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Developer: Swirve
Release Date:October 01, 1996

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General Information

Earth: 2025 is the first of a new generation of unique interactive games designed to be played directly on the web. Centrally located on the website, Earth: 2025 brings together tens thousands of players in an interactive gaming environment that's more addictive, entertaining, and engaging than anything you'll play against a computer or just a few opponents. You'll get the opportunity to take command of a fledging country and manage its economy, military, diplomacy and more as you try to make yourself the most powerful in the world.


Unlike most supposed webgames out there, Earth: 2025 is truly and completely interactive. If you play this game by yourself, it's probably the most boring thing in the the world. However, play against 20,000 or more opponents, and it's an experience like nothing else you'll find. When you join in, tell your friends and meet new players -- it's all part of the fun!

Easy to Learn

Like any strategy game, the more you play, the better you'll become. In Earth, though, you don't need to be a master to get started. Other players will always be willing to help you out or take you under their wings -- all you have to do is ask (nicely!). With a multitude of gaming options, you can pick a game just for learning or get right in with the toughest of opponents.


Along with the social interaction, the thrill of competition makes Earth: 2025 truly addictive and engrossing. Compete against the world, but remember there can only be one top-ranked player. Standard games and a ladder tournament give you multiple opportunities to compete to be the best!


Best of all, Earth: 2025 is absolutely free to play. Funded by advertising, strives to offer you the best possible gaming environments absolutely free. Join in and try it out... Don't like it? Just leave -- no harm done!

Building a nation

Since land is required to generate a country's revenue, or means of revenue, it is extremely important. Empty acres can be gained through exploration, or through a land grab- using a Standard or Planned Strike to steal land from another player. Land grabs usually bring buildings with them as well.

There are eight different governments to choose from. By default, each nation starts as a monarchy. Revolutions transitioning from any government other than a monarchy to another will destroy up to 14% of a country's infrastructure. Each government, with the exception of the monarchy, has defined benefits and drawbacks. Excluding the monarchy, there are currently seven governments to choose from: fascist, tyranny, dictatorship, communism, theocracy, republic, and democracy.

Players can expend turns and money to build on empty land. The number of structures that can be built per turn depends on how many construction sites a country has. There are seven other buildings: enterprise zones, residences, industrial complexes, military bases, research labs, farms, and oil rigs. Each of these buildings helps to make a nation either through increasing efficiency or providing a means of revenue.

Technology is important for protecting a country and making it more efficient- it can reduce the cost of goods, improve military strength, and raise the efficiency of industry,commerce. and agriculture. There are eight types of technologies to research: military, medical, business, residential, agricultural, military strategy, warfare, weapons, industrial, spy effectiveness, and SDI. However, as the area of the nation increases, the number of technology points neede to maintain the same effect increases.


In earth 2025, having a Military allows a players to invade other countries and provides defense against enemies. There are five military units: spies, troops, jets, turrets, and tanks. Turrets are entirely defensive, while jets are entirely offensive. The other three can be used in either defensive or offensive roles. Nations can also develop three kinds of missiles through warfare technology: nuclear missiles, chemical warheads, and cruise missiles.

Attacks in Earth: 2025 are based on diminishing returns- more attacks will gradually yield smaller results. Eventually, a minimum return will result. If an attack results in a return below the minimum, then the defending country has been destroyed. In addition, the returns from an initial strike are based on a comparison of two countries; a country with lots of land will take very little from a country with little land, and vice versa. With all things being equal, the initial standard strike by one country should earn a yield of about 7% of the other country's resources, with the exception of Tyrannies, which have an attack bonus.

Non-spy military units have a readiness percentage. As a country's readiness falls, the chances of its attacks succeeding go down, while the chances of its defenses being breached rise. Each attack results in a lower readiness percentage. The only way to raise it is to use turns without using non-spy military. Spy units on the other hand have a limited 50 turns of operations per day. You may only have a maximum of 1 missile per 200 acres (0.8 km²), minimum of 10 missiles. However if you ever manage to go over that limit through dropping land in any way(shown in the country screenshot), no more missiles will be produced until more land is obtained.


Players are awarded turns at regular time intervals, which vary with servers. Turns are also awarded for not logging into the country for 12 or 18 hours. The former gives three bonus turns, the latter six. These turns are used to carry out the majority of actions that a country can perform.

Each turn displays revenue/expense, food harvests/losses, oil production, military production, and population gain/loss. Since turns cannot be acquired through any method other than waiting, they are regarded as the most valuable resource. Turns can also be stored- these are not immediately usable, but instead, they are doled out one at a time in addition to the turns a country normally would earn. A Country may store up to roughly 75% of its maximum turns.

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