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Developer: Grigon Entertainment
Release Date:January 14, 2009
Monthly Fee:Free

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For thousands of years, Planet Fusion has terrorized space, absorbing world after world. Each planet that has fