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Twelve Sky is a unique oriental fantasy martial arts MMORPG. The concept behind this amazing title is massive epic battles involving faction-based PvP.

All of Aeria Games are free download and free to play. There are no download or subscription fees, but there will be an Item Mall available for those that wish to enhance their gameplay experience.

Twelve Sky has an oriental look, feel, and background. It is focused on RvR. It has mature content.

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The Cheon religion is thought to have settled among ascetic truth seekers one hundred years ago. These people regarded austere self-discipline as the true path to enlightenment, thus the religion was a natural fit. However, as stagnant water goes rotten, a religion is likely to deviate from the original teachings.

Once the first leader past away, a great conflict began over who should be his successor. This led to a war between the twelve High Monks, which finally resulted in their self destruction. In essence, it was the war over the Twelve Heavenly Deities' Power Seals. Their holy scriptures foretold that the power of the Twelve Heavenly Deities could be mastered only by those who collected all the Seals.

To be the leader of the religion, one had to collect the Twelve Heavenly Deities' Power Seals. In other words, he needed the consent of the twelve High Monks.

Cheonjin, the sixth leader of the religion had only six Seals, because the other six High Monks did not accept the unprecedented patrilineal descent of leadership. This was how the fierce war was started to collect the twelve Seals between the two factions of High Monks.

After thirty years of internal strife, one of the High Monks named Mirok succeeded in acquiring the twelve Seals. However, the conflict had torn an irreversible rift between the sects. Apprehensive of his newfound power, Mirok hid the Seals and retreated to the mountains to live as a hermit.

This is what was contained in records of Cheon found by an ambitious faction leader many years later, the world of warriors was engaged again in a bloody war. It came to be called the Era of Heavenly Deities' Destructive War.

The Seals, holy objects of great power, were rumored to turn the tides of wars between men and demons or even between the gods themselves. Their unimaginable power has been sealed away by the twelve High Monks and hidden out of fear of their misuse.

Mature Content

Twelve Sky has scenes of graphic violence, gambling, alcohol, and adult suggested themes. Aeria games recognizes that this will not be acceptable to all audiences, and as such rates these items as mature.


Faction-based PvP, similar to RvR, is an advanced form of PVP that combines large scale battles which encourage players to work together as a team to compete against other teams.

Special PvP Zones:

  • Amhang Valley, Level 30-49
  • Samji Island, Level 50-69
  • Wargo Valley, Level 70-89
  • Yanggok Valley, Level 70+

These zones feature a timed contest, with rewards for race of the winner.

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