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Felwood, Plaguelands: Level 57 - 59

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Lets take a minute to see where we are and where we're going in this book. Our last chapter should have brought us through level 56. That leaves us with three main chapters left; Felwood through 57, Western Plaguelands through 58, and Eastern Plaguelands into 59. At that point we could certainly complete Winterspring to begin leveling beyond 60, but we'll be overdue for Outlands, and the action there will be much more rewarding than any time we could spend in the Old World.

We could also head to Hellfire Penninsula as soon as we hit level 58, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you were playing with a group. Even though the mobs are possible at that level, the area is designed to be a shock to the system, and the quests are more complicated, with more unpredictible dangers than their level alone would indicate. The Warcraft soloist will have an easier time, and I think a more enjoyable time, by waiting at least until level 59.

With our time in the Old World winding down, we need to give a little attention to our professions. Outlands is going to be a change of scene, with new materials to gather, new patterns to make, and a new crafting level cap to go with it all. Before you make that transition you must be sure that your gathering and crafting skills have been maxed out at 300. If you're still struggling along at 260, there won't be anything you can gather, you won't be able to take advantage of the new recipes, and you'll have an extremely hard time advancing out there. The best thing to do is to take the next three levels and spend some time maxing out your skills.

So having planned our pathway, lets look at this chapter. The goal is to make it to level 58. Once you have done that, you can return to the Bulwark on the edge of Western Plaguelands.

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Felwood 57

Jadefire Moonwell

Expedition 1
There's one major quest chain in Felwood that focuses on an area known as Jaedenar. In addition, there's the side issue of the Timbermaw furbolgs which can be used for more XP, if you need it.

Felwood has two Horde flightpaths: one in Emerald Sanctuary and the other about halfway up Felwood at Bloodvenom Post, the Horde settlement in this area. To travel from Emerald Sanctuary to Jaedenar you could ride up the road; or you could fly to Bloodvenom and then travel the shorter distance back south. Both routes are about the same, in terms of travel time.

Our work in Felwood begins with the Jaedenar chain. Even though the chain starts with a low level quest, it will rapidly move up to a useful range for us. Begin in Emerald Sanctuary, where we should already have a flightpath. Pick up Forces of Jaedenar (51) from Greta Mosshoof. Talk to Taronn Redfeather in the tent to accept Verifying the Corruption (54). Travel north along the main road from Emerald Sanctuary and you'll find Maybess Riverbreeze on the left side of the road. Accept her quest, Cleansing Felwood (55).

If you visited here previously, you should have the flightpath to Bloodvenom Post. Fly there now. If not, leave Emerald Sanctuary and follow the road north until you reach a wooden bridge with Night Elf gates on either end. This is Bloodvenom Falls. Just south of that bridge, find a torch-marked trail that leads off to the west and ends at Bloodvenom Post. After riding all this way, be sure to pick up the flightpath on the hill behind the campfire.

Speak to Winna Hazard and accept Well of Corruption (54). This is the first of two quests that are so similar that the resulting confusion must be intentional. (Just a little Blizzard joke at your expense, here.) Both ask you to find a corrupted moonwell and collect a sample from it. One is the Jaedenar moonwell in Jaedenar, and the other is the Jadefire moonwell in Constellas, further south.

Return to the main road and follow it south a short ways. You'll find stone columns and an archway leading off to the west at 41, 57. This is the entrance to Jaedenar, and we'll return to it shortly.

Continue south again. Pass the leaning tower ruins and at the next opportunity, take a right off the road and head west into an area known as the Ruins of Constellas. A narrow pass begins at 36, 66 and leads back to a corrupted moonwell surrounded by several Satyr, one of which is a named mob. Clear your way through the satyr to reach the Jadefire moonwell, which is the one you want for Winna Hazzard.

To complete Well of Corruption, fill your Hardened flasklet , which looks like a glass vial, while you're standing in the Jadefire moonwell. Then return to the main road and travel north to the pathway lined with ruined columns.

