Fins from Shimmering Flats already in our quest log. From Nemeth Hawkeye, the Blood Elf by the bonfire, take the quest An Unusual Patron (36). Also collect Headhunting (37) from Nimboya, and The Vile Reef (37) from Kin'weelay.

We also have that Defiant Orc Head that we brought from Dustwallow Marsh. Bring the head to Kin'weelay and complete the quest The Troll Witchdoctor. Kin'weelay puts the head in the cauldron and you have to right click on the pot to accept the quest Marg Speaks (40). We will work on this quest later.

Then leave the camp, running north along the shore. First, you will come across the Elder Saltwater Crocolisk that you need to kill for Excelsior. It's right at the water's edge. I got my Elder crocolisk skin from the first kill.

Continue north along the beach until you find the back entrance to the troll ruins at 21, 10. Here, you will find the Bloodscalp Headhunters. Run through the small gate and up the path to find a second group of them. Kill them for their Shrunken heads and then return to the water's edge.

Swim to the south, heading for the water elemental island at 19, 20. At the back of the island, find a very simple altar. This is where you use the Totem in your backpack to summon the water elemental boss Naias. Clear a few of the elementals first; then click on the totem. This is a very straightforward level 37 fight. Loot the Heart of Naias before leaving.

Run to the north east corner of the island and find a dark rock very close to the shore. Directly to the east, you will see another large rock emerge from the water at 24, 22. Swim out to that second landmark. Dive beneath it to locate the Vile Reef and the underwater temple full of Saltscale murlocs. At the north east corner of the temple, directly below you, is the tablet you want for Vile Reef, outside the walls. It is possible to swim down the cliff face outside the walls, collect the shard and swim away without drawing aggro from the murlocs inside the temple.

The Saltscale murlocs in this temple and the surrounding area drop the Encrusted Tail Fins needed for the quest by the same name from Shimmering Flats. Every murloc dropped a Tail fin for me; the only difficulty was that they were so deep under water that it was a near thing to kill one and reach the surface before running out of breath. The warriors are easiest to kill, because you can pull them toward you. If you kite them too close to the surface, they evade and reset. The actual fight is a standard encounter. Water breathing abilities or potions would make this a very simple quest. Now return the rest of the way to Grom Gol.

Hawkeye, by the bonfire, accepts An Unusual Patron. Then talk to Aggrogosh, standing near him, to accept the second Defense of Grom'Gol (36) quest. Under the canopy accept the first of a series called Mok'thardin's Enchantment (37) from Far Seer Mok'thardin.

Now visit the trolls by the cauldron. Kin'weelay completes The Vile Reef. After turning in Headhunting, Nimboya waits about 20 seconds and then gives you Bloodscalp Clan Heads (41). This is your final quest to the northern troll area. Before returning, we have some other business first. You should also have a hunting quest, Panther Mastery.

Mackenzie: level 40 +16 bars
End of second trip.

Ogres and Panthers

Expedition 3
Leave the camp by the east gate and follow the path to the ogre ruins at 36, 30 to begin your hunting. When I first arrived at the ruins, the place was overrun with Witch doctors. After I killed the first round, many of them respawned as Brutes. When you've cleaned out the ruins once, move on to the Panthers, and then return for a second round on your way back.

After killing the ogres, continue south across the river to find the hill on which King Bangalash resides, at 38, 34. You don't need to bother him, but circle around the base looking for the stealthed Shadowmaw panthers. You must kill them for Panther Mastery and they drop Shadowmaw claws for Mokthardin's Enchantment.

You will also find the regular orange Stranglethorn tigresses, which you must kill as well, because they drop the Pristine tigress fang that Mok'thardin needs. With your hunt complete, return north across the river to the Ogre ruins again. Continue to kill the respawns here until you get the ones you need. Then return to Grom Gol for two of the completed quests. Pick up Mok'thardin's following quest, Mok'thardin's Enchantment (41).
End of third trip

Gurubashi Arena

Expedition 4
Leaving Grom'gol, travel north on the main road to turn in Panther Mastery at Nessingwary's camp. The follow up, Panther Mastery (40), is the elite quest to kill Bhag'thera. Also, while you are at Nessingwary's camp, pick up the next Raptor Mastery (41) quest from Nessingwary himself. This is for Jungle stalkers, and goes along with the next Mok'thardin quest.

