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Age of Conan is an MMO based on the Conan fantasy license originally created by the famed author Robert E. Howard. Set in 10.000 BC in the world of Hyboria, the game will provide players a unique opportunity to live their virtual lives in a detailed world holding thousands of other players. In this brutal, lush and barbaric world they can embark on an amazing and action-filled journey in the footsteps of the worlds greatest fantasy hero. Here you can meet Conan's friend and foes, battle demons and monsters known from 70 year of Conan history, and step up to the ultimate challenge and even befriend the mighty king Conan himself. You can also engage in guild warfare and embark on challenging quests which all stay true to the original written works by Robert E. Howard.

One of the main goals with Age of Conan was to improve the well-known MMO formula, and take the genre in an innovative new direction. As of such, Funcom have focused on taking the best from past MMO games, while creating innovative and fun new systems. Playing Age of Conan should feel new, fresh and exciting.

One of the key features of Age of Conan is the unique combat system, which is a huge leap forward for the genre both from a technological and a gameplay standpoint. Whereas fighting in most MMOs involves targeting by clicking something, initiating attack and then clicking a combination of icons, fighting in Age of Conan centers around something we call the Real Combat System. In this innovative approach to MMO melee combat you don't target anything directly, you actually move up to your foe and start striking your weapon in different directions in real-time, using directional keys or even a gamepad. You can create devastating combos that will lead to brutal finishing moves, and fighting really feels dynamic, exciting and most importantly hands-on and real.

In ranged combat you will actually have to string your bow and aim manually from a first-person or over-the-shoulder viewpoint to strike your enemies. This is a first for any MMO. Casters will be able to combine a series of spells in so-called spellweaves, which can create devastating results. In addition there will be mounted combat in the game, where players can get hold of mounts such as horses and camels. You can fight from the backs of these great creatures either with a sword or with a lance for maximum damage. Age of Conan is also the first MMO ever to feature a mature rating, which gives us the freedom to create truly brutal battles, and thus staying true to the Conan lore.

As well as having all the features you would expect from a full-blown MMO, Age of Conan will also feature a limited single-player portion at the start of the game. Here you advance through a deep and involving story, where the focus is on you, your character and your place in the world. After a while you will start meeting other players, but you will be able to switch between single-player and multiplayer during the first twenty levels of your character's life. After that, its all massively multiplayer. This is a brand new approach to leading MMO players into a deep and engaging world, and it means we can focus on telling an exciting and meaningful story with world-interactive quests.

Last, but not least, Age of Conan also features deep guild systems. The guilds in the game can create entire cities and fight with other players or against the computer for the ownership of these. There is much more to Age of Conan of course, and you can expect to find a vast world with exciting PvE and PvP content.

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System Requirements

OS: Windows Vista/XP
Processor: 3GHz Pentium IV
Video Card: Shader Model 2.0 and 128MB ram, nVidia GeForce 6600

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz (E6600) or better
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX or better
RAM: 2GB or more
Enhanced for: DirectX 10, 64-bit processors, multi-core
Supports Parental Controls on Windows Vista

NOTE: DirectX 10 was disabled on May 27th, 10:00am GMT, until further notice to improve stability. They are planning on activating it again sometime in September.

Pricing Structures

North America & Oceania
Monthly Per Month Total
1 Month 14.99 USD 14.99 USD
3 months 13.99 USD 41.97 USD
6 months 12.99 USD 77.94 USD
Monthly Per Month Total Total Incl. VAT*
1 Month 12.99 EUR 12.99 EUR 14.94 EUR
3 months 11.99 EUR 35.97 EUR 41.37 EUR
* VAT only applicable in EU member states
United Kingdom
Monthly Per Month Total Total Incl. VAT
1 Month 8.99 GBP 8.99 GBP 10.34 GBP
3 months 8.39 GBP 25.17 GBP 28.95 GBP
6 months 7.69 GBP 46.14 GBP 53.06 GBP
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