Enter Jaedenar and begin to complete your kill list from the wandering mobs outside the cave systems. When you get to the back of the area, notice the green Jaedenar moonwell in front of a dungeon entrance. This is not the moonwell you needed for Winna, but Greta in Emerald Sanctuary will send us back to this moonwell for a sample a little later.

Now run north to Bloodvenom Post and turn in your quest to Winna Hazzard. She'll give you the next one, Corrupted Sabers (54). Fly down to Emerald Sanctuary and turn in Forces of the Jaedenar to Greta Mosshoof.
End of First Trip

Northern Felwood

Expedition 2
Greta's next quest is the Collection of the Corrupt Water (52), to take a sample from the Jaedenar moonwell we noted earlier. This is the northern moonwell near the dungeon entrance. Return to Jaedenar.

At our level, we should be able to avoid many of the mobs and just get our sample and leave. Earlier, we filled a potion bottle; now you want to click what looks like a metal canteen or hip flask in your inventory.

Instead of returning to the Post, continue to the north. Cross the bridge at Bloodvenom Falls, then look to the right of the path for the Entropic Beasts and Horrors among the blackened craters. Find a nearby crater with bubbling water in the bottom, and jump down in it to complete the first quest requirement. Then kill 2 of each of the flame mobs to complete Verifying the Corruption.

Back on the main road, continue to ride north to the Irontree Cavern. It's located at 54, 16 and is easily visible on your map. Begin to clear the tree elementals outside and inside the cave and they will drop the Blood amber 100% of the time. Kill 15 to complete this quest for Maybess Riverbreeze. Run south to Bloodvenom Post and then fly to Emerald Sanctuary. Turn in Verifying the Corruption inside the horde tent, and just north of the Sanctuary, turn in Cleansing Felwood with Maybess Riverbreeze. She gives you a Cenarion Lantern to keep in your inventory.

Greta Mosshoof completes Collection and then offers a quest that sends you out of Felwood, Seeking Spiritual Aid (52). After these completions, Mackenzie was level 57 + 16 bars. Return to the flight master and fly south to Ratchet.
End of Second Trip

Expedition 3
In Ratchet, find Islen Waterseer on the tip of the Tidus Stair, east of the pirate fields. The path leaves from the inn. Islen completes your quest, and after a small script with a Water elemental, she offers Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood (54). Fly back to Emerald Sanctuary

Speak to Greta, back in Felwood and she will offer the next quest: Dousing the Flames (55). Travel back north, but stop first at the Jadefire moonwell again in the Ruins of Constellas. Activate the cat carrier and then fight your way out to the road. Then mount up, and ride the rest of the way back to Bloodvenom Post. The Cat shouldn't have any problem keeping up. When you stand next to Winna, click on your corrupted saber and release him to complete the quest.

During this past quest, you began to pick up Corrupted soul shards off the demons and other mobs you've needed to kill. Collect 6 of these shards to give to Maybess Riverbreeze, next time we're back at the Sanctuary.

Leaving Bloodvenom Post, run back to Jaedenar. You want to make your way back to the corrupted moonwell and enter the dungeon behind it. The cave system is linear, and there are four braziers scattered through the first half of the dungeon, dark bowls with blue fire. Click on them to douse them. You will come across a night elf in a cage who asks you to find a red key. This key drops off the mobs in the cave.

Even if you find the key, don't run back and release her right away. Complete the easily solo-able Dousing, and just clear the dungeon as you put out each flame. When that is complete, continue grinding mobs in the cave until you find the Red key. Return to the elf in the cage and activate the Escort quest Rescue From Jaedenar (55). Arko'narin has to find her armor first, which means another trip to the interior of the dungeon, but since you have cleared it, this should be easy. When she finds her armor, three demons spawn so be ready to pull two of them off of her.

