Ravennus' Horde Guide Book 12, 50-52  

Tanaris, Feralas, Hinterlands: Level 50-52

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Feralas 50

Ruins of Isildien Expedition 1
As you begin this chapter in Feralas, you should have in your quest log, or accept once you arrive: The Mark of Quality from the leatherworker in the longhouse; Hipporgryph Muisek from the Witch doctor; Dark Ceremony and The Ogres of Feralas from Rok Orhan; and Screecher Spirits, which we picked up from Tanaris.

As you are hunting in Feralas, keep a look out for Vale Screechers - red flying snakes. You need to hunt three of them for Screecher Spirits. Kill the Screecher, target the corpse and right click on Yeh'kinya's Bramble in your pack. Then talk to the ghost screecher that appears to gather the spirit.

With all those quests in your log, leave Camp Mojache to the south. Follow the road south and west, crossing a bridge, until you come to the path on your right that leads to the Dire Maul entrance at 59, 53. Here, turn to the south. On your left will be an area of scattered ruins that increase in complexity as you get further south from the road, finally culminating in an entire night elf temple. This ruins is overrun with the Ogres you need for Ogres of Ferelas and Dark Ceremony.

Begin on the east side, hunting ogres as you work your way south through the ruins. Kill maulers and warlocks up near the road, and shamans and mage-lords (who drop the orb) further south near the main ruins. Kill all the ogres on your list, and continue to kill Mage-lords until the Gordunni orb drops.

South beyond the temple, rocky hills mark the southern end of the zone. Climb up the hills to the south and you'll find hippogryph nests where you can gather an egg. The nests are on the ground. Although you don't currently have a quest for this item, when you bring it to Gadgetzan you will find a quest near the north east entrance called Super Egg-O-Matic (47).

Next, climb down from the hills and find the field of hippogryphs to the west. Resume hunting there, traveling north. As you did in the Hinterlands, kill a hippogryph, loot it first, then select the body and click the drum in your inventory. This will cause you to gather the Hippogryph muisek. The hippogryphs further to the north - not the Skystormers - will also drop the Metallic fragments for Natural Materials. Try to stay in this area until you've gathered 20 metallic fragments.

As you travel north, hunting the hippogryphs, head toward the Yeti Cave at 55, 56. The yeti in this area drop the Thick Yeti Hide for The Mark of Quality. I had to kill 5 before the first hide dropped. Enter the cave system and hunt the yeti until you have gathered all 10 hides. Then leave the cave, travel north to the road, and return to Camp Mojache.
End of First Trip

Sprite Darters

Expedition 2
Talk to the Witch Doctor and turn in the Hippogryph muisek and accept the next quest, Faerie Dragon Muisek (45). Find Rok Orhan, patrolling through the center of camp, and give her the two Ogre quests. She responds with a messenger quest to Orgrimmar, The Gordunni Orb (47). Accept it now, but don't leave Feralas yet. Inside the longhouse, turn in your yeti hides and accept the next quest Improved Quality (48). Cross the small bridge to the north and talk to Krueg Skullsplitter to accept A New Cloak's Sheen (45).

A New Cloak's Sheen and Faerie Dragon Muisek are completed with the Sprite Darters, just south of Camp Mojache. Find them on the west side of the road at 70, 48. The sprite darters drop Encrusted minerals for Natural Materials, as well as Iridescent sprite darter wings for the New Cloak. Drop rates for these are very high, nearly 100%. After looting, use your Muisek Vessel to capture Faerie Dragon Muisek. Return to camp when you have all the wings, the encrusted minerals and the muisek.
End of Second Trip

Grimtotem Compound

Expedition 3
Back in Camp, pick up Treant Muisek (50) from the Witch Doctor, and give Skullsplitter his wings. His follow-up is A Grim Discovery (45), a quest that sends you back to the same area to kill Grimtotem tauren. There are two Grimtotem camps, one at 69, 39, and another to the south at 66. 46 with mobs of a slightly higher level.

Return immediately and find the Grimtotem camp, to gather your 20 horns and bring them to Krueg. The horns often drop two at a time, so this quest isn't as long as it appears. His next quest is another messenger to Orgrimmar, A Grim Discovery (45).
End of Third Trip

Forest Walkers

Expedition 4
We now come to a slightly more challenging step in the Muisek quest series. We need to find three Wandering Forest Walkers, the treants we noted earlier. The difficulty in this task is not with the fight, but with finding the solitary tree elementals in the first place.

