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The Game

In Wakfu, players will start a fantastic and epic adventure. Together with their magic powers, they either fight against the fauna and flora of the World, or tame them to become breeders or farmers. Thanks to an icon-driven and intuitive language, players can interact to create alliances or confront each other in heroic fights. Each of these actions will directly and considerably influence the economy and the rules that govern the World.

Wakfu takes place 1,000 years after DOFUS. The World is largely submerged by water. Wide islands and many archipelagos float in a unique Ocean.

What happened? How did the DOFUS era become the Wakfu era? No one knows. Though the wise men's specters of that time have been summoned many times thanks to specific incantations and spiritualist rituals, they all remained silent. As for the old books recalling past stories, their pages faded away. But, oral legends mention a cosmic battle between the gods and a unique enemy, an endless deluge and the advent of a titan.

But the story of Wakfu still has to be written! The World is awaiting for its heroes!

The Legend

An ogre named Ogrest found all 6 Dofus. Why did Ogrest suddenly become interested in the Dofus? For the love of a beautiful lady, of course! Unfortunately for the ogre, she was a lot more interested in the Dragon eggs than in his heart ... And when he understood he had been betrayed, Ogrest went mad with rage! He had become extremely powerful thanks to the 6 Dofus, but at the same time he had become prey to his own powers. Beside himself with anger, he killed his beloved and his wrath fell upon the World.

Ogrest became a real threat to the gods themselves and they launched a titanic fight against him. When this apocalyptic fight finally ended, the twelve gods had lost everything ... Ogrest, wild with fight and sorrow, retired on the highest summit of the World. He started crying, and cried so much that the water level increased, threatening to submerge the inhabitants of the World.


Multidirectional Scrolling in an Isometric 3D Universe

There is no limit to your exploration of the world! Characters travel, meet and interact on a single vast map upon which your screen is but a window.

Turn-based Tactical Combat System

Wakfu's combat system will bring a new dimension to your sense of strategy, combining turn-based tactics and dynamic action in each battle.

Deep Interaction with the Environment and the Community

The evolution of the World depends on the players and their actions. For instance, you can be elected governor and start an infl uential political career, or train as a lumberjack and cut wood... but in moderation to prevent forests from disappearing. Each of your actions will have a direct impact on the game world!

Evolving World with an Autonomous Ecosystem

In game Monsters possess Artifi cial Intelligence and migrate and feed throughout the World of their own accord... They live their own life among the 25,000 simultaneously evolving Wakfu players!

Highly Customizable Characters

Clothes, underwear, weapons, skin and hair color... Everything about your character can be customized to suit your taste!!!

System Requirements

Processor: Pentium 2Ghz or Dual Core
RAM: 512MB
Video card: NVidia: GeForce 3 and +,
Ati: 9200 and +
Hard Drive: about 300MB
Internet : Cable, ADSL 128k and +, ISDN
OS: Windows : 2000, XP, 2003 / Mac OS X / Linux

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