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Release Date:March 05, 2005
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General Information

Welcome to the Mystic Journey-Fairyland USA. This is an online world that is home to unlimited adventures and countless surprises. Choose your favorite role-playing character and play with thousands of other players for an exciting journey in the Mystic Journey. In this stunning 2.5D graphical world, you will be able to enter the battle, fight the evil, be a hero! During the adventurous trip, you will be able to help others conquer each task of difficulty and become a leader and a hero admired by many other players in the world of fairyland!

With your character's skills and attributes, you will be able to use your intelligence, power and resources to combat and conquer the evil. You can even help others fight the evil and be the hero.

This interactive online game allows you to team up with other online players to form groups to combat the evil. The wonderful ability you possess will enable you to become an excellent leader in the field. Your intelligence and superb leadership will earn admiration from other online players.

Pets are inseparable from your role-play character. They have a unique bond with their masters and help their masters to conquer the monsters. Pets will enhance your power to conquest.

A personal growth journey. Mystic Journey helps you make your dreams come true! The natural genius and creativity that you already possess will enable you to become a hero admired by many others. Follow your dreams and discover your destiny! Demonstrate your strength, ability and intelligence by leading your team to conquest evil and enter into your own Mystic Journey.

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time....

There lived wonderful creatures in a fantastic world. In the land of fairy tales, imagination is reality. If fact, our imagination is the life force that the fantastic creatures feed upon. Snow White would no longer exist if no one has ever heard of her or believed in her existence. Our imagination kept them going, shaped the world they live in and made sure their stories never end.

With the popularity of comics and video games, kids no longer turned to fairy tales. Aren't they just some corny old stories passed down from generation to generation? This loss in faith towards fairy tales has finally breached the very foundation of this land of fantasy and it is breaking up piece by piece because of it. First went the lesser known tales then later on even the more well known were no longer safe. All the surviving denizens lived in fear that the day would come when the entire realm would disappear for good.

This situation called of immediate action. Snow White, Cinderella, the little matchstick girl, the federation of witches, the guild of step-mothers and all the other surviving characters gathered for an emergency meeting. The meeting lasted for days and finally they came up with the final solution, to seek an answer from the Wise One, a great sage of immense knowledge.

The answer given by the Wise One was simple: "Let all who doubt our existence come and see us for themselves." With these words, the gates to the Land of Fairy Tales was opened and everyone was welcome to visit for as long as they desired. From then on, anyone can live the wonderful tales passed down through the ages and be part of them. Anything and everything is limited only by our imagination, in the world of FairyLand.

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