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Trickster Online is MMORPG based on story of group of adventurers from around the world vying to become the greatest adventurer of all time, Trickster!

  • Cute and fun characters based on bunny, sheep, raccoon, cat, and buffalo.

  • A wide variety of skills and jobs, which can be changed for ultimate fun.

  • Plenty of quests and stories for hours of gameplay!

  • Don't wanna fight? That's not a problem with the exclusive Drilling System. You can find hidden items with the Drill of your choice!

  • Forget the old, boring battle system; our gripping card-based system is here!

  • Create a cyber home inside the game, My Camp! Show your personality by decorating your My Camp and show it off to new friends!
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Drilling is one of the most unique system available in Trickster Online. You can use your drill to find valuable items, equipments, and money. Most of the fields in Trickster Online can be drilled to find items buried under ground. In order to use drill, first equip your drill by placing it on your drill equipment slot. Then Press 'D' hotkey to take your drill out to start drilling.

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