There are three areas to look for them: North of Camp Mojache is the Lariss Pavillion. One wanders from the the road, near the two spires, past the Pavillion and west across the stream. Another is south of the lake in the Woodpaw area, 72, 54. The third is among the Hippogryphs where we may have spotted him earlier.

While you are searching among the hippogryphs, try to gather 5 more metallic fragments, to give you a total of 25. Gather the Treant Muisek and return to the Witch Doctor for the next quest, Mountain Giant Muisek (50).
End of Fourth Trip

Ruins of Ravenwood

Expedition 5
Unlike the previous short trips, this next one is longer, and involves a number of quests. Make sure your bags are empty. Just north of the bridge in Camp Mojache, on the right, find Talo Thornhoof and accept his quests Dark Heart (50) and Vengeance on the Northspring (50).

Now leave Mojache and follow the road all the way to the coast. Just beyond a high bridge, a path forks to the left and descends to the water. Beside the dock there, find the goblin Zorbin Fandazzle and accept his quest, Zapped Giants (48) and Fuel for the Zapping (48). Do not work on these quests now, however. If you have not found your Screecher Spirits, there are many in this green area between the water and the cliffs. Gather your 3 screechers before proceeding further. Then, return to the main road and continue traveling north.

At 48, 38, just as the display announces that you have discovered the Twin Collossals, you will see a valley opening on the east side of the road. This valley leads to the second yeti cave, to complete Improved Quality. Travel north up this valley, and head toward 51, 32, where red carcasses mark the path up to the yeti grounds called Rage Scar Hold. To the right is a cave system, and to the left are more yeti in an open area. Continue to kill them until your hides are gathered. As you are hunting, a PristineYeti Hide may drop. Right click it to begin a quest and bring it back to Camp Mojache, although it only gives reputation. With all 10 hides gathered, return to the road and continue north.

Travel north on the main road until you see a ruins on the west side, with a gnoll standing on the front steps. To the north of this ruins, you'll find a shelf at 44, 8 that will allow you to leave the road and cross over to the north west corner of the zone. You are heading toward the Ruins of Ravenwood, and the Hatetalon Stone directly to the west.

As you approach the ruins, look for the harpies that live there. Hunt the harpies and one of them will drop the Horn of Hatetalon. When you have the horn, find the Hatetalon Stone at 40, 8. It has a hole in it, with many faint lights, but there is no label on the stone that indicates it is the one you want. Standing right next to the stone, blow the horn and Edana Hatetalon will be summoned. Kill her and loot her Dark Heart.

Travel south through the Ruins, hunting for the harpies on your kill list for Vengeance on the Northspring. When your list is compelete, continue south out of the ruins to an area with crystals protruding from the rocks at 37, 23. This is the home range for the Land Walker's and Cliff Giants - the Mountain Giants for the Muisek quest.

Both of these are susceptible to the Giant Zapper shrink ray that you got from the goblin on the beach. Target a giant from a good distance away, and zap it, making it non-elite and easier to kill. The giants drop Miniaturization residue and Metallic fragments. After looting the kill, use the drum on them to gather their Giant Muisek. You only need 7 giants for the muisek, but stay here until you have gathered all your metallic fragments and 15 residue. Before you leave this area, you should have completed Natural Materials. When ready, travel to the east to find the main road.

This time, turn south and return to the goblin on the beach. Turn in Zapped Giants. Then head south down the shore, killing water elementals looking for elemental cores to drop for Fuel for the Zapping. These will not be a quick drop, and if you have excess xp at this point, feel free to skip this quest.

Now return to Camp Mojache to turn in several quests. To Witch doctor Uzer'I, turn in Mountain Giant Muisek, and Natural Material. Accept his final quest, Weapons of Spirit (50), and complete it immediately to get your weapon reward. Before you leave him, accept The Sunken Temple (50), which is listed as a dungeon quest. This part of it, however, is simply a messenger quest to Tanaris.

Inside the longhouse, give Jangdor his Yeti Hides, and the Perfect Yeti Hide if you found it. Across the bridge, Talo Thunderhoof completes Dark Heart and Vengeance. Before you leave, accept Strength of Corruption (52), a quest to be completed in Felwood.

