Ravennus' Horde Guide Book 10, 44-46  

Arathi Highlands, The Badlands, Stranglethorn Vale: Level 44-46

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The traditional complaint about leveling in the World of Warcraft used to be that it became very difficult between level 40 and 50. To address that issue, Blizzard introduced many new quests at Dustwallow Marsh, and nerfed the elite nature of Stromgarde Keep. Now, we may actually have the opposite problem.

The next two areas we will visit may feel very low for our current character level, but there are a couple of reasons for visiting them anyway.

First, in Arathi Highlands, many quests that were formerly elite have now been modified for the solo adventurer. This means that there is substantial new content that you may not have done before, if you weren't in a group.

Second, Badlands is a little out of the way, but Kargath is a key flight path that allows access to the higher level zones of Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes. By going there now, we can pick up a few interesting quests in the process, and also link the northern flightpaths near Undercity with the southern flightpaths around Booty Bay.

To guard against staying in this area too long, we'll adopt a different strategy. Our goal is to reach level 45. When we do, we'll leave Arathi and any remaining quests, and make the trip to Badlands.

Auction House
Note: Later in this book, during our visit to the Badlands, you'll need a number of items which are all crafted by players and can be found on the auction house. The most difficult of these are the vial of Frost Oil, and a Gyrochronotom. You also need a Healing potion, Lesser invisibility potion, and Patterned Bronze Bracers.

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Tarren Mill 44

Ruins of Alterac

Expedition 1
We begin in Tarren Mill, where we need to pick up three quests near the Chapel. Speak to Ghost Lady Melissaria to accept The Crown of Will (39). Beside her is a wanted sign with the quest Wanted: Baron Vardus (40). Inside the Chapel itself, Krusk gives you Lord Aliden Perenolde (42). With these three, we're ready to head out.

Travel north on the main road to Alterac Mountains. You will first come to Gallows Corner where the lower level Crushridge Ogres are. You only want Maulers so ignore the lower levels, and head for a mountain pass at 48, 50. Through the pass, on the left, you will discover the Ruins of Alterac. Enter the gates to find your 10 Maulers.

Once inside the gates, stay to the right and work your way to the back wall. There, you'll find stairs ascending to the top of the wall, and a goblin vendor (38, 38). This vendor occasionally sells the recipe for Frost Oil, an item you'll need later in this book. If you know an alchemist, pick up this recipe for them.

When you have all 10 maulers, jump off of this wall and leave the ruins. Dodge past a few Yeti and then continue north, down the mountain side to the shore of a lake. Follow the shoreline to the north east. In the distance, you should see a large villa in an area named Dandred's Fold. Our kill target for Lord Aliden Perenold is inside the house.

The house and grounds are overrun by stealthed rogues. The danger is from runners who might aggro some rogue that you couldn't even see. On the ground floor is Nagaz who doesn't have anything to do with our quest. On the second floor you will find Perenold. If the fight is long, he may shield himself and then heal, but at our level, he should go down easily. After the fight, talk to Elysa in the same room to complete the quest and accept another, Tarethas Gift (40).

Back outside, watch for respawns, which are quick. Now turn to the left and head across the long meadow of the Uplands. This meadow is patrolled by the Syndicate, with several camps along the north east side, up against the mountains. You need to check each one of these camps for Baron Vardus, from the Wanted poster.

Vardus is a caster who spams frostbolts and shadowbolts. He is usually found with another mage, so thoroughly clear out the mobs surrounding the camp, before engaging the two casters in melee. With Vardus' head, return to Tarren Mill. Turning in these three quests gives about 12,000 xp.

Mackenzie was level 44 +6 bars.
End of First Trip

Alterac Keep

Expedition 2
Turn in your three quests, and Melisara will give you a follow up, The Crown of Will (41). Return to the Ruins of Alterac looking for three named ogres. When you enter the front gate, Muckrake is in the town hall building directly in front of you (38, 47). Glommus is to the north in a small house at (39, 41). Targ is back to the south in the chapel at (39, 52). The trouble here is not with any of the fights, but in threading your way through the ogres without having to engage every one.

When you leave the chapel, after defeating Targ, look to your left and find the keep. We will be returning here for the next quest. There is a back door to the Ruins of Alterac at 37, 62. This will allow you to escape from the keep more easily, with fewer random ogres to fight. Return to Tarren Mill with your heads.

