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Developer: Dark Sky Entertainment
Release Date:November 24, 2008

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Beyond Protocol is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS). In Beyond Protocol, you control an entire civilization and interact with thousands of players from around the world in a persistent universe. Players will be able to wage wars in real-time, form alliances with other players, explore the universe, exploit the mineral wealth of thousands of planets, launch espionage missions and gather intelligence and engage in an unlimited number of activities in an ever evolving online experience.

Beyond Protocol provides an unlimited number of options and opportunities to the player. For example, a player can establish a trading empire where the goal is to sell technologies and minerals on the market. A player can be a diplomatic player forming alliances and guilds to gain control and power. A player can devote themselves to technology and science in an attempt to be the most advanced race in the game. The player can form a master spy network and gather important intel on other players and then sell that intel on the market or hire their services to other players.

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