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#1 Dec 31 2003 at 3:14 PM Rating: Default
is it hard to get better weapons in the game without having to make them. I go to weapon shops but they never seem to have anything good and if they do it's way too expencive for me.I am only a level 6 Erudite Wizard and all seem to be able to do is kill spiders and kobolds. i find this game fun , but killing low level creatures by yourself is pretty boring. Any ideas of other zones that i can go to for better hunting and equipment
#2 Dec 31 2003 at 3:38 PM Rating: Decent
What I do at your lvl with all of my characters is go to Black Burrow. Its very good exp and better than most zones for loot at your lvl. There are almost always other people so getting a group shouldn't be to bad. All you need to do is go through POK to Qeynos, go North to Qeynos Hills, and run NNW. You will see a few gnolls outside that are easier to kill than those inside.

After a few lvls you should have enough Platt to head to the Bazaar and get some descent gear/weapons.

If you don't have POK, or Bazaar than OOooo Noooo whatsamattaU.

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#3 Dec 31 2003 at 3:45 PM Rating: Decent
Go to butcherblock.
Specificaly right outside kaladim (the dwarf city). Get a bind there, I am pretty sure there is a soulbinder just outside the city, or if not there will be one inside. Then after that kill the newbie stuff there; skelitons, betles, skunk's, ect. the skunks drop feet almost every kill which sell for about 4pp each to local vendors depending on CHA and faction. Some of the other creatures like goblins drop goblin blood that sells for 4pp as well. after a couple of hours killing here you should have at least a small amount of cash saved up. (tip) get at least one backpack from local merchant, it will save you from making so many trips back to the merchant. Once you have a bit of cash saved up. maby like 30 or 40pp take the plane of knowledge book up to PoK(plane of knowledge). its right along the path just head east along the path from kaladim you should find it if not, ask someone will know where it is. Once in PoK open your map and use it to find the nexus portal stone and click on that to get to the nexus. once there run out of the tunnel to the middle of the nexus then head south and zone into the bazaar. (tip) turn your clip plane in the options menue all the way down as bazaar is very laggy. once in bazaar type /bazaar and a window will open, you should be able to figure out how to use it. once you get the list of items for sale you can right click on the name of the item to get a description of it up. after you find one you like click find trader and a path will form in front of you that you can follow right to the merchant selling what you want. I hope this helps. getting to bazaar is realy a lot faster than it sounds like here. P.S. to get to butcherblock you can take the PoK book from Toxula forest up to PoK and take the stone down to kaladim.
#4 Dec 31 2003 at 4:10 PM Rating: Excellent
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If you have the expansion, Planes of Power, do yourself a favor and don't use the Plane of Knowledge port books until you know where things are in EverQuest.

Butcherblock Mountains are a good populated hunting ground, but Qeynos Hills and Blackburrow are easier to get to on foot.

This map here is one of the western half on the main continent of Norrath, Antonica. You are in the city of Erudin and you need to get to the Qeynos, City of Men. From the docks of Erudin, wait on that big white platform in the water for a time until a boat comes, when the boat arrives, it will stop and the platform you are on will start to move out to the boat. Board the boat and prepare for a little journey. Once the boat starts moving, you will zone into Erud's Crossing. The boat will stop first at a island with a dock and cat humanoids (Kerran), do not get off here. Wait for the boat to start back up and you will eventually zone to South Qeynos.

From South Qeynos dock, look at this map and go to the zone of North Qeynos. From there, look at this map and make your way to the top of it following a cobblestone path. You will eventually zone into Qeynos Hills where it is more populated and brighter. Also, there is a wizard guildhouse in South Qeynos, check the map for its location.

Blackburrow, a dungeon full of Gnolls (dog humanoids) lies on the upper east side of Qeynos Hills, you can look on the first map. You may want to put together an adventuring group and go into Blackburrow to kill some gnolls and get some nice money drops.

By the way, bookmark EQAtlas, it is your friend.

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#5 Jan 01 2004 at 3:46 AM Rating: Default
thanks guys for your input. I am now in Butcherblock Mountains and i am surprised what i get for a low level kill of a skunk. The goblins on the level can drop money plus it's blood and body parts for a lot pp. Well i gotta go kill skunks. peace in the middle east!
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