After she finds her armor, she walks back to the exit, fighting the few respawns in your way. Once outside, the ghost of Trey Lightfoot (54 non-elite) will appear and attack. This fight completes the escort. Return to Emerald Sanctuary.
End of Third Trip

Expedition 4
Greta Mosshoof gives you the next quest in the series, The Final Blow (58). Jessir Moonbow will complete your escort quest and give you another mission, Retribution of the Light (57). Find Maybess Riverbreeze, north of the Sanctuary and accept Salve via Hunting and turn in 6 shards to complete the quest and receive 2 Cenarion salves. You'll probably have multiple groups of 6 shards to turn in, though you'll only get xp for the first completion.

(While you are questing in Felwood, you wil come across corrupted flowers. Click on them to cleanse them with your salve. Then click again to receive a buff or bonus from the flower.)

Return to the Jaedenar barrow and search deeper into the cave. The new targets for Retribution are past the slimes, where you turned around before. You will first come to the remains of Trey Lightforge, guarded by several warlocks. Pull the two on the left singly, but be prepared to fight the two warlocks on the right together.

Before completing your quest, however you must kill Rakaiah the succubus, usually guarding the body of Trey. Move on to the next room to find the boss warlock and his two succubi companions. Defeat all three and loot the warlock's head for Greta. The tunnels continue deeper, but there's nothing there for us. Return to the room with the paladin's body. Click on the Remains, and you'll receive a second quest, The Remains of Trey Lightforge (57). Fight your way out of the barrow. Run up to Bloodvenom Post and take the flight back to Emerald Sanctuary. Complete Greta's quest, which is the final one in her series. Turn in your second quest to JessirMoonbow to complete all the quests in Emerald Sanctuary.

By now, you've probably reached the next level and are ready to move on to Western Plaguelands.
End of Fourth Trip

Expedition 5
If you still need more xp, talk to Grazle make sure you have completed his two quests for the Deadwood Furbolgs in the south. Then pick up Speak to Nafien (55).

Fly north to Bloodvenom Post and find Trull Failbane to pick up Wild Guardians (56). Then follow the road all the way to the top of the zone to find a Furbolg almost identical to Grazle, and with an almost identical quest. Accept Deadwood of the North (55), and begin hunting the Deadwood furbolgs found at 61, 8. Nafien will also accept groups of 5 Deadwood Headdress Feathers that drop off the Deadwoods. Even after completing your kill list, continue to grind on Deadwoods until you have gathered 5 feathers.

Just a quick word about reputation. In order to pass through the Timbermaw hold to get to Winterspring, you only need your reputation to get to Unfriendly. If you complete the Southern Furbolg quests (kill list and beads) from Grazle and the northern one (kill list and feathers) with Nafien you will have enough reputation to make it to Winterspring. Before you leave Nafien, pick up the messenger quest, Speak to Salfa (55).

If you aren't looking for Salfa, you will walk right by her, (which is true of many things in Winterspring). Salfa is immediately to your right as you exit the Timbermaw tunnels. Look behind you to find her.

If you need more xp, you can complete the quests for Salfa and the one you brought from Felwood, Wild Guardians, looking for owl beasts. There are two other things you can do on your visit to Winterspring. First, run down the road and where it turns to the left at the elven signpost, continue straight on to find Donova Snowden. She'll offer another furbolg quest, and can complete quests picked up in Un'goro Crater, if you still have them.

After Donova, continue on the road, taking the second turn to the right where it forks, and travel to Everlook. This is a goblin town, so find the flight master outside the walls. In the Inn, find Jean Redpath and accept her quest, Sister Pamela (55). After looking around Everlook, take the flightpath down to Orgrimmar and prepare to leave for Undercity. Our work on this continent is now finished.
End of fifth trip.

Western Plaguelands 58

So we're coming down to the wire, and Outlands is so close we can taste it. On our previous visit, we finished the first Cauldron run into Felstone Fields. The next run is Target: Dalson's Tears (55). Pick it up from Shadow Priestess Vandis at the Bulwark. While you're here, pick up A Plague Upon Thee (55) from Mickey Levine, hiding behind Vandis' tent. With these two, we're ready to head back to the Plaguelands.