Melisara will give you the final hunting quest for the Ruins of Alterac, The Crown of Will (42). Using the back door to enter the ruins will put you much closer to the keep where you will find Mug'thol. Be aware of a possible elite ogre who patrols from the front of the keep away to the north east. Enter the keep, fight your way to the main hall on the second floor, and defeat Mug'thol.

Instead of fighting your way back through the respawns, continue to the roof and jump off the back of the keep. You should be able to hug the cliff and reach the back entrance without aggro. Now return to Tarren Mill to complete this. Back in town, Melisara will give you a messenger quest to take the pendant back to Undercity, The Crown of Will (43).
End of Second Trip.

Hammerfall 44

    • A Reminder: work on Hammerfall quests until you reach level 45. After that, you should seriously consider beginning the trip to The Badlands.

We begin in Undercity, having finished our messenger quest to the Royal Quarter. Before you leave, this is your last chance to check the auction house for those quest items we mentioned here.

Fly from Undercity to Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands. When we were last here, we left several quests unfinished. These quests are completed inside the ruins of Stromgarde, which was previously an elite area, now made accessible by Patch 2.3.

Drum Fel on the main deck gives you the next in the series for Call to Arms (40). Over by the inn, Korin Fel will give you The Real Threat (40). Zengu gives you Sigil of Strom (37). By the front gate, Tor'gan offers Foul Magics (40). Stromgarde is a bit of a ways from Hammerfall so be sure that you have all these quests before you leave.

Outer Stromgarde

Expedition 1
Leave Hammerfall, making your way to the ruined city of Stromgarde. Keep in mind both the Alliance outpost of Refuge Point and their mounted patrol, which paths between there and the front gates of Stromgarde. Begin by crossing the causeway and entering the ruined gates, passing under the very low arched bridge to the first crossroad.

Marez Cowl, the target for Foul Magics, is usually on the lower level of Stromgarde, to the left after you enter the main gate. She is in the far back corner behind the inn at 29, 62. However, if you don't find her there, note that the back of the inn is very close to the wall supporting the upper level. Occasionally, Marez will spawn on the other side of this wall, up above. Defeat Cowl and loot the Orb she carries.

To find the Sigil of Strom, you simply need to kill any Syndicate mob until the Sigil drops. This is usually between 16 and 20 mobs, but with our current level, the blood should flow freely. With the Sigil and the Orb, return to the front gate of Stromgarde. The next area you need to visit is filled with Ogres.
End of First Trip

Ogre Quarter

Expedition 2
When you look to the west, you'll see a gate defended by humans. Facing that gate, turn left to find the path that leads down to the ogres. There is a trick to this area that will save us some grief. Running around the edge of the ogre area is a ledge. You can gain access to the ledge where it comes to the end of the wall, on the right side of path as you enter at 24, 64. Stand as close as you can to the wall behind the stretched skinand you can jump onto ledge.

This ledge will allow you to visually locate O'kolo, the target for The Real Threat, at one of his many spawn points before becoming entangled in the tightly spaced mobs. Follow it around the outside edge to find O'kolo, and jump down to engage him. Then fight your way out, killing lords and shamans on your way. With the Sigil of Strom, the Orb, and O'kolo's head, return to Hammerfall.
End of Second Trip

Turning in these three quests concludes the regular quests in Stromgarde. It also brings us to another decision. If you are well into level 44, you probably don't need any more xp from this area and should turn your attention to the Badlands. If you are looking for more easy experience, the Sigil of Strom quest series continues and yields 21,000 xp as well as a nice shield or shaman chest piece.

The main thing that recommends against it is that Stromgarde is a long distance away from Hammerfall, and you must make the round trip four more times before this series finishes. You will definitely spend considerable time running back and forth. If you are ready to move on, skip down to the next chapter Badlands 45

The Sigil of Strom

Expedition 3
The next quest from Drum Fel is The Broken Sigil (40). We are looking for Sigil Fragments, which drop from human Defenders and Troll-hunters found near the alliance area. Inside the main gate, turn right and pass through a smaller gate guarded by two defenders. Your mobs are found in this area. The Fragments drop in groups of 2-4, so getting all 5 is usually a matter of a few kills.