Mackenzie was level 51 +10 bars
End of Fifth Trip

Our visit to Feralas is now complete. You should be level 51 at this point. When you're ready to leave Camp Mojache, fly first to Orgrimmar and turn in two quests there: A Grim Discovery, outside the warrior trainer's hall, and The Gordunni Orb at the mage trainers in the Valley of Spirit. Our next chapter is in Gadgetzan where we can turn in the other two quests you completed in Feralas: Screecher Spirits and Super Egg-o-matic.

Tanaris 51

Fly to Gadgetzan to begin our quests in Tanaris. Because of the excellent xp we earned in Feralas, we should be a few clicks into level 51 by this point, and have a couple of quests to turn in.

Sandsorrow Watch

Expedition 1
Begin by riding east from Gadgetzan and visiting Steamwheedle Port. Turn in Screecher Spirits to Yah'kinya. His next quest is for an instance. Now return to Gadgetzan.

Just inside the north eastern door, look to the left to find Curgle Cranklehop, beside a gnomish contraption. Right click the Egg-O-Matic to accept and complete the quest. In your inventory, you'll now find an Egg crate. Open it up to discover what kind of egg you have; then talk to Curgle to exchange it for some silver.

Next, we need to pick up a low level quest, Gadgetzan Water Survey (46) from Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser who is inside Gadgetzan but on top of a small hill on the west side.

Leaving town, ride out to a pool of water next to a watchtower, at 38, 29. Tap your Dowsing widget, and then immediately summon your mount. After a few seconds delay, two ugly level 48 bugs spawn and attack. By that time, however, you will be mounted and riding away. Return to Fizzledowser for the next quest.
End of First Trip

Thistleshrub Valley

Expedition 2
Fizzledowser gives you Noxious Lair Investigation (47). Before you leave, also collect Thistleshrub Valley(50) from Tran'rek standing between the two northern gates, The Dunemaul Compound (49) from Andi Lynn standing by the fire in the north east corner of Gadgetzan, and The Thirsty Goblin (49) from Marin Noggenfogger at the south entrance.

Begin traveling west from Gadgetzan. Head south along the western border of Tanaris and you'll find the Creep marking the edges of the Noxious Lair at 36, 41. Kill any of the insects here to look for your Insect parts. I had the insect parts drop about 25% of the time, so to get our 5, we should plan on killing 20 mobs.

When finished, leave the insect area to the south. You will first come to a pair of black obelisks, marking the entrance to Un'Goro Crater. Beyond them, you'll see green cactus plants. Look to the east and you'll find a sheltered valley at 29, 65. This is Thistleshrub Valley, which is the site to complete both the quest from Tran'rek and Marin Noggenfogger's The Thirsty Goblin.

You need to kill 8 each of the Gnarled and Rootshaper Thistleshrubs, and probably another 8-10 Dew Collectors for the drop for Marin. When you find your Laden dew gland, and the thistleshrub list is complete, leave the valley to the north east and look for the Dunemaul Compound.

The Dunemaul Compound is an ogre area, to the north east of Thistleshrub Valley. You can see a cave marked on your zone map. Your first goal at the Dunemaul camp is to find the boss, Gor'marok the Ravager (49), inside his cave at 41, 57. Clear your way into the cave, and fight him solo.

Then you can continue hunting ogres in the area. Because the mobs are so tightly spaced, the Dunemaul Compound isn't the best place to hunt ogres. Kill about 5 of each, or as many as you can find as solo patrols, before leaving the area and returning to Gadgetzan.

Back in Gadget, turn your Dew laden gland in to Noggenfogger. He will send you over to Sprinkle, by the north west gate with In Good Taste (49). Find Sprinkle and turn in her quest. She will offer you a traveling quest to Hinterlands, Sprinkle's Secret Ingredient (49). On the other side of the gate, talk to Tran'rek to complete Thistleshrub Valley.

Over by Sprinke, inside the hut, find the Apothecary and turn in your Centipaar insect parts. His will not give you a quest, but instead sends you to the Senior Surveyor on the hill. The Surveyor gives you Scrimshank Redemption (48).

Mackenzie was level 51 + 12 bars
End of Second Trip

Gaping Chasm

Expedition 3
Leaving Gadgetzan, travel south to find Marvon Rivetseeker at 53, 46. Rivetseeker completes the quest from Feralas, The Sunken Temple, and offers the next in that series, The Stone Circle (51). Marvon also offers a quest, Gahz'ridian(48) where you get a set of goggles to look for buried artifacts. Pick that up now. When you put the goggles on, yellow dots on the mini-map mark the location of the Gahz'ridian. Circle around the Broken Pillar ruins and you'll probably find a couple of ornament right there. You're looking for white, pillow-shaped piles of sand. Click on them to search for the ornament.