Expedition 1
Dalson's Tears is a field just down the road from the Felstone Field. As before, we need to clear a path into the huge cauldron in the center. Then locate and defeat the Cauldron Lord, usually with a linked skeleton. This Lord summons a minion halfway through the fight as well. Loot the key from the Lord, then right click on a chain to complete the quest and pick up the second part, Return to the Bulwark (55).

As before, there is a secondary quest on this farm. Enter the barn, which usually has 3 scourge inside, and click on the diary on the floor. This will send you to look for a key which drops off of a Wandering Skeleton. Note that this is a named mob, and the key will never drop off of the Skeletal Terrors that haunt the farm. The Wandering skeleton will be around the barn somewhere. I have always found it behind the barn, next to the outhouse, but it may appear in the field as well.

Loot the key from the Wandering skeleton and take it to the outhouse. As soon as you click on the outhouse, it will spawn Farmer Dalson, a ghoul that you must kill. From Dalson's Ghoul, loot a second key, which will open the Locked Cabinet on the second floor of the house. Carefully clear the house as you progress to the upstairs bedroom. When you've claimed your loot, return outside to the road.
End of First Trip

Expedition 2
Back at the Bulwark, pick up the next Cauldron quest, Target: Writhing Haunt (55). Also accept All Along the Watchtowers (56) from Derrington north of the road. On your way to the next farm, we'll need to stop off at Andorhaal, the ruined city overrun by the Scourge.

You want to approach the city from the north west corner, not down the main road. You're looking for a large inn on the edge of town at 39, 66, and on the second floor you will find Chromie. Accept her first quest, A Matter of Time (56). Now return north to the road, and continue on to the next cauldron at Writhing Haunt. This farm is south of the main road, to the east of Andorhaal.

The cauldron lord here is definitely tougher than the previous bosses, and casts a slowing freeze on you that makes it very tough to attack. The procedure, however, is the same as before: Clear to the boss, defeat him and loot the key; use the key on the chains holding down the cauldron. and accept the return quest.

The side quest at this farm begins from inside the house at 53, 64. This is the house where the door is NOT boarded up. Inside, you'll find a tauren named Mulgris Deepriver on the floor. Accept his quest The Wildlife Suffers Too (54), and leave the house before everything you cleared out starts to respawn. Unfortunately, diseased wolves are not plentiful in this area, so just keep an eye out for them as we are questing.

Before leaving this area, travel back to the west toward Andorhaal and find two glowing silos at 50, 64. (There are many silos along this edge of town.) Here, we'll use our Temporal Displacer. When we do, 1-3 temporal worms will spawn, which we should pull away from the silos and kill. When they die, more may spawn to replace them.

When 10 worms have been put down, return to Chromie at the inn. She accepts her first quest and give you a second, Counting Out Time (56). At this point Mackenzie was level 58 +10 bars.

Now, let's turn our attention to the Watchtowers. This quest requires you to clear each of the four towers and then light it with a torch from the doorway. ( 40, 72: 42, 66: 44, 63: 46, 70). As you are making your way to each tower, look in the ruined buildings as you pass and collect the Watches inside the toolboxes. There are plenty of these toolboxes, positioned somewhere inside the foundation of nearly every house.

Use the torch on the four towers, gather 5 Watches and then return to Chromie. She offers the quest again, but xp is negligible. Now return to the Bulwark, turn in the Writhing Haunt quest as well as All Along the Watchtowers.
End of Second Trip

Expedition 3
Our last Cauldron quest is Target: Gahrron's Withering (58). Pick that up from the Shadow Priestess.

You'll find the last farm, Gahrron's Withering, at 62, 58; south of the main road. Take out the Cauldron Lord and use its key on the chains of the cauldron. Unlike the other farms, there is no secondary quest in this area at the moment, which is a good thing because the spacing of mobs around the house is very tight. Just get your cauldron sample and return north to the road.

