Zoram'gar Outpost (WoW)  

Zoram'gar Outpost is a Horde outpost found on the far western coast in Ashenvale on the Zoram Strand. It is the last attempt in gaining control over Ashenvale by the Horde without instigating hostilities with the Alliance.

There are several quest givers and a fishing trainer found here, as well as a flight master that connects this small outpost to Splintertree Post.

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Directions to the Outpost

Assuming you are heading in from the Barrens entrance at the Mor'Shan Rampart:

  • Follow the road north till you reach the "T" junction in Ashenvale, watch out for the elementals and random wolves in the area.
  • At this junction, head west until just before you reach Astranaar. This Alliance outpost has guards close to the road that will kill you and make the trip a real pain.
  • Near Astranaar is a wide pool full of water elementals, follow the outskirts of this, keeping Astranaar on your right, until you get back to the road.
  • Now, continue to travel west on the road, it will start to curve northwards.
  • Once you pass through Maestra's Post (you will go through an arch of sorts and see the Post on your right side), turn and head west, keeping an eye out for bears and wolves. At this point, you won't need to follow the path.
  • Once you reach the shores of Zoram Strand, turn and head south and you will see Zoram'gar Outpost. Be mindful of the Naga on the beach however, they are around level 18 or so and very aggressive.

Things to do in Zoram'Gar

There are several notable NPCs at the Outpost who have quests for you, both outdoor and instanced.

Je'neu Sancrea

Karang Amakkar





  1. ^ Grouping for this quest is highly recommended. It can be done solo around 26 or 27 by classes capable of self healing, such as paladins or druids, and even then it can be problematic unless you use items with long cooldowns or potions. The problem here is that you have little or no time to regain health and/or mana for the entire fight, up to and including the end mob, Chief Murgut.

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