Return to Hammerfall and speak to Tor'gan by the front gate to complete this quest. He will reconstruct the sigil and send you up to Zengu with The Sigil of Thoradin (40). Zengu's next quest, The Sigil of Arathor (41), wants you to attack the cavalry that patrol the road in front of Stromgarde. There are now 3 in that patrol, but your target is Lieutenant Valorcall. You should easily be able to handle two of these at a time. Sometimes there is a bug that prevents you from looting Valorcall. Wait for a minute and loot again. Bring this Sigil back to Zengu.
End of Third Trip

Trollbane's Tomb

Expedition 4
The next mission is to find the Sigil of Trollbane, held by Prince Galen. Don't enter the main gates of Stromgarde this time. Instead, turn right as you face them and follow the outside of the wall past the second buttress to find a break at 23, 55. Jumping through the break, turn left and cross the guarded bridge to find the chapel with Galen and two attendants inside. The two guards can be pulled without Galen. Defeat the three and loot the Sigil of Trollbane. Then return to Hammerfall.

For our final quest to Stromgarde, Trol'kalar (42), return to the gap in the wall, and cross the bridge to the courtyard in front of the chapel where you killed Galen. Turn to the right and you will see a fenced area, with an opening. Don't bother the pvp-marked vendor in this area. You will find a narrow passageway, ending in front of the crypt.

Descend to the bottom, where you'll find three caretakers. Kill them and then open Trollbane's Tomb. The tomb itself will give you a quest Trol'kalar (42) along with the Sheathed Trol'kalar to carry back to Hammerfall to finish this series and claim your reward.
End of Fourth Trip

I will also mention, for those needing even more experience, that there is another area in Arathi Highlands with still more level 40 quests available. These are underwater assignments, though, so they are only recommended for characters that work well under water.

Find the Blackwater Raiders by looking for a path at 31, 63, outside the eastern wall of Stromgarde. Follow the path back to a tunnel at 21, 75 and then down to the water to Faldir's Cove. The path seems to end at the water, but swim to the far shore and you'll see a Pirate ship anchored to your left. You must speak to Lolo the Lookout to get things started and unlock several other level 40 quests.

At the end of this chapter, Mackenzie was level 45 +4 bars.

The Badlands 45

We begin the chapter by traveling from Arathi Highlands through several Alliance controlled zones, into the Badlands.

Across Loch Modan

Expedition 1
Leave Hammerfall and head for the giant bridge called the Thandol Span, at the bottom center of the zone (45, 90). Cross over into Wetlands and follow the road south until it ends at the intersection with another road. Turn left here, and continue to the south east where the road enters a long tunnel system under the mountains.

This road will wind around quite a bit, briefly emerging from the tunnel at times before plunging back into the mountain. At some of these turns, you may encounter lower level mobs, or Alliance dwarves. In all cases, ignore any attacks and just continue to ride through the tunnels until you emerge from the other end in Loch Modan, another Alliance controlled zone.

When you leave the final tunnel, immediately turn left and travel east until you come to the shore of the lake. Turn south and follow the lake shore as you pass Thelsamar, the dwarven town, keeping an eye out for the far-ranging guards.

South of the town, continue to follow the shoreline until you come to the southern tip of the lake. There, look to the southwest on your zone map and you'll see the dotted pathway that leads down into Badlands.

The first thing you come to, after you hit the red desert of this zone, is the entrance to the Uldaman instance, on your right. Continue to the south as you pass Hammertoe's Digsite on the left, and Angor Fortress on the right. When you reach the Valley of Fangs, at about 45, 50, find a gap in the hills on your right. In this gap between mountain ranges, you'll find a small camp (42, 52)with a few npc's grouped around a fire and a forge. One of them is Martek the Exiled. Be aware that this is not a safe area: a group of ogres patrol past at regular intervals. Stand facing the path.
End of First Trip

The Dust Bowl

Expedition 2
Talk to Martek and turn in your gray quest Martek the Exiled. In return, accept Indurium (39). Next to Martek, talk to Rigglefuzz to get Barbecued Buzzard Wings (40).

Continue to the west and enter the Dust Bowl. Your next destination is along the north edge of this valley, at 26, 44 where you'll find Lucien and Lotwil, two gnome engineers.