We need to finish The Wildlife Suffers. Begin hunting for the diseased wolves north of the main road just east of Dalson's Tears. There should be 5 wolves in that valley that leads up to the Lumber Camp. Return to the Tauren inside the house at Writhing Haunt and turn it in, accepting the next quest The Wildlife Suffers Too (56)to kill diseased Grizzlies. The bears we have encoutered before in the western part of this zone have been Diseased Black Bears, The Grizzlies are along the eastern edge. Kill 8 and then return to Writhing Haunt to complete this quest.

After completing the hunting quest, Mulgris gives you a messenger quest to take back to Thunder Bluff, the Glyphed Oaken Branch. Return to the Bulwark and speak to Vandis to turn in the final Cauldron quest. When all four cauldrons samples have been gathered, the Shadow Priestess suggests you talk to Derrington on the north side of the road. Speak to him and select Mission Accomplished (58) to receive your reward for this quest series, including a nice xp bonus of 13,500.

With this reward, Mackenzie leveled to 59. We are nearing the end of our base of operations at the Bulwark. Pick up The So-Called Mark of the Lightbringer(58) and be sure you have A Plague Upon Thee(55).
End of third trip.

Eastern Plaguelands 59

Expedition 1
If you visited Everlook in Winterspring, you may have picked up Sister Pamela. If you don't have that quest we'll start by finding Marlene Redpath at Sorrow Hill, directly south of Writhing Haunt across the river. Find Marlene inside the house and accept Little Pamela (55). Both quests go to the same place, the village of Darrowshire in Eastern Plaguelands. Don't go there directly, however. We'll take a slight detour to find Tirion Fordring.

Follow the main road to the eastern end of Western Plaguelands and cross the bridge into Eastern Plaguelands. Just inside EPL, turn to the left and head north along the river. You'll find a pathway beside it that runs back a long way to Tirion Fordring's house. Pick up his introductory quests: Demon Dogs (56), Blood Tinged Skies (56), and Carrion Grubbage (56). You can be working on them as you travel through EPL.

Now travel back to the south east to 26, 74 and talk to Nathanos Blightcaller to pick up two quests from him: Un-Life's Little Annoyances (58), and To Kill With Purpose (58).

We're finally ready to travel to the deserted village of Darrowshire. There is a clearly marked path that leads south from the main road down to the village. When you pass between the two banners, turn to the right and you'll find Pamela in a ruined house. She complete's your quest and offers you Pamela's Doll (55).

Inside any of the houses of Darrowshire, you can find one or more pieces of the doll. When you pick up a piece, a ghost will spawn and attack. When you have all three pieces, click on one to combine them.

In exchange for her doll, Pamela gives you two quests: Auntie Marlene (56) and Uncle Carlin (56). Accept both, then run back to WPL and find Marlene again, at Sorrow Hill. It may be easier to swim across the lake, instead of fighting your way through Western Plaguelands.
End of First Trip

Expedition 2
Marlen Redpath sends you to find Joseph's Grave (to the left as you leave the house) for A Strange Historian (56). Next, return to Chromie at the Inn of Andorhaal for The Annals of Darrowshire (56). This quest is completed in the Town Hall . Check the Map of Andorhaal for it's location.

This quest causes some grief, because you have to find a book among a room full of similar books. After each book that you check, one or two skeletons will spawn. A lot of advice has been offered about identifying the right book. The characteristic that worked for me is to examine the color of the pages on the side of the book. The wrong books have pages with two distinct colors: black and white. The correct book has pages that are a uniform white color. The correct book may not be present when you first arrive, and you'll have to open a few of the wrong ones to get it to spawn.