First, we'll hunt Bhagthera. Return to the south; just past Lake Neferiti, turn to the east. At 46,24 you'll find the road to the Mosh Ogg Ogre Mound. Bhag'thera spawns either north or south of this trail, in the hills. I have most often found him to the north at 48, 19.

When you have killed the panther and looted the Fang of Bhag'thera, return to the main road. Run all the way south to the Gurubashi Arena. On the ocean side of the Arena, you will find the Jungle stalkers, tightly packed. A path back to the area starts at a small gate at 30, 54. You need to kill 10 Jungle stalkers, and gather Jungle Stalker Feathers. The drop rate for these feathers is low, maybe 25%, which can make this a long hunting session. While here, watch for a blue raptor named Tethys. We'll be back for him later. When you have all your Jungle stalker feathers, return to the main road.

Travel south on the main road until you come to Booty Bay. Turn in Excelsior at the leatherworking shop, and accept the quest Dream Dust in the Swamp from Krazek at the top of the Inn. Your hearthstone should be set to Grom'gol. If not, set it here in Booty Bay.
End of fourth trip.

Mirage Raceway

Expedition 5
Next, we need to head back to Shimmering Flats to turn in two quests. Take the boat to Ratchet, then fly down to Gadgetzan and run to the Mirage Raceway.

Encrusted Tide Fins goes to Brassbolts on the Gnome side of the track, while Goblin Sponsorship goes to Pozzik on the Goblin side. From Pozzik, take The Eighteenth Pilot (37). Then talk to Razzeric, nearby, for Razzeric's Tweaking(41). With this quest, hearth back to Stranglethorn Vale.

Fly up to Grom'gol Base camp and turn in Mok'thardin's Enchantment. Then, make the long run all the way to Nessingwary's camp to turn in Panther Mastery, and Raptor Mastery. Accept the next quest to kill Tethys, Raptor Mastery (43). Our next trip, however, will lead us in the opposite direction, out of Stranglethorn and north into Duskwood.

Level 41 + 8 bars.
End of fourth trip.

Swamp of Sorrows 41

If you find that you are leveling faster than the guide, this chapter presents an opportunity to skip ahead. If you don't need the xp, I recommend that you only complete Dream Dust in the Swamp, and pick up the flight path. Then fly back to Booty Bay and turn in in. You can resume the guide with the next chapter in Dustwallow Marsh, without breaking any quest chains. This will allow you to skip ahead to quests that are more appropriate to your level

Expedition 1
Run north on the main road to the very top of Stranglethorn. Cross the bridge and enter into Duskwood, an Alliance zone. When you see an intersection ahead, be cautious of the Guards on your right. You need to follow the cross road to the east, heading in the direction of the town, Darkshire and avoiding several patrols and sentries along it. When you see a big windmill on your right, at 76, 53, leave the road on the right side and skirt around the Alliance town, picking up the road again as it heads to the east.

Look to your left at 86, 40 and run up to the ruined tower with two undead waiting there. Accept the quest from Deathstalker Zraedus, Nothing but the Truth (42), then walk over and talk to Apothecary Faustin for the next in the series Nothing but the Truth II (42). With this quest, return to the road and continue to the east. The road crosses a strange high-level area called Deadwind Pass (stay to the left where the road forks) and then enters the Swamp of Sorrows, down a steep hill. The dragon whelps for the Dream Dust quest are around a lake on your right as you descend the hill leading into the Swamp.

The Dream Dust is a slow drop, and the dragon whelps don't respawn very rapidly either. These whelps also drop the Whelp blood for the Truth quest. After clearing the area once, gathering your first round of the dust, continue following the road to the south east and enter Stonard, the Horde town. Pick up the flight path in the center of the fort.

Note: If you are near to level 42 now, you can leave Swamp of Sorrows when all your Dream dust has been collected. Fly back to Booty Bay and complete that quest. Then continue to the next chapter, Dustwallow Marsh 42.

