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Developer: New Game World
Release Date:September 14, 2003
Monthly Fee:$3.95 USD

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3D Graphic Interface

  • Realistic full 3D Graphics
  • Able to change the camera angle, zoom in and zoom out
  • Amazing 3D special effects when magic spells or weapons are used

Characters and Items

  • Motions of game characters varies with the weapons they hold
  • Various emotional expressions such as smiling, crying, clapping, dancing, etc.
  • Various equipment selection depending on the race and the era


  • Cast a variety of spells
  • Attack in groups
  • They help one another
  • Flying creatures
  • Players can grow special monsters that help characters
  • Flee when their vitality is low
  • Don't be too frightened to see them jump out from the ground

Smooth Game Play

  • The game characters' motions are very fluid
  • Dynamic attacking motions and sound effects make battle actions realistic
  • The player can optimize their key configuration
  • Using the keyboard and mouse, the interface can be made more simple and convenient

Various Communities

  • Organize massive guilds and establish a ranking system
  • Build castles or employ guards with taxes collected from the guild members
  • Ally with other guilds or declare war
  • Create a party to explore the dangerous areas (Experiences and limes are automatically distributed to the party members)
  • Text chatting is integrated into the game

Magnificent and Enormous World

  • An expansive continent can support over 10 million players
  • Game environment will change from day to night; Even the shadows
  • change in length based on the time during the day
  • Changing weather, even the rainfall amounts
  • Magical powers are influenced by the weather conditions

Item Production and Trading

  • Player can produce specific items with a variety of materials
  • Sell and buy items (Prices of items are influenced by the demand)
  • Player can manage the vendor
  • Players can buy pets that can gain experience levels. (Many kinds of accessory items can be attached to the pets)

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