The true destination for Gahz'ridian is Eastmoon Ruins (48, 66), where the artifacts spawn continuously. As you gather your 30 ornaments, you'll pick up more Brutes and Enforcers for The Dunemaul Compound. If other ogres are spawning instead, the Ogre Compound itself is just a short distance to the north east. Stay here until all Ornaments and Ogres have been gathered.

When you have exhausted the Eastmoon Ruins, turn east. You're looking for 55, 71 in the Gaping Chasm, another insect area. At that location, you'll find a bowl shaped entrance to an underground insect hive.

You want to enter the hive and look for a contraption on the ground called Scrimshank's Surveying Gear. Facing north in the bowl, you want to take the entrance at the 2 o'clock position, slighly lower underground than the other one. Inside, stay to the right, passing through a round room and taking a right into the next one. The surveying gear is not found in a round room, but one with four distinct and pointed corners. The Gear is in the tip of the north western corner of that room.

All we need from the Gaping Chasm is the surveying gear. When you have that, return to Marvon Rivetseeker and give him the Gahz'ridian ornaments to complete his quest. Then ride north to Gadgetzan and turn in your quests. Find Andi Lynn, in the north east corner of Gadgetzan, to complete Dunemaul Compound. Then talk to the Senior Surveyor to turn in Scrimshank Redemption. Fizzledowser sends you to the Alchemist with Insect Part Analysis (48), and the Pestlezugg sends you right back to the Senior Surveyor with the report Insect Part Analysis (48). Finally, Fizzledowser gives you a messenger quest to Orgrimmar, Rise of the Silithid (48). This chapter in Tanaris is now complete. Mackenzie was level 51 + 19 Bars
End of Third Trip

Traveling 51

For this short chapter, we'll take a break from questing in a single zone. There are a few flightpaths that we need to pick up now, and a few quests lingering in our quest log that we have the opportunity to complete now. However, all of the quests in this chapter are optional. If you have not yet reached level 52, these quests will put you over the top. If you are more than halfway through level 52, I would push ahead to the next chapter in the Hinterlands.


Expedition 1
Our last chapter ended in Tanaris. Finish any business in Gadgetzan and travel to Orgrimmar. Take your report Rise of the Silithid to Zilzibin Drumlore. Finding him is a bit of a trick. Enter the drag from the bank side. Just inside the drag, look to the left and you'll find a stairs to the 2nd floor. Talk to Drumlore at 56, 46 and pick up his next quest, March of the Silithid (53).

While in the Drag, look for Droffer's salvage (58, 37), and speak to Dran to begin the series Ripple Recovery (48). Speak to Malton, next to him, for the second step in the series, to be completed in the Hinterlands. Before traveling there, we need to visit some zones in the north, first.
End of First Trip


Expedition 2
Fly to Splintertree Post in Ashenvale and follow the main road to the north east. Cross the bridge into the zone of Azshara. As you continue to follow the road, you'll notice the Alliance Flight master on the right. Just outside of the Alliance camp to the west you'll find Loh'atu at 11, 78. He's a tauren from Cenarion Circle with two quests available to the Horde.

Pick up A Land Filled with Hatred (47) and Spiritual Unrest (47). The Highborne ghosts are just up the road, not difficult to find at 18, 70. The Haldarr are a little more tricky. Find a temple ruins atop a hill a little further up the road at 20, 64. You need 6 Satyr so give those priority when you spot them.

Travel directly north from the Haldir encampment to find the Horde outpost, Valormok at 21, 52. Be sure to pick up the flightpath. Return to Loh'atu and turn in both quests, then ride back to Valormok and fly to Splintertree post
End of Second Trip

Emerald Sanactuary

Expedition 3
Our next trip takes us to Felwood, north of Ashenvale. Immediately outside the wooden fence of Splintertree, turn right and follow the clearing to the northwest, crossing the river. On the far side the clearing continues at 66, 61, and leads to another road. Take it north into Felwood and watch when the blue tree lights turn green, marking the boundary between the two zones.

A little ways into Felwood, you'll find the signpost for Emerald Sanctuary, and a path leading to the north. Visit this outpost and pick up the flightpath here.

