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Adventurous and curious player can try their luck with the "synthesis" function. Even trash can synthesize things beyond your imagination. Using the manufacturing function, players are restricted to their house while using it. Collect all kinds of materials and tools to experience the fun of assembling tools and transports.

Player can capture monsters and animals as their pets and choose one pet to follow them as they explore the world of Wonderland. Different kinds of animals are useful for different strategies. Players should always take good care of their pets to ensure they are there for them when they need them most.

The riding function in this game can apply to any kind of pet! Players can ride cows, sheep, even ants and birds. Whatever players capture can be ridden. There are lots of special characters for players to experience, and lots of pets for them to make friends with.

Besides choosing a pet as a traveling companion, players can have another highly useful function for their pets, delivery. Pets will deliver things to other players, which can be very convenient when trying to maintain a long distance connection. If a player is busy with assignments or quests, they just use this thoughtful delivery service and their friends can get the things they need no matter where they are.

This island is surrounded with the clear blue ocean, so the fishing function is especially important. Players need to own a fishing rod to go fishing. When they pull up on that pole they may be surprised by what you find. There are more than just fish in the depths of the blue water. Player can obtain rare diamonds, animal skins, minerals and stones. If a player uses a higher-level fishing rod then that player can get higher-level objects. All in all, fishing is a highly useful skill to practice and improve.

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