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The mystery of Florensia: Before the world of Florensia we know today came into existence, there was only one huge continent called Lux Plena and it was full of magic. Due to corruption and war, Lux Plena almost completely got destroyed and all that's left are the few known islands and the vast sea. But the governors of our world today know there is more to be discovered than only these islands. In the old language, Florensia means travelling and working for your goals, going ahead on the way of life. Everyone in the known world - may it be the pirates, the brave adventurers or the monsters on the open sea - is working for their goals, so that Florensia becomes the reason for their existence.

Fighting and leveling Facts Different skill trees, naval abilities and a well thought-out status points distribution system make leveling your character a pleasant and joyful experience. Meet the most dangerous monsters, stand your ground and join the race for the highest level.

  • Balance your character and increase his stats the way you like - there are no limits to finding the perfect build
  • Play alone, form a party with like-minded people, form a guild together with your friends
  • Experience party play while fighting monsters on shore and on the high seas and benefit from the advantages of the different, well-balanced classes
  • Reach the highest level with your character to develop the various skill trees
  • Train your special naval abilities by reaching a higher sea level
  • Hatch and raise your pet as valuable companion while fighting against your enemies
  • Enhance your experience with the diverting quest system

Florensia PvP Facts Train the 1on1 combat and the teamplay together with your guild - all afloat and ashore in the unique world of Florensia! Maybe you even want to siege a whole town? Everything is possible if you bring along the will and the power to withstand your enemies for honor and glory!

Duel under the rules of bravery and honor

  • Train your individual skills by challenging friends and foes
  • Develop PvP tactics while fighting against another party
  • Prepare for upcoming guild fights following the traditional rules of the ancient times
  • Be among the first to lay siege to yet to be discovered sites

Florensia Sea Facts Prepare yourselves for ultimate fights at sea. Guilds will see themselves challenged and defeated, others will triumph - will you be among those with tailwind and the perfect nautic strategy?

  • Build your own ship, save money and collect materials for the best equipment
  • Hire a crew to safely steer your ship back to the dock
  • Five different ship types will serve you for all purposes - offensive, defensive, maintaining...
  • Meet your destiny on the open sea where dangerous monsters and dungeons await the bravers
  • Discover new routes to seemingly forgotten places

Weapons, Clothes, Items and Headgears Ponytail, red hair, blue eyes? Maybe even a fierce tattoo on the muscle-bound arm, or rather an exorbitantly classy Sword combined with a perky Corsair Hat? Live an individual and unique appearance!

  • Dress appropriate to your level and status - choose between a variety of elegant corsages, fierce metal armaments and convenient suits
  • Design your individual appearance using the various hairstyles, headgears and weapons
  • Collect and use the various items serving you for different purposes to be prepared in any situation

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