Speak to Lotwil and accept Study of the Elements: Rock (40). Also accept Coolant Heads Prevail (37) and complete it immediately, by giving him the Frost Oil that you brought with you. Then accept Gyro… What? (37) and again complete it immediately with the Gyrochronatom you brought along.

Now continue to the west to find the passage to Kargath. However, hunt the Lesser rock elementals along the way to begin collecting the small shards. In Kargath, climb the watch tower to turn in the gray quest Neeka Bloodscar, and pick up Coyote Thieves (40) and the messenger quest, Report to Helgrum. At the base of the tower, find the blood elf to accept Unclaimed Baggage (40). Inside the Inn, talk to Gorn for Broken Alliances (43).
End of Second Trip

Camp Cagg

Expedition 3
Return to the Lesser rock elementals in the hills to the west of Lotwil and hunt them until you gather all your 10 Small stone shards. Then return to Lotwil and accept the next quest, Study of the Elements: Rock (39). These Rock elementals are higher in the hills, above the Lesser elementals. Look for them at 14, 35. Gather 3 Large stone slabs, which dropped almost every kill, and bring them to Lotwil.

Lotwil's next quest in the series, Study of the Elements: Rock (42), takes us a little further away. Before leaving, talk to Lucien, who offers you the quest Liquid Stone (37). Immediately complete it by giving him your Healing potion and your Lesser invisibility potion.

Travel to the south west, across the big valley. Hunt any coyotes and buzzards along the way, gathering the quest items they drop. Stop at 17, 58 at the bones where the buzzards are gathered. Circle around the carcass here, hunting the buzzards for your 4 Buzzard wings.

Continue to the southwest corner of the zone to find the Ogre area, Camp Cagg. Camp Cagg is one end of the path for the Ogre patrol. They leave this camp, travel to a campfire in the Valley of Fangs, through Martek's gap to another Ogre camp on the far side. You need to kill the boss of this patrol for the quest Broken Alliances (43)

The boss and one small Ogre Mage are slower than the rest and are usually last in this patrol. Wait for the patrol to leave, then pull the Mage and burn it down quickly. The boss will be the only add to this pull. Kill the boss and loot the stone he carries, the Sign of the Earth.

To the north of Camp Cogg, at 4, 77, you'll find many Greater Rock Elementals who will eventually drop the 5 Bracers of Rock Binding you need for Lotwil. Return to Lotwil with your Bracers of Earth Binding. If you need to go to a town, Kargath is just down the path to the west.
End of Third Trip

Martek's Forge

Expedition 4
Lotwil gives you the next quest: This is Going to be Hard (40). Go speak to Lucien and he completes Lotwil's quest. Then, he offers two more: This is Going to be Hard (42) and Stone is Better than Cloth (40). This second quest needs the Patterned Bronze Bracers you have in your pack, so complete this immediately.

Go talk to Lotwil again and he offers the final quest in the series, This is Going to be Hard(42). As soon as you accept it, Lotwil walks away and begins summoning the level 45 elemental – Fam'retor Guardian. Defeat it and loot Lotwil's Shackles of Elemental Binding. Speak to Lotwil again to complete the quest and accept your Nifty Stopwatch, a trinket that increases your run speed.

By this time, you will have gathered most of your 4 Buzzard wings. Hunt the Valley of Fangs for Coyotes and Buzzards until your wings and jaws are complete. Then go to Martek's Forge and give the Buzzard wings to Rigglefuz.

Continue east through the pass and then turn south. You will find a camp of Stonevault troggs who carry the Indurium Flakes. Killing the troggs, I had to clear the camp twice to get the 10 Indurium flakes I needed. Take the flakes back to Martek, and he'll follow up with News for Fizzle (37), a messenger quest to Shimmering Flats. It's probable that we won't make a special trip to turn this quest in.

Mackenzie leveled to 46 at the end of this trip.
End of Fourth Trip

Angor Fortress

Expedition 5
Travel east through the gap from Martek's Forge. Turn north and look for a dwarven fortress named Angor, set back into the hillside. This is the site for Unclaimed Baggage. Enter through the front gate and turn to the left. At the end of the hall, in the dining area, look for an orange barrel immediately on the right. It holds the first item.

Do not go downstairs but cross through the middle to the hall on the right. In a similar dining area, on the right side, find a sparkling weapon rack to pick up the second item. Now return to Kargath. At the bottom of the watch tower, turn in The Unclaimed Baggage to Sarophas. Climb to the top of the tower to complete Coyote Jaws. Inside the inn, turn in Broken Alliances to Gorn. Gorn's follow-up quest is for level 50, so don't accept it now.

This completes all the quests we have in Badlands. Fly to Stonard, Swamp of Sorrows.

Mackenzie was level 46 + 3 bars
End of Fifth Trip

Swamp of Sorrows 45

This visit to Stonard should be very brief. Just long enough for a single quest. If you have not yet reached level 46 there are other quests available, but once you reach that level you don't need to stay in Swamp of Sorrows and should move on to the next chapter in Stranglethorn Vale.

Pool of Tears

Expedition 1
Enter the tallest building and run to the top. Speak to Heldrun the Swift to turn in the messenger quest from Kargath, Report to Helgrum . In the same room, speak to Fel'zerul and accept The Pool of Tears (43) . This quest is the key reason for our brief visit to this zone

(Optional If you need to earn extra xp, run over to the inn and talk to Dar. Accept Lack of Surplus (40) but don't bother with Fresh Meat (43).)

Leave Stonard by the eastern gate and head north east, looking for the lake surrounding Sunken Temple. Begin to circle around the lake surrounding Sunken Temple, at the water's edge, looking for Atal'ai Artifacts. I found 7 at the water's edge after one complete circuit. My final three were on the bottom of the lake, at the base of the temple. When finished gathering the artifacts, the main quest is done and you can return to Stonard.
End of First Trip

Misty Reed Post

Expedition 2: OPTIONAL
If you started the optional quest, begin to look to the north and west for Sawtooth crocolisks. Crocs to the east are Sawtooth Snappers, with a lower drop rate. Watch out for a hight level Dragon that patrols in this area. When you have all 10 flanks, find Misty Reed Post at 81, 79 (the southeast corner of the zone). Turn in Lack of Surplus.

Accept the next in the series, Lack of Surplus (42). Travel north of Misty Reed Post, looking for Sawtooth Snappers. These are found both in the swamp and on the beach. Gather 10 sawtooth snapper claws and return to Misty Reed Post.

Tok'kar suggests you talk to Katar over by the beach. Katar gives you Threat from the Sea (42). Run down to the beach and kill a whole bunch of Murlocs: the Flesheaters are to the north, the Murlocs are to the south. Return to Katar when finished, and then go back to Tok'Kar for your reward. Katar offers a second Murloc-killing quest with a slightly different list, but this second quest doesn't offer any new material. Leaving Misty Reed Post, run west along the south border of the zone, and you should easily reach Stonard with very little aggro.
End of (Optional) Second Trip

Complete your quest for the Artifacts at the top of the tallest building and accept the following quest, The Atal'ai Exile (44). Finish any other business you have in Stonard, then fly to Booty Bay.

Mackenzie was level 46 + 7 bars

Stranglethorn Vale 46

In Booty Bay, begin by sorting out your quests. At the top of the inn, talk to Kebok to accept Skullsplitter Tusks (42). On the ground floor, turn in your quest to Crank Fizzlebub, Kravel's Plans. We won't need his other quest yet. Outside the inn, enter the doorway next to the shark hanging by the tail and talk to Sea Wolf MacKinley. He offers the quest Scaring Shakey (41).

Mistvale Valley

Expedition 1
Also in your quest log, you should have Mok'thardin's Enchantment and Raptor Mastery. With these quests, find the exit to Booty Bay, and ride north. After a short distance, locate Mistvale Valley at 30, 68. Begin to kill the Elder Mistvale Gorilla's looking for Giblets and an Aged Sinew. This second item may take a while to drop.

Return to the main road, and continue north until you reach the Gurubashi Arena. Behind it are the Jungle Stalkers and in among the stalkers is the blue raptor, Tethis. He commonly spawns at 32, 43, but he has multiple spawn points, so look around. Kill him and loot his Talon to complete Raptor Mastery. With these two quests, return to Booty Bay.