Next, we need to ride north to find the Horde town in Felwood. Stay on the path and follow it north until you reach the green pools of Bloodvenom Falls. Before crossing the bridge there, look for torches on the left side of the road that mark the path back to the Horde camp, Bloodvenom Post. Find the flightpath right away. Then look for Dreka Sur by the camp fire and accept her quest, A Husband's Last Battle (51)

Now fly back to Emerald Sanctuary. Return to the road, and just south of the signpost, find a furbolg named Grazle. He has a quest, Timbermaw Ally (48). Accept it, and follow the clearing to the south, to find an encampment of evil Deadwood furbolgs.

When you find the first camp, turn south and clear the furbolgs to 48, 94, where you'll find the boss, a gray furbolg named Overlord Ror. Kill Ror and loot his paw to complete the Husband's Last Battle. Stay in the area to fill out your hunting list of furbolgs, then return to Grazle to turn it in.

After that first turn in, Grazle offers a repeatable reputation quest, but our work is done for the moment. Return to the Emerald Sanctuary flight master and fly back to Bloodvenom Post. Talk to Dreka to complete her quest. Then fly all the way back to Orgrimmar to conclude this chapter.
End of Third Trip

The Hinterlands 52

The goal for this chapter is to level a few bars into 53. It is likely that you will be able to do that before all the quests are complete. None of the quests for this trip have long term implications, so if you reach your XP goals, feel free to abandon any unfinished quests, particularly the hunting quests like Hunt the Savages and Stalking the Stalkers

This visit to Hinterlands will involve a fair number of quests that we will gather at one time from Revantusk. Then we'll head out for a long trip and each expedition will be one segment of that trip.

In Orgrimmar, (if you haven't already done this) accept the quest Ripple Recovery (48) from Droffers Salvage in the Drag. Take the Zeppelin to Undercity and find Oran Snakewrithe in the Magic Quarter on the inner side of the green channel of ooze. From her, accept Lines of Communication(47). Now fly to Hinterlands.

In Revantusk, On the docks, speak to Katoom the Angler for Gammerita, Mon!(48), and Snapjaws, Mon! (50). Just off the dock on your right, find Huntsman Markhor and accept three quest from him Avenging the Fallen (48), Hunt the Savages (48), and Stalking the Stalkers (48). His final quest is to Jintha'Alor, that we'll pick up later.

On the platform behind Markhor, talk to Otho Moji'ko and accept Message to the Wildhammer(48). On the next platform, find Mystic Yayo'jin and accept Cannibalistic Cousins (48), and across the courtyard, find the blacksmith, Smith Slagtree, to accept Vilebranch Hooligans (48).

Back at the inn, talk to the ogre Innkeeper to accept Lard Lost his Lunch (49). Also set your hearthstone here.

Lard's Lunch

Expedition 1
Leaving the village, note the location of the island at 84, 40, where Lard left his lunch. Travel up the long shorline here, killing at least 10 of the Snapjaw turtles and keeping an eye out for Gammerita.

Swim to the island and find the round yellow basket there. Clicking on it will spawn three vilebranch trolls, level 49. Each of the three will drop Lards lunch (It is not found inside the basket so don't click it again or three more trolls will spawn.) You can kill one, loot the lunch and run away, or stay and kill all three. Then swim back to the mainland, kill your 5 remaining turtles, and Gammerita if you haven't found her yet. then return to Revantusk Village.

Mackenzie was level 52 +
End of First Trip

Highvale Lodge

Expedition 2
Our next trip will take us off the beaches and into the northern areas of Hinterlands. Ride north from Revantusk and look for the path that leads to the top of the cliff at (76, 61). A rough path leads to the main road, and likely will pass several stealthed wolves that you need for one of the hunting quests. As you are traveling through the Hinterlands, continue to hunt any wolves and savage owlbeasts that you encounter. Also keep a look out for the Gryphon wildlord. I have reliably found one at 54, 49.

Our first task is to find Gilveradin Sunchaser, for the next step in the Ripple Recovery series. His camp can be found at (26,48), just above the Highvale Elves lodge. Note that there is no access to this area from the lodge. Instead, travel around the hills to find a path starting at (21, 47). Let Gilveradin know about the Ripple quest, and he will send you out to gather it with A Sticky Situation (48).

Now climb down the east side of the hill, into the Highvale compound. Immediately to your left at 28, 46 inside a small gazebo, find the first of the documents from the quest we brought from Undercity, Lines of Communication. Also begin to hunt the elves for Message to the Wildhammer. The next document is found next to the Well at 29, 48; at the corner of the lodge.

