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EverQuest II
Tears of Veeshan
November 12, 2013

[103] Age's End: Shattered Fate (Epic)
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To start:


    Examine the rune you received at the end of Age's End: Pieces Assembled to start this quest.

    The Age's End event, prophesied by the ancient Shissar Calendar, is unfolding! Jorlak, Firiona Vie, Queen Antonia, the Overlord, and myself are amongst those fated to stand together against Kerafyrm and his awakened Legion, for the survival of all of Norrath!

    *Warning* This event is intended to be completed within one play session. If you have advanced this quest and not completed it, restarting this event will reset your progress.


    1. Teleport to Skyshrine Tower using the rune stone Jorlak gave you
    2. Speak to Jorlak
    3. Speak to the Overlord and Antonia Bayle
    4. Return to Jorlak
    5. Lower the shield around the Tear of Veeshan by destroying the shield generating crystals in the east, north and west pavilions
    6. Use Lifeguide to defeat Roehn Theer
    7. Obtain the power of the Swords of Destiny
    8. Defeat General Velryyn and the Awakened Legion
    9. Find Firiona Vie and speak to her
    10. Speak with Roehn Theer
    11. Speak to Jorlak again
    12. Return the Swords of Destiny to Antonia and Lucan
    13. Speak to Firiona Vie to complete the quest


    If I survive this, I am sure to be rewarded greatly!

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