Take the annals back to Chromie and she will send you to EPL to find Light's Hope Chapel. To reach the Chapel, follow the main road across the bridge and through Eastern Plaguelands until you come to the outskirts of Coren's Crossing, a town overrun with the Scourge. Bypass the town to the south, passing near the edge of the lake, until you come to the road on the far side. Cross the road and you'll find the Scar, a deep gully gouged into the ground. Stay to the east side of the scar and follow it north until you come to Light's Hope Chapel, an encampment populated by both Alliance and Horde.

Once there, talk to Carlin Redpath. You should have two quests to turn in, Brother Carlin and Uncle Carlin. These two will unlock three more quests, Defenders of Darrowshire (57), Villains of Darrowshire (57), and Heroes of Darrowshire (57).

Set your hearthstone inside the Chapel and pick up the Horde flightpath, north of the Chapel. Find Caretaker Alen on a hill to the south. From him,accept Zaeldarr the Outcast (55) and The Restless Souls (57). Ignore all the other exclamation points and quests here, because none of them will matter to us when we're in Outlands.
End of Second Trip

Expedition 3
Leave LHC to the north west (running around the end of the Scar) and you'll come to a second Scar-like ravine, much shallower, and running straight west. Follow the scar on its south side, looking for Blackwood Lake. As you are traveling, hunt plaguehounds and noxious plaguebats to complete your kill lists for Tirion and Nathanos. Swim to the bottom of the lake, observe the strange scene enacted for you, and then pick up the skull. Back on dry land, continue to the west and enter Plaguewood, hunting bats, hounds, carrion devourers, and ghouls. You'll also find termite mounds for the quest we picked up back at the Bulwark. These termite mounds are a priority. You must gather all you need before proceeding on.

Cross Plaguewood to Terrordale, a collection of abandoned houses on the extreme north western corner of EPL. Look through the furthest houses at 14, 33 to find Egan and Augustus, two NPCs . Egan completes Restless Souls, but his next quest is for Stratholme. Augustus asks you to find his book in Augustus' Receipt Book (55). Retrieve Augustus book at the inn, in the back room on the second floor, but beware of the elite Spider boss that wanders through this town.

Complete your quests with Augustus and then travel back to the east across Plaguewood. Go out of your way to target any ghouls in this area. When killed, they spawn a Darrowshire Spirit and you'll need 15 of these to complete a quest. This is also your main opportunity to kill Monstrous Plaguebats and Frenzied Plaguehounds, so be sure to hunt all that you need for your kill list. Carrion Devourers drob Slabs of carrion meat at a higher rate than others so pick them up whenever you find them.

When you emerge from Plaguewood, travel south past the lake and look for the Infectis Scar to the south east. Run around the rim of the scar to 53, 65 and you'll see the glowing red Sword of Marduk down below you. Jump down to pick up the sword and then clear a path through the slimes to exit the Scar to the south.

At this point, you should be nearly finished with all of your hunting quests. If any kills are missing, consult the map for their locations and complete your hunting now. Turn in two quests to Blightcaller, then three more to Tirion Fordring.
End of Third Trip

Expedition 4
Accept Fordring's next quest, Redemption. Click on him again, and select the dialog, "I am ready" Page through it and click again to finish the quest. Tirion offers a quest series leading to the Stratholme instance, Of Forgotton Memories (57). But this quest is very difficult to solo, as it involves 4 mobs attacking at once, and it is specifically designed to prevent the loot-and-run strategy.

We still have the 3 quests from Carlin Redpath, one from Caretaker Alen. We have the termites, that we need to take to Hearthglen and a handful of quests to finish there. In addition we have a messenger quest to Thunder Bluff.

Ride south to Undercroft an area overrun with zombie trolls at 27, 85. Enter the crypt and find the boss with three companions at the bottom. Pull the three zombies onto the stairs first to fight them away from the boss. The enter the bottom room for the final fight. Defeat Zaeldarr the Outcast and loot his head for Caretaker Alen.

Run back to the main road, and follow it back into Western Plaguelands. Our first stop is back at Gahrron's Withering, where we'll find a shield on the ground, marked with a blue glow. As we noted before, the mobs are tightly clustered, particularly in and around buildings. Move in from the east between the silo and the barn, clearing cautiously, pick up the shield, and retreat the way you came.

