The Bloodline Chronicles (EQ2 Quest Series)  

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The Bloodline Chronicles
Quest Series
Starting ZoneNektulos Forest
Rec. Levels30 to 40
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

This Quest Series covers the quests in the Bloodline Chronicles Adventure Pack.

D'Morte Crest Series

This is an optional introductory quest line. You will be mailed a D'Morte insignia band; inspect it. (This was once a claim item.)

Standalone Adventures

The following are standalone dungeons, with no prerequisites. They exist purely for adventuring for XP and loot, and they can be done from either camp regardless of players alignment. They have both solo and group versions, and three variations of each.

To access these dungeons, speak to Cryptomancer Nasrara or Investigator Dahno and choose either "alone" or "teamwork". You will be randomly offered access to either of the two zones. If you are not offered the instance that you want, just decline the quest and speak to the NPC again.

The entrances are found a short distance downstream from the NPC camps: Dire Hollow on the west side of the river, Underrot Caverns on the east side. There is a 2 hour cool-down timer after leaving before the NPC will offer you the access quest again.

Timber Falls

This is the main quest line for the adventure pack. Good-aligned and Evil-aligned have the choice of doing either the Hand of Marr or Brethren of Night quest line.

The quest lines are nearly equivalent until the end of the series, and can be done simultaneously by groupmates, even if some of your group are doing evil and some are good.

All of the quest NPCs are found in the two camps at Timber Falls in Nektulos Forest. You will earn access to different versions of each dungeon as you progress (these are listed in italics below).

WARNING!!!!! Once you start a Bloodlines quest line on one side of the river, do not cross the river and start any other quest offered by the other camp. If you do, you will become persona non-grata with both camps and you will not be able to update or complete the quest lines on either side.

Hand of Marr (good)
Trelech Stonehome

Ytheri Coldtouch

Arthial the Protector

Tarren Marrsen

Aleeshi Monala

Brethren of Night (evil)
Thraixe Il'ferrai

Dirin Thilae

Nayli R'Ger

Laren Jadefire

K'Shar Haelbreng

Zone Access Granted

You will earn access to different versions of each dungeon as you progress:

Note: The Crypt of T'haen: Vengeance (level 40-55, epic raid zone) becomes available during quest 6 but is not required for any step in the series.

Item Triggered

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