rift quest:Maintain the Parade Floats - An Artificer's Skills  

Carnival of the Ascended
World Event

Patch 1.7
You must be an Artificer to receive this quest. It also requires Butchering.

Speak to one of the following people during Phase 2 of Carnival of the Ascended:

  • Defiant: Tintalis at (6181, 5200) in Meridian
  • Guardian: Gydur at (7377, 3058) in Sanctum

  1. Use the Butchering skill on mobs to obtain five Ultra-Thin Hides.
  2. Head to the carnival cart near (6225, 5398) in Freemarch or (7149, 3052) in Silverwood and use the Travelling Artificer's Kit quest item near the cart to create the Ultra-Thin Bindings.
  3. Speak to Icatian (Defiant) or Aenycha (Guardian) to complete the quest.

This quest can be completed daily during Phase 2 and rewards 25 Glass Beads.

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