When you first enter Booty Bay through the shark mouth, turn to the right and down the ramp to find Shakey and show him the Giblets. Shakey will send you back to MacKinley with his money. Don't accept the next quest right now. Instead, check your pages of the Green Hills of Stranglethorn and see if you can complete any chapters. You might consider buying some from the Auction House, at this point, if you are only lacking a few.
End of First Trip


Expedition 2
Fly to Grom'Gol. Turn in Mokthardin's Enchantment. Take the follow up Mokthardin's Enchantment (44). You should already have Bloodscalp Clan Heads. Now, ride north to Nessingwary's camp and turn in Raptor Mastery. In exchange, pick up Big Game Hunter (43). While you're in camp, complete as many chapters of Green Hills as possible.

From Nessingwary's Camp, travel to the Bloodscalp Ruins of Zul'kunda and complete Bloodscalp Clan Heads. You need to kill two named Bloodscalp Trolls found in the upper left corner of the ruins (23, 8). The regular troll mobs in this area are much lower level and are easily avoided or put down. Ride back to Grom'gol and put the heads in the pot to complete this quest.

Accept Speaking with Nezzliok (40) and Speaking with Ganzulah (46). In addition, make sure you have, Split Bone Necklaces, and Skullsplitter Tusks.
End of Second Trip


Expedition 3
Our next assignment is to hit the three Skullsplitter troll ruins, and venture into the larger ruin for the boss. We need to search a pile of skulls, found within the walls of each ruins.The first ruin is Ziata'jai at 42, 36. The second ruins is Balia'mai at 46, 32. The third skull pile is on the outskirts of the larger ruin of Zul'Mamwe, at 47, 39. With the three skulls out of the way, continue south into Zul'Mamwe.

Zul'Mamwe is a more difficult area, so be cautious. We need to complete a kill list for Gan'zulah, and find a named boss and kill him as well. Headhunters are hardest to find from the list. There are a few at 47,42, to the left after you enter the grounds. Kill them first, go look for the boss, and then return for respawn.

Ana'thek has a cave at 44, 44 - at the back of the ruins. He is either in the cave, or out patrolling but he will return. Now work on the Hunters and Berserkers. Be sure you have all the Tusks and Split bone necklaces before leaving the area.

Return to Grom Gol and speak again to the two heads in the cauldron. Nezzliok will send you over to Kin'weelay with the quest The Fate of Yenniku (45). Kin'weelay will also accept Split Bone Necklace and his next quest is The Singing Crystals (45). Mackenzie had just turned level 47.
End of Third Trip

King Bangalash

Expedition 4
You should have the quest Big Game Hunter, as well as the one you just picked up form Kin'weelay, The Singing Crystals. Head south from Grom'gol Base Camp, looking for King Bangalash, the white tiger. Bangalash lives atop a hill at 38, 34.

Bangalash is a tough, level 43 elite, so you need to set up the fight carefully. Clear all the panthers and tigers from the top of the hill. If you do not, they will add to the fight when you attack. With about half health, Bangalash will spawn two low-level panthers to assist him. When that happens, switch to the panthers and take them out first, then return to the boss and burn him the rest of the way down. Plan on using a healing potion to finish this fight.

After you kill Bangalash and loot his head, travel south on the main road until it turns sharply to the right and goes through a massive gate. BEFORE you go through the gate, turn left and you'll see a sign marking a path that leads back off the road at 37, 49. It reads "DANGER: Crystalvein Mine Closed." Follow that path, dealing with the basilisks in your way, and enter the mine to kill Ironjaw Basilisks. You are looking for 3 Pulsing blue shards to drop, and I had all of them by the 5th kill. They only drop inside the mine, so don't bother with the basilisks outside in the valley.

Now, continue to follow the road south to Booty Bay.
End of Fourth Trip

Bloodsail Cove

Expedition 5
As you enter Booty Bay, take a right, down to the lower dock, then run back toward the inn. You will find First Mate Crazz, on this lower dock, and he will offer you The Bloodsail Buccaneers (41): "Investigate the Cove". Run back through the entrance to Booty Bay, and take a hard left outside the gate. This path will lead to the cove that Crazz wants you to investigate.