Run north to the road, and then follow it to the west all the way to the Bulwark. Turn in your termite quest, A Plague Upon Thee, and accept the next, A Plague Upon Thee (55).
End of Fourth Trip

Expedition 5
Run back up the road to just past Dalson's Tears. There, turn north. looking for the signpost that directs you north to Hearthglen. We want to stay to the west, behind Dalson's Tears, in order to find the Scarlet Lumber Camp.

When you approach the camp from the south, stay to the right and get around behind it. You'll find a trail leading downhill to the north east, and at the bottom is Krista Deepshadow (51, 28) with a series of quests. Accept Unfinished Business (56), which is a list of Scarlet Crusade to kill. These mobs are scattered around this area. Begin by clearing out the Lumber Camp. When finished, use your jar of termites there to complete that quest.

Return to Krista and her second quest directs you to look for two named Scarlet Crusade mobs: Huntsmen Radley (57, 35) and Cavalier Durgen (53, 24). Durgen is found at a tower where you can also complete The So-Called Mark of the Lightbringer. The sword is found at the top of the tower, but it is guarded by three mages, level 58. It isn't critical to complete this quest, because the forces guarding the tower can be formidible.

Clear Durgen and the three guards outside (two on the ramp and one that circles the base of the tower.) then pull the mages outside, by tagging one, and then breaking line of sight. You must be able to handle three mages spamming frostbolt. Just get up close and personal. When you get to the top of the tower, Durgen will respawn fairly soon up there. Just wait until he does. this is now a waiting game, because Durgen will walk from the top of the tower to the bottom, then after a long time, back to the top. Wait until he starts down, then defeat him on the stairs. heal and then engage the three mages at the top. Open the chest to loot the Mark of the Lightbringer.

Run back south of the tower and look for a road on the left leading to a small camp at 57, 35. Here, you'll find Huntsman Radley and her pet. Kill the Avenger who patrols up the path. Then, you should be able to attack each mage individually, if you stand on the side opposite the other mob. I was also able to pull the Scarlet Knight individually with Faerie Fire. Your mileage may vary. The Huntsman is not a difficult fight with just her and her pet. Return to Krista by the lumber mill.

Mackenzie had leveled to 60 by this point.
End of fifth trip.

Expedition 6
Krista's next quest sends you to Hearthglen, at the end of the road. The elite mobs have been made regular level 55-56, except for one level 61 elite High Lord. Avoid him completely. The gate is guarded by two Sentinels who see through stealth, but you only need to kill one to gain access. Stay left and then look for the tower on your right in the center of the complex, at 45, 19. You have to kill the guards at the bottom, then when you reach the top, run around a bit to make sure that you get the completion of the quest.

While here in Hearthglen, you need to find the libram for Heroes of Darrowshire. Find the town hall at 42, 18 and fight your way inside. The libram is on the table in the back. This is a repeat of the town hall assault in Hillsbrad foothills; just pull them into the side room two at a time. Return to Krista Deepshadow and turn in Unfinished Business to complete her quest series. Ride back to the Bulwark and turn in the two quests here, if you finished them: The So-Called Mark of the Lightbringer, and A Plague Upon Thee.

Now use your hearthstone to return to Light's Hope Chapel. Turn in your quests to Carlin Redpath and Caretaker Alen. With this, all the essential quests should be complete and you should now be well into level 59 and probably level 60.
End of sixth trip.

Our work in The Plaguelands is done and with it, we're finished with Azeroth. If you wish, you can continue with numerous quests in Winterspring and even Silithus, but it's more practical to be thinking about making the transition to Hellfire Penninsula. The Penninsula gives out experience much more generously, and you will reach level 60 more quickly than if you were questing in Winterspring. Also, the quest rewards are much better, outshining any thing that you will pick up in Azeroth.

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