If you need more experience, continue with this trip. Inside the tall building, talk to the blood elf warlock to accept Little Morsels (38). Run all the way to the top of the building to find Helgrum and accept his quest, Neeka Bloodscar (35).
End of First Trip

Fallow Sanctuary

Expedition 2
Now leave Stonard and run back to the dragon whelp pool to make another pass looking for Dream Dust. You should be able to get the rest of the dust on this visit. Return to the road at the Horde watch tower and this time, take the road on the left, leading east along the top of the swamp.

Just north of the junction is a place called Misty Valley, populated by shambling tree elementals. At the very back of this valley, there is a cave with one of these elementals inside: the Mire Lord (42). Kill the Mire Lord and loot the Mire Lord Fungus. Then leave the valley to the south and follow the north edge of the zone to the east. This will lead to a second valley, marked with wooden spikes, called The Harborage.

At 26, 40 look for a small trail that leads to the north and across a couple of fallen logs. This trail ends at the Harborage, a camp of Draenei Broken Exiles, where you'll find a quest, Draenethyst Crystals (35). With two quests, Crystals and Little Morsels, we will proceed into the Fallow Sanctuary - the area further to the east. Return to the road and continue east along the northern wall of the Zone. When you begin to see the Lost Ones, look for large blue crystals near their huts.

This area of the lost ones is filled with tightly spaced mobs. This is a situation where systematically clearing a path is critical to survival, and you will end up killing a lot more mobs that you would normally expect. Clear around each of the caged creatures and feed them a Poisoned morsel. The first caged animal is approached from the road at 60, 22. After that, I would head south around the area and find the next two cages at 65, 22 and 62, 24. Clearing to the cages will also give access to more crystals as well.

When finished with the Lost Ones, continue east to the ocean. In the narrow strip of land between the swamp and the beach, you will find the Shadow Panthers who drop Shadow panther hearts for Nothing but the Truth. Turn south and search for the stealthed cats, stopping when you reach the Wyrmkin patrols. Hunting all the way down and back should give you 5 hearts. Then return to the Harborage to turn in the crystals.
End of second trip.

Beggar's Haunt

Expedition 3
From the Harborage, run out to the road, and follow it up the hill and back to Duskwood to turn in our collected ingredients to the Apothecary by the ruined tower called Beggar's Haunt. Completing the quest gives a whopping 6000 xp. For the next quest Nothing but the Truth (42) you walk over to the Deathstalker and receive your instructions for Stonard. Travel back to Stonard in the Swamp of Sorrows and feed Zraedus's Brew to the human prisoner, who is immediately to the left as you enter the gate. Observe the tragic result to complete the series.

While in Stonard, turn in Little Morsels, and then fly to Booty Bay. Find Krazak to turn in Dream Dust, and in exchange, pick up Rumors for Kravel (36).

Mackenzie: Level 41 + 16 bars.
End of Third Trip

This concludes our adventures on this continent, for the time being. Take the boat to Ratchet, and fly to Brackenwall Village in Dustwallow Marsh.

Dustwallow Marsh 42

North Point Tower

Expedition 1
It's time to move back to Dustwallow Marsh. Fly into Brackenwall Village. Speak to the Blood elf, Blanader Brightstar, to accept Twilight of the Dawn Runner (37). Now leave the village by the east gate and make for the main road. We're looking for Ogron, an ogre who should be on the east side of the road at 40, 36. Speak to him to begin Questioning Reethe. Ogron will take you to Reethe and there will be a brief conversation before 4 soldiers interrupt. You must keep both Reethe and Ogron alive, mostly by drawing aggro to yourself. When all four have been killed, the quest will be finished.

Continue north on the road, past several sentry camps and patrols, up to the tower. This is the site for Twilight of the Dawn Runner. You must fight your way inside and speak to Ithania, a prisoner there. Then, climb to the top of the tower and find the Lost crates. A running jump from the top of the tower will clear the outer wall and keep you from having to fight back through the soldiers which will definitely have respawned by this time.

Circle back around to the road, north of the tower. Opposite the North Point Tower, there is a road that plunges into the water, but re-emerges on the other side. Following this road will lead to the evil Grimtotem village. Just as you reach the outer totem pole, however, look to the north for a human called "Stinky" Ignatz. He's found at 46, 17 and offers the escort quest, Stinky's Escape (37). Clear 2 or 3 of the raptors in the area before beginning. There are no spawn events, so this is a very simple escort that leads you back to the road, eventually.

Turn south on the road and follow it past the south tower, Sentry Point, then turn west toward the bay. From the shore, you should see the mast of a wrecked ship. Swim out there and begin to hunt the Muckshell lobsters, looking for the Jeweled Pendant. This has dropped rather quickly, for me; within the first 6 kills.

Return to Brackenwall to turn in your quests, Questioning Reethe and Twillight. The follow up to Reethe is The Black Shield (37), which is a messenger quest to Thunder Bluff.

Next, go talk to Nazeer Bloodpike. Here, you complete Marg Speaks, and he gives you Report to Zor (40), a quest to Orgrimmar.

Level 42 +1 bar.
End of first trip

Tour of the Capitals

We need to break off from our questing here in the Marsh and turn in these two quests. Fly to Orgrimmar and speak to Zor Lonetree in the front room of Thrall's Grommash Hall in the Valley of Wisdom. Zor gives another quest, Service to the Horde, which will immediately give you a reward.

Fly to Thunder Bluff and turn in The Black Shield to Mosarn on the Hunter's rise. Mosarn responds with Return to Krog (38).

Fly to Ratchet to collect on Stinky's Escape; then fly back to Brackenwall Village and speak to Krog.

Blackhoof Village

Expedition 2
Krog finally puts the pieces together and points the finger at the Grimtotem clan. He gives you two new quests: More than Coincidence (37), and The Grimtotem Plot (38). They both are completed at Blackhoof Village, which we noticed before when we completed Stinky's Escape. Run to the North Point Tower and follow the road that leaves north from there; it will lead directly to Blackhoof.

For these two quests, you need to enter the village and gather the Grimtotem Armaments, which look like crude spears in weapons racks along side the road or inside tents. We also need to kill Grimtotem Elders until we gather 4 Grimtotem notes. Every elder dropped one for me. Right click the notes to create the Grimtotem Battle Plan. Then return to Krog in Brackenwall Village.

Krog accepts the two quests, and then sends you to Seek Out Tabetha (37). Nazeer, near the south gate of Brackenwall, also has two more quests: Check Up on Tabetha (37), and Help Mudsprocket (39). Accept both of these now. Also speak to the three ogres with quests, accept Identifying the Brood (41) inside the cave, Army of the Black Dragon by the eastern gate, and Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern (41) from the elite ogre in the center of the village. When these quests have been accepted, there should not be any yellow exclamation points in Brackenwall.

We'll begin our trip to the southern end of the zone, so finish any business you may have here, including a visit to the reagent vendor for first aid manuals. Leave the Village by the western gate and run down to the intersection with the Barrens Road. Take a left and then immediately right to follow the main road to the southern parts of the Marsh.

At 40, 61 you'll cross a road that leads to the north. Take it and follow it up to Tabetha's house. Inside the house, Tabetha will complete Check Up and Seek Out and give you a quest in return, Raze Direhorn Post! (38). Her other quest is for an instance.

Talk with her two apprentices, who will each offer two more quests. Garion, inside the house, gives you The Reagent Thief (39) and The Grimtotem Weapon (38). Both of these target the local wildlife. Outside, Morlann offers Direhorn Raiders (39) and The Zeppelin Crash (40).
End of second trip

Tabetha's cottage

Expedition 3
We'll take the Direhorn quests first, but as you travel, watch for any Drywallow Crocolisks, Spiders, and Noxious Shredders (flying snakes). Before pulling a crocolisk, activate the totem, and kill the crock while it is being zapped with lightening. (Problems are reported from characters with pets, suggesting that you won't get credit if your pet has aggro, or if you are too far away from the totem.) Ten of these kills will complete the quest. Spiders and snakes will eventually drop venom, but don't go specifically hunting them, yet.

Behind Tabetha's cottage, find the trail that leads to the north. Cross a pool and you'll see totem poles from the Grimtotem Tauren. Kill any 12 of them to complete your list for Morlann. You need to burn three tents in the Direhorn village for Tabetha's quest. Clear the occupant of the tent, and then right click Tabetha's Torch in your inventory. In the second tent, you will find an Undead named Apothecary Cylla. When killed, she drops a Sealed Letter which begins a quest, Signs of Treachery? (38).

