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EverQuest II
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

[101] Age's End: Final Monolith (Solo)
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To Start: Speak to the Duality (Dartain or Al'Kabor) in Freeport or Qeynos Harbor to begin this quest.

  • At least 1 30 

You must have completed Tears of Veeshan: Falling Tears to start this series.

Speak to the Duality (Dartain or Al'Kabor) in Freeport or Qeynos Harbor to start this quest.

  1. Enter the Tower of Frozen Shadow: Cursed Vaults in Great Divide
  2. Find a sample of Mayong's magic. Speak to Librarian Emiida.
  3. Defeat 12 hate-filled tomes
  4. Speak to Librarian Emiida
  5. Find the door to the Arcane Archives. It's in the corner of the library. Enter the Archives.
  6. Find an example of Mayong's magic. This is a clickable orb.
  7. Deal with the spirit of Cara Omica
  8. Grab the ancient Mystmyr orb
  9. Return to the Duality in which ever city you started in. He will open a portal to the Research Hall of Mayong Mistmoore.
  10. Find and gather a book, the final Monolith of Theer
    • It's at the top (see map, by Ucala)
    • To get there, you need to unlock a door by collecting runes. They are available as trash drops or green shinies (which don't despawn so everyone can get them).
  11. Deal with Mayong Mistmoore
  12. Return to the Duality to complete the quest

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