At the bottom of the cove, you'll find a small camp, with stacked boxes and barrels next to a campfire. On top of those boxes is a scroll that you must examine to complete the quest. The scroll will give you a quest of the same name to take back to First Mate Crazz. The First Mate will complete that quest and send you on to talk to Fleet Master Seahorn at the top of Inn, Bloodsail Buccaneers (41): "Report the attack".

Continue on to the Inn. On the ground floor,turn in Venture Company Mining to Crank Fizzlebub. Run to the top of the inn, and give Skullsplitter Tusks to Kebok. Talk to Deeg to get the quest Up to Snuff (41). Now step outside and talk to Seahorn to complete Bloodsail Buccaneers. In return, accept Bloodsail Buccaneers (42): "Charts and Orders"

Leave the inn and head for the exit of Booty Bay, taking the upper level. Before you reach the forge, talk to Dizzy One Eye for Keep an Eye Out (42). With these three quests, head out of Booty Bay and to the east.

Clear the way to the water and then turn right, moving south along the beach. You'll come to a small camp at first; look inside the tent, and on the box on the right. This is one of the spawn points for either the Charts or Orders. Further to the south you will find a bigger camp with three more spawn points: the row boat down by the water, the boxes beside the first tent, or the table in front of the vendor.

Next, concentrate on killing the swashbucklers. There are more swashbucklers on the island to the east, between the two ships. When the Bloodsail Buccaneers quest is finished, return to Booty Bay to turn it in, even if the Eye and the Snuff haven't been completed. You'll be coming right back out here. Mackenzie was level 47 + 8 bars.
End of Fifth Trip

Bloodsail Fleet

Expedition 6
Seahorn gives you the next quest: Bloodsail Buccaneers (42):"Kill the Captains". The 3 captains are on the three ships you saw off the coast to the east. There's one captain in each ship and each has a named npc with him. All of the ships have an identical layout, with the captain in his cabin under the prow of the ship.

While aboard, look for Cortello's Riddle, a scroll on the floor that spawns randomly in one of the three boats. Carefully clear each of the ships until you find the scroll, or are sure that it isn't present on that ship. Right-clicking on the scroll in your pack will begin a quest of the same name, Cortello's Riddle (43): "Swamp of Sorrows". During this assault on the ships, you should have gathered all the Snuff you need, as well as found Dizzy's Eye.

When these three quests are finished, return to the mainland but don't go back to Booty Bay yet. Running north along the water's edge, look for small green bottles in the sand. If you meet Gorlash, turn and work your way south again. Open these bottles until you find a Carefully folded note. This will start a quest, Message in a Bottle (42). Swim to the south east to find Jaguero Isle, with stealthed Jaguero Stalkers (41). (This is a significant nerf from the level 50 stalkers that used to rule this island.)

Make your way inland to 38, 80 to find Princess Poobah, a tauren. She will complete your quest and offer you a second, Message in a Bottle (42). She wants you to kill a giant gorilla, King Mukla, located at the back of the island at 40, 82. He drops a Shackle key that you must take back to the Princess to complete the series.

Now return to Booty Bay. Speak to each of the quest givers to complete the three quests, Keep an Eye Out by the forge, Up to Snuff and The Bloodsail Buccaneers at the top of the inn. On the ground floor of the inn, talk to Whiskey Slim for a quest to the Hinterlands, Whiskey Slim's Lost Grog (50). With this, our business in Booty Bay is complete for the present. Fly to Grom'gol Base Camp.

Give Kin'weelay the Pulsing Blue Shards but don't take the follow-up. However, Nimboya offers Grim Message (42) and you should accept this now. Now run north and turn in the Head of Bangalash.

This will be the final visit to Nessingwary's camp. So complete any chapters and abandon the rest. At this point we need to break away from Stranglethorn Vale. There are more quests we could complete, but we need to be looking at other zones. Return to Grom'gol

Mackenzie was level 47 + 18 bars (a lot of rested xp lately)
End of Sixth Trip

If you found Cortello's Riddle, fly to Stonard in Swamp of Sorrows to complete it. The riddle leads to another scroll, found under the bridge at 22, 48 in the Swamp. It now has a yellow question mark, so finding it should be easy. Click on the scroll to begin the next quest in the series Cortello's Riddle (43): "Dustwallow Marsh". When finished, fly down to Booty Bay and take the ship to Ratchet.

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End of Book 10

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