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Aranock was left abandoned. The great hero's were gone, Shiva and her invaiding army flooded the city on the eve of a Bad Moon. The night was far worse then any prophecy has fortold, at the first sign of Gargoyles the Guards at the Outpost were unable to even shout for help before their bodys lay desicrated and left in a huge pile of graves. They entered the city in a giant roar, as the Townsfolk fled to the Unknown Eastern Exit of the City. Faced with a vast desert in the middle of the night, they moved on, watching from a distance at the destruction of their city, Aranock has fallen..

The citizens continued their journey through the Desert for many days and nights before reaching an outpost. Discovering a new Land, the Citizens told their stories of the fearfull night.. A powerfull spellcaster invading their city like a plague, taking all that they had at any cost. They discovered the land they'd fled too was the Kingdom of Aran, a vast desert of caverns and mines, the city of Aran lays on the other side of the Forbidden Mountain just south of the Outpost. Months went by while the Aranockians stayed at this outpost, word of mouth traveled across the Kingdom of the defeat of Aranock. The Call for Hero's was given out once more...

Shiva's power grew, as did her allys. Her Golem brigade explored the lower levels of the City for her allegiance and power. She agreed to give the Onyx King whom roamed the Waste Tunnels, Toxicus, Aranock in return for the Key to the Elysium. Toxicus, not knowing what the key was for, handed it over to the dark power of Shiva, Saying it was just random find. Shiva happily leaving Aranock, with her Key to the Elysium back to her Stronghold to begin mapping out where the Mountain of the God's was located. Toxicus and his Onyx Gargoyles rushed up to the daylight which shined over the land of Aranock, blinded by such vast light they retreated to their dark tunnels. Calling for the aid of the Spider King, Arach, their faithfull ally, Instructing them to protect their city inreturn of a share to the waste which flooded the tunnels of the Onyx Kingdom...

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