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Developer: Pixel Mine
Release Date:June 11, 2008

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Fireteam Reloaded is a team based multiplayer game that will get your blood pumping and your heart pounding! It's a quick adrenaline fix that is easy to pick up and play for players of all skill levels.

Play as one of three unique character classes across a variety of post-apocalyptic urban settings in a bloody struggle to dominate your opponents. You can go solo or team up with up to three other friends in thrilling matches that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Just like in a real life fireteam, the smallest military unit, teamwork and communication is critical to success in Fireteam Reloaded. You and your team will succeed by formulating strategies that take into account class strengths/weaknesses, items, and the map layout. Only the smartest and fastest players will rise to the top of the ranks.

Want to take a break from the action and learn some new tricks? Fireteam Reloaded has an interactive spectator mode that lets you view other active games. Let the players know you're there with a cheer or a boo from the sidelines (and perhaps help sway the tide of battle...).

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