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The Borean Tundra is a large zone on the western side of the continent of Northrend. Home to Tuskarr, Drakkari trolls, blue dragons, the Scourge and naga, it is currently a zone being fought over by both Horde and Alliance factions, both striving for dominance. There are many important landmarks to be found here, such as the the Tuskarr capital of Kaskala and the Riplash Ruins. To the northwest is a mountainous island called Coldarra

The Borean Tundra is encased in ice. Currently, the dominant race in the area are the Tuskarr but they tend to remain close to their villages and it can be days between seeing other living creatures. Interspersed between the various horde outposts and native villages, Drakkari and Nerubians wander the frozen wates, harassing passersby if they find them. To the south, close to Valiance Keep and Farshire, are the Naga of the Riplash Ruins.

While this area is too isolated and barren to be a desirable choke point for either faction and has too large of a shoreline to reasonably defend, the native Tuskarr like it because of that same expansive shore. In addition, the Naga at the Ruins are granted an almost perfect view of anyone approaching from the south.

Borean Tundra contains bases for both factions, and there is a port between Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord that uses a giant turtle as transport.

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Warsong Hold

Warsong Hold is the primary fortress for the Horde in the Borean Tundra. Currently, it is commanded by Garrosh Hellscream, the former chieftain of the Mag'har in Nagrand. To further cement their toehold in the area, the Horde have entered into an alliance of sorts with the native tuskarr and made contact with the Taunka, cousins to the Tauren.

Warsong Hold can be reached a few ways. You can ride over land from anywhere in Northrend to reach this area, you can take a wyvern from any of the connected flight paths, such as Dalaran or you can take a Zeppelin directly from the plains outside Orgrimmar.

Arriving at Warsong Hold, you will see that it is reminiscent of Orcish design, with a large arena in the center of the hold, vendors and guard emplacements at stragetgic areas. Once you arrive, the following NPCs will have lots of work for you.

Farmer Torp

Foreman Mortuus

Note - As a suggestion, do the following quests all at the same time since they're in the same general area:

Garrosh Hellscream

Gorge the Corpsegrinder

High Overlord Saurfang

There is a followup quest as well that takes place in the Dragonblight called Darkness Stirs


Overlord Razgor

Quartermaster Holgoth

Sauranok the Mystic

Scout Tungok

Shadowstalker Barthus

Shadowstalker Canarius

Shadowstalker Getry

Shadowstalker Ickoris

Warden Nork Bloodfrenzy

Steeljaw's Caravan

Steeljaw's Caravan can be found in the northern area of Borean Tundra. It is due west from the Fizzcrank Airstrip and south of the Bor'gorok Outpost.

Grunt Ragefist

Longrunner Proudhoof

Bor'gorok Outpost

Bor'gorok Outpost is a Horde camp south of the entrance to Sholazar Basin and east of Winterfin Retreat.


Spirit Talker Snarlfang

Overlord Bor'gorok

Optional Quests

Ortrosh - Revenge Upon Magmoth

Taunka'le Village

Chieftain Wintergale

Advisors to Chieftain Wintergale

While in Talramas, you will have the opportunity to find two more quests.

  1. The Spire of Blood
  2. Shatter the Orbs!

Dorain Frosthoof

Greatfather Mahan

Greatmother Taiga

As you will see when doing the quest Weakness to Lightning, Greatmother Taiga will also offer you Souls of the Decursed.

Mother Tauranook

Sage Earth And Sky

Wind Tamer Barah

Optional Quests

Fezzix Geartwist

Bloodspore Plains

Optional Quests

Coast of Echoes


During Into the Mist:

Captured Tuskarr Prisoner

Neutral quests

Riplash Strand

After you complete the "Notify Arlos" and "Coast of Echoes" lines you will have the following opened up for you.

Amber Ledge

Librarian Garren

After Plug the Sinkholes:


After using the Augmented Arcane Prison anywhere in Coldarra, you will unlock more quests.




D.E.H.T.A. Encampment

Completion of Ears of Our Enemies enables a repeatable rep gaining quest - Can't Get Ear-nough...


Ataika and Utaik

Coldrock Quarry


There is also a statue of Elder Atkanok just outside Coldrock Quarry that you will want to interact with. It offers four more quests for you.

Winterfin Retreat

Optional Quests

Winterfin Caves

Misc Quests

Sage Highmesa

Orn Tenderhoof

Dungeon Quests


Link to our Alliance quest guide for Borean Tundra

  1. ^ While killing mobs for Cracking the Code, loot the Scintillating Fragment

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