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Developer: Viacom
Release Date:November 15, 1999

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General Information

Neopets is based around the eponymous virtual pets that inhabit the virtual world of Neopia. Visitors can create an account and take care of up to four virtual pets, buying them food, toys, clothes, and other accessories using a virtual currency called Neopoints. Neopoints can be earned through playing games, investing in the stock market, trading, winning contests and making your own shop. Users can explore the world of Neopia with their Neopets and interact with each other through the NeoBoards, Neomail, and guilds.

In addition to the main site, Neopets also operates a pay-to-play version known as Neopets Premium, which offers additional features and benefits for a monthly fee of $7.99 (USD). Several issues with the site, such as immersive advertising, gambling-based games, and hacks and glitches have garnered criticism.

Guide to Neopia

Welcome to Neopets!

The game of Neopets is a bit hard to explain. There's loads to do and it can be a bit daunting for anyone new, so we created this guide to help you get started. It will take you from creating your account and obtaining your first Neopet, all the way through to starting your grand Neopian adventures. (You all grow up so fast. *sniff*)

To get started, follow the parts outlined below. Although, we're not the boss of you, so if you're feeling rebellious, you can jump around a bit instead.

  • Part 1: Signing Up/Creating A Neopet
  • Part 2: Newbie Pack/Item Introduction
  • Part 3: Earning Neopoints
  • Part 4: Spending Neopoints
  • Part 5: Exploring Neopia
  • Part 6: Customizing Your Account
  • Part 7: The end... or is it?

If you feel like you've gotten the hang of things and would like some more in depth information, you can check out our FAQ section. There's loads of information on things like the Battledome, Quests, the Stock Market, Neohomes, the Money Tree... well, you get the idea.

You can also find loads of help from your fellow Neopians on the Neoboards (once your account is 12 hours old, that is). The Help Board is especially, well, helpful. You can also Contact Us if you're having any problems or just want to send us suggestions or ideas. We don't bite.

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