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Developer: Norseman Games
Release Date:December 31, 1996
Monthly Fee:$6.99 USD

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The Realm Online is an exciting, adventurous land of monsters, magic, and medieval society. Enter a world of companionship where thousands of players from around the globe are waiting to welcome you to a very special place.

With your membership you can create up to four distinct characters, each a separate entity within the world of "The Realm". Use your characters to choose your own style of gameplay. Transform yourself into a Giant Warrior, an Elf Wizard, a Human Adventurer, an Orc, or any of the hundreds of totally customizable beings.

Join guilds, establish relationships, and travel with friends to distant lands, dark dungeons, or villages large and small in journeys of magic, mystery, and exploration. Hunting monsters, building wealth, battling PvP, or enjoying relaxed conversation with friends and family, The Realm Online has something for everyone!

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