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The Dumpster Keeper's Warsong Gulch Guide

Alright, this is my first guide, so be gentle.

The Dumpster Keeper's Warsong Gulch Guide

For a long time I have seen people playing Warsong Gulch that have NO IDEA what's going on, so I decided to put a stop to it. In this guide we will outline four things:

-Raid Groups

-Capturing The Flag

-Defending The Flag

-Enjoying Yourself

Raid Groups

Having a raid group is ESSENTIAL to winning in Warsong Gulch. It will allow you to communicate with everyone else on the battleground without having to yell or spam the general chat. After you enter the battleground IMMEDIATLY ask for a raid invite. Make sure that all 10 players are in the group and make a plan. Don't just join a raid and rush out all gung-ho. A plan will always dominate.

Now that you have a raid it's time to move on to...

Capturing The Flag

You can't win unless you capture the flag. There is absolutely no way to win without capturing the flag. Unless of course the other side gets so bored that they all log out and there is nobody to protect it. But since that isn't going to happen, we might as well take it by force.

The first thing you should do is get an even group. A bunch of priests cannot capture the flag by themselves. You want your assault group to be 4 to 6 people. Some healers, damage dealers and tanks are all great to have.

Now that your assault group is all ready to go, you can make your way over to the other base. I guarantee it will not be an easy walk. Sometimes there won't be a whole lot of defense on the outside, but sometimes there will. Fighting your way through them is a possible option, but sneaking into the base via another path is much more desirable, since you are less likely to lose a team member that way.

Ok, you're inside the base, now it's time to take the flag. Some people prefer to send in 1 to 3 people first as a distraction. Whereas this is not a bad idea, and frequently works, it may hurt you later. If you choose to send in a distraction, be sure to keep a healer and tank with the actual team. When the distraction is sent in, wait for the battle to heat up a bit, and then have your real team run in, take the flag and run out. BE SURE THAT YOUR TANK TAKES THE FLAG!!! IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO CAPTURES OR RETURNS THE FLAG, YOU WILL ALL GET THE SAME AMOUNT OF BONUS HONOR!!! I cannot stress this enough. Your tank should take the flag because he can take much more damage than your frail little mage. A druid could also take it merely because their speedy travel form, or durable bear form can give them an edge. Keep your healer right behind him and heal/protect as much as possible.

Once you make it inside your base you are pretty much home free, but keep your guard up in case the enemy tries to ambush you. And remember, you must have your flag at it's base in order to score. Which brings us to...

Defending The Flag

If you have the enemy flag in your base, that's all well and good, but it doesn't mean crap if they have your flag. You MUST have your flag in it's base in order to score, so a good base defense is an absolute necessity. If you want to gather all 10 people together and just zerg the other guy, that's fine, but not what I would reccommend.

Be sure your base defense consists of AT LEAST 4 people. That's AT LEAST. I prefer 5 myself, but 4 will work just fine. Casters, hunters, and rogues are all great at base defense. Healers and tanks are okay too, but damage and debuffing reigns supreme in defense.

At least ONE hunter should remain back at the base. Hunters are GREAT at base defense. They've got ranged damage, they can slow the enemy down, and sometimes even stop him in his tracks. Be sure your hunter has track humanoids on and that his mini-map is zoomed all the way out. If you are this hunter, be sure and know the names of your raid members, so when an unfamiliar humanoid shows up on the mini-map, you can get everyone alert. Also, have your hunter periodically cast flare over the 3 entrances (tunnel, front and above) in case some rogues try to sneak in. Speaking of rogues, be sure yours, as well as any night elves are stealthed. If an enemy comes in and sees just one or possible no people standing around the flag, they're more likely to just rush in without taking any precautions, giving you the upper hand.

When you see the enemy coming in, have your hunter lay a trap on the flag base. Preferably a trap that slows movement, but if you don't have one of those, another will do. It is better if you hunter has maxed out their "Entrapment" talent so there is a 25% percent chance of the enemy getting stuck right at the flag base.

If this doesn't happen, don't worry. You can have a lock fear him, a mage can frost nova him, a hunter can use concussive shot (20% stun chance if you've maxed out Improved concussive shot), A druid can root him. If it slows him down or stops him completely USE IT!!!! The less he moves, the more damage can be dealt to him.

Once you have (hopefully) vanquished the flag-stealing foe, return the flag to it's post, and kill any of his buddies that may have tagged along. Once again... IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO CAPTURES OR RETURNS THE FLAG, YOU WILL ALL GET THE SAME AMOUNT OF BONUS HONOR!!

Once that's all taken care of, just sit back and repeat the process every time an enemy comes to your base.

Now that I've briefed you on all the basics of WG we can tell you about the most important aspect...

Enjoying Yourself

This game was not made to be a chore. Do not turn WoW in FFXI. WoW should not feel like a full-time job. Just play the game to enjoy yourself. Don't get all huffy when things don't go your way. The other guys captured your flag? It's okay, we can still get theirs. The other side just win? All's well, you can get back in the queue and play again. At least you still got some HK's under your belt. Along with some tasty bonus honor from the returns/captures your team made. Games are about fun, so don't let them get you down in real life.

Well, that's about it. In time you'll develop your own advanced strategies, but this should hold you over for now. Rate me up if you liked it. Eat me if you didn't.

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