Now clear out the front area outside the lodge and any of the wildlife that are wandering nearby. Enter through the front door and, at the end of the central balcony, you'll find a troll prisoner with an escort quest, Rin'ji is Trapped (47). During this escort, two waves will spawn of 3 elves each. You and Rin'ji together should be able to take care of these. The spawned elves will continue to fill out your kill list.

The escort will finish when Rin'ji reaches the road. Return to the lodge and find the last document, which is inside. Find it at the end of the right wing, at 31, 46. Now continue to hunt the Highvale Elves until your list is complete. Marksmen and Rangers are inside the lodge and behind it, while Outrunners and Scouts are in the front of the lodge.
End of second trip.

Inside Skulk Rock

Expedition 3
Moving east from the Highvale Lodge you will first come to a troll village. Be sure to check for the tool bucket and hunt your first round of Witherbarks. Kill at least the two Soothsayers inside the outpost.

Next, It's time to enter the cave system beneath Skulk Rock and begin looking for crates with the red Horde symbol on the side. The entrance to the cave system is on the river side of the mound at 57, 38.

There are 6 crates in this area, one outside the cave, and one in each of the "rooms" of the cavern system. Each Horde Supply Crate will drop 1-3 bottles of Ripple, so one complete clearing of the cave, checking the 6 crates, should complete the 10 bottles that you need. The downside of this quest is that the Supply Crates take a long time to respawn, so if someone is completing the quest before you, you may have to wait for a bit.

When you have all the bottles of Ripple, return to Gilveradin in his camp in the hills to complete that quest. He packages the bottles and gives you a return quest for Orgrimmar.
End of third trip.

Witherbark Villages

Expedition 4
We need to take care of a quest we picked up in Tanaris. Head over to the lake at 40, 59. Kill all of the lower level wolves still remaining for Stalking the Stalkers. Swim to the bottom of the lake itself to find the Violet Tragen for the quest from Gadgetzan, Sprinke's Secret Ingredient.

Stretching east from Skulk Rock, you will find a series of troll encampments and ruins. These are the trolls you need for Cannibalistic Cousins. Inside each area, kill the trolls and look for the bucket of tools for the smith back a Revantusk. The deceptive element of this quests is that there are more spawn locations than you expect. The first is to the west of Skulk Rock at 52, 39. The next is on top of Skulk Rock itself at 58, 39; then we have two troll villages, at 66, 43 and 71, 48. Finally, there's a ruins at 73, 53. Check all of these for the tools and when finished, you should be finished with your kill list as well.

Stay in the eastern area of Hinterlands to hunt the stealthed wolves and Savage Owlbeasts. Depending on how much xp you have already collected, you may not want to spend a lot of time hunting for elusive prey, especially if others are already hunting in the area. You should have at least 6, maybe 8 quests ready to turn in for another 6 bars of XP. If you are level 53 now, the hunting quests are not necessary.
End of fourth trip

Rin'ji's Island

Expedition 5
We do have one more task to complete, however. If you were successful with Rin'ji's Escape, we need to look for the secret he mentioned in his quest. Travel back down to the shore and find an island at 86, 59. Here you'll find a Tablet that you must carry back to Undercity. Accept the quest Rin'ji's Secret (47). Now return to Revantusk Village and turn in the collected quests.

Fly back to Undercity to find Oran Snakewrithe and complete two quests,Lines of Communication and Rin'ji's Secret. The follow up, and her final quest is the reward, Oran's Gratitude

We now have gathered several long distance traveling quests that need to be turned back in. Take the Zeppelin to Orgrimmar, to give Droffer his Ripple. Fly to Ratchet, and pick up the Stone circle from Liv in a hut south of the dock. It's in a bamboo box just outside the front door.

Fly down to Gadgetzan and turn in the Violet Tragen to Sprinkle. Right beside Sprinkle talk to the alchemist in the hut to turn in the quest March of the Silithid. Don't accept any follow up quests yet.

Sprinkle sends you over to Noggenfogger, and he completes the series by giving you some of his Noggenfogger's Elixir. The elixir temporarily changes your character's skin. Ride down to Marvon Rivetseeker and give him the Stone Circle. His follow up quest is for the inside of Sunken Temple.

This should leave you with a relatively clear quest log. Our next zone will be Searing Gorge, so fly to Ratchet, take the boat to Booty Bay, and then fly to Kargath, in Badlands. Our next book will begin there.

Mackenzie was level 53 + 5 bars
End of fifth trip.

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