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Developer: Allm
Release Date:October 07, 2008

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A wonderful combination of arcade and RPG!

An action-packed arcade game that you can feel with your fingertips by manipulating the keyboard to issue commands for an unlimited number of combination attacks. Harmony between essential RPG elements such as character growth, community system and arcade game action.

Stage System - Take on story quests one by one!

A main stage system closely connected to an interesting story. Various modes such as the Main Stage, Side Dungeon Stage, and Raid Dungeon Stage with Raid Monsters.

Excellent graphics to match those of an animation film!

Beautiful crystal clear background and character designs. A natural combination of 2-D background and 3-D characters makes for an animation film effect. Featuring the 'Animatic Cinema System' with animation visual effects and lines that make up an important part of the stories.

Sound System - Press a button to listen to the voices of the major cartoon characters.

A whopping 10,000 types of real-life impact sounds for each object and material. Press the shortcut key for the 'Voice Chat System' to chat with words and the voices of actors for a life-like play.

PvP System - Use strategies to win!

Control skills and strategies are the key to victory as the game features the Arcade Action Control, which is unavailable in other online RPGs.

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