On the way back to Tabetha's cottage, search through the nearby pools to find 10 crocolisks for Garion's quest. While hunting, keep an eye open for Deadmire, a large white crocolisk that you need for the quest from Thunder Bluff. He is found north of the cottage, but he has a wide range. Return to the cottage to turn in both quests. Tabetha gives you Justice Dispensed (39) to take back to Krog.
End of Third Trip

Zeppelin Crash

Expedition 4
Next, investigate to the east of the cottage to find another path marked with torches. This will lead to the Zeppelin crash, but be cautions because it is overrun with Oozes. At the end of the trail, you'll find Moxie Steelgrill.

Speak with her to complete the quest Zeppelin Crash. She will offer you Secure the Cargo! (39) to gather crates scattered throughout the area on the ground, and Corrosion Prevention (40) targeting the ooze and slimes. She gives you a device to stick on the action bar and it works in exactly the same manner as the crocolisk totem. When the lightening from the power cores "Energizes" you, click on the device and right click an ooze. When you complete the channeling, the ooze dies.

While in this area, we need to pick up the Seaforium Booster. Check the nose section of the crashed Zeppelin to find your crate on the ground. Then search for the cargo, while zapping any Oozes that get too close. After you turn in the cargo, Moxie gives you Delivery for Drazzit (40), a messenger quest to Mudsprocket.

The Spiders and Noxious Shredders are concentrated to the south of the zeppelin crash. Hunt them now for their Marsh Venom. Bring the six venoms back to Garion, at Tabetha's cottage to complete the quest. This is the last quest for this area, so when you're finished, follow the trail to the south west to the intersection with the main road.

Level 42 + 9 bars.
End of fourth trip.

Mudsprocket 42

Bloodfen Burrow

Expedition 5
Fresh from Tabetha's house, stay left and continue on the road as it turns south to find Mudsprocket, the goblin outpost. As with all goblin towns, the flightmaster is outside the walls; in this case, to the left as you approach on the road.

Once inside the walls, enter the house on your left to complete Help Mudsprocket, and Delivery to Drazzit. Back outside, collect the three other quests available. Inside the inn, accept Bloodfen Feathers (39), from the wanted poster take Wanted: Goreclaw the Ravenous (39), and from Gizzixs Grimegurgle take Catch a Dragon by the Tail (40).

Let's begin with Goreclaw and the raptor quest, Bloodfen Feathers. Leave Mudsprocket by the gate you just entered and return to the main road. Turn left and follow this road around the Den of Flame and past the road to Tabetha's house. When the road turns back to the north and runs beneath the roots of a big tree (34, 62), look to the west to find a collection of raptors in an area called the Bloodfen Burrow.

At the back of this area is a cave with the boss raptor, Goreclaw the Ravenous. These raptors drop the Bloodfen Feathers that you need for a quest in Mudsprocket. The raptors are closely spaced, so clear the area carefully, working your way back to the cave, so that you have room to fight Goreclaw solo. With all your feathers gathered and when you have killed Goreclaw, return to Mudsprocket to complete the quests. Drazzit, in the house on the left, will complete Goreclaw, while Brogg in the inn will accept Bloodfen Feathers.
End of fifth trip

Den of Flame

Expedition 6
After you give him the feathers, Brogg will have two more quests for you, Banner of the Stonemaul (39), and The Essence of Enmity (39). Accept them both.

Now let's find Overlord Mok'Morokk's stuff. Leave Mudsprocket and run back to the main road. Take a left and cross the bridge to find the entrance to the Den of Flame on your left. There are many dragonkin packed inside the fence, so move cautiously. Brogg gave you a Totem for the Enmity quest. After you kill one of the Firemanes, select the corpse and right click on Brogg's Totem to gather Black Dragonkin Essence.

Directly in front of the gate is the entrance to a cave. On a ledge at the cave mouth you will find Mok's Grogg. Now enter the cave system, and stay to the left. At the end of this left arm of the cave you will find the Stonemaul Banner that Brogg sent you for.

Next, at the very back of the cave, find Mok's Strongbox. While inside the cave system, kill all 5 Firemane Scalebanes that you need for Army of the Black Dragon. This is the easiest place to find them. Make your way out of the cave, but stay within the walls of the Den of Flame killing Firemanes until you have gathered 10 Dragonkin Essences with the totem. Go back to Mudsprocket and turn in Stonemaul Banner and Enmity.
End of sixth trip.

Stonemaul Ruins

Expedition 7
In exchange for completing his first two quests, Brogg will give you the next quest in this series, Spirits of Stonemaul Hold (41). Leave Mudsprocket, turn right onto the main road and cross a bridge to enter the Stonemaul Ruins. Throughout this area you will find sparkling bones on the ground for the Spirits quest. Clear the area around the bones, right click on the bones to spawn an Ogre ghost, and then defeat the ghost to release its spirit.

Follow the path back to a central area enclosed by a crude stockade. Here you will find the barrel that contains Mok's Snuff, which is the last of the items he asked us to find. Stay in this area and continue to kill the rest of the Firemane Scouts and Ash Tails that you need. When the Firemanes are all killed, leave the Stonemaul Ruins, heading to the south east to hunt dragon whelps.

You will begin to see Searing Whelps and Hatchlings, as well as green Wyrmtail pods on the ground. Collect the wyrmtail for Gizzixs, and kill the dragonlings for the Ogre quest Identifying the Brood. You are looking for Searing tongues and Searing hearts. As you hunt, make your way south and you will pass the goblins at Mudsprocket. When your tongues and hearts are complete, return to Mudsprocket to empty your bags and turn in Catch a Dragon, and Spirits of Stonemaul Hold. After the quest completion, Brogg gives you the final quest in the series, Challenge to the Black Flight (41).

At this point, we need to fly back to Brackenwall Village and turn in the quests there. Overlord Mok'Morokk is in the center of the village, Krog will accept Justice Dispensed, Nazeer Bloodpike completes Sign of Trechery. Army of the Black Dragon is completed over by the east gate, and Identifying the Brood is returned inside the Inn. The last quest will prompt two quick messenger quests, The Brood of Onyxia (41), and then the third in the series The Brood of Onyxia (41) will take you back to Mudsprocket. Fly there now.
End of Seventh Trip

Onyxia's Lair

Expedition 8
Leave Mudsprocket heading east. You're looking for the mouth of Onyxia's Lair at 53, 77. This is the entrance to a level 60 raid instance. West (at 48, 75) and east (at 53, 72) of the entrance you'll find Onyxia's nests, billowing smoke with 3-4 spiked eggs inside. The nests are surrounded by 4 Firemane dragonkin, but you only have to kill 2 of them to gain access to the eggs. Right click on each egg to destroy it. Because you have to get 5 eggs, either visit the second nest or wait for respawn.

With the eggs out of the way, go to the mouth-like entrance of Onyxia's Lair. You need to stand on the very tip of the tongue and right click the banner in your inventory to plant it and start the fight. A level 41 dragon (non-elite) will spawn in response to your challenge. The first thing he does at the start of the combat is move forward and breathe a persistent flame on the banner we just planted, so move out of the way and don't stand in the pool of flame. Other than that initial flamebreath, the fight is not particularly difficult. Kill him to complete the quest. Then return to Mudsprocket to turn it in.

Finally, fly back to Brackenwall Village and turn in the quest there to Draz'Zilb in the cave. Completing this quest unlocks another that allows you to challenge Mok as overlord of the ogres. However, we'll save this level 45 group quest for another visit.

Level 43 + 15 bars.
End of eighth trip.

Shimmering Flats 43

As this book ends, we have a few things to finish up. Fly from Brackenwall to Gadgetzan and run up to the Shimmering Flats to turn in Rumors for Kravel and Razzeric's Tweaking. When you turn the quest in to Kravel, he will wait about 20 seconds, and then respond with another, Back to Booty Bay (43).

Over on the goblin side of the tracks, Give Razzeric his seaforium. Razzeric will ask you to run down to Gadgetzan to fix the seaforium in the quest Safety First (43). Shreeve is on your right as you enter the gate. He sends you back up to Mirage Raceway to complete the series, Safety First (43) .

End of Book 9

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