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You are suddenly awakened in the medical bay by C-3PO, who wants to know if you are still alive. Get your bearings by moving the mouse to change the camera angle and the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Use the W, A, S, and D keys to move about the room. Walk over to the 2-1B Surgical Droid to proceed.

You can talk to the 2-1B Droid by left-clicking on him. You'll notice the mouse icon has changed to a chat bubble. Use the ALT key to switch back and forth between normal and cursor mouse operations.

After telling the 2-1B Droid that you're feeling much better, search the supply cabinet across the room by clicking on it. This time the mouse icon changes to a hand. You receive an Issued Pistol from the supply cabinet!

Open your inventory by pressing the I key. Double-click on the Issued Pistol to equip it. Press the I key again to close your inventory. After you have armed yourself, destroy the empty crates nearby by clicking on them. The mouse cross hair will change from yellow to red when you have a target to fire upon.

After destroying the boxes, C-3PO will give you your first quest. Press the J key to open and close your quest journal.

Escape from the Empire

You are a captive aboard an Imperial space station, and you must find a way out! C-3PO asks you to destroy a panel near the door, so click it with your mouse to shoot at it. Keep shooting until the panel is destroyed. Once that's done, follow Han Solo, Chewbacca and R2-D2 down the hallway to the Millennium Falcon. Get some more practice in with your weapon by defeating the Imperial Guards that try to stop you, and then board the Falcon.

As you try to make your escape, Han discovers that the hyper-drive on the Millennium Falcon isn't working (go figure!), so he wants you to man the gun turret while he attempts to fix it. To get to the turrent, climb up the ladder by single-clicking on it. Press TAB to acquire enemy targets as they come in, and blast them to bits! Once you've had your fill, press L to leave the turret, stand behind Han and Chewbacca and get ready to jump to hyperspace!

Tansarii Point Station

Welcome to Tansarii Point Station!

Now that you've escaped from the Empire, you need to start looking for some work! Han Solo has a great number of contacts and will be able to help you, so talk to him to find out where to go. He'll give you a smart lead as well as a starter weapon based on the profession you've selected for yourself.

Talk to Inaldra's Lieutenant to get work, and you'll be sent to speak with Wyle Artis in the station cantina.

Wyle will send you on "A Small Hunting Trip" quest to cut your teeth in battle in the Atrium. You'll also find quests to start you on your journey towards filling out your profession, so speak to as many NPCs as you encounter on the station for useful hints and leads. Later on, Inaldra will ask you to dispatch a rather nasty Hutt boss for her that has been harassing station personnel. Take care of it for her for a little extra experience if you are running short by the time the Falcon is ready to take off.

Station Gamma

At some point you'll receive a mission to go speak to Frelka. Do so and then speak with Serissu in the docking bay to launch your ship into space. Enjoy your first pilot mission and pay close attention to the instructions the droid offers you on how to maneuver your space vessel.

Get the Millennium Falcon Working

At level 4, Han Solo will request you help him get the Millennium Falcon working in order to get off the station. He'll send you on quests to gather the missing pieces he needs in order to repair the ship. Once you are ready (and of sufficient level) you can leave the station for your next destination, Mos Eisley, Tatooine!

Releases and Expansions

Original Release:

  • An Empire Divided US 26 June 2003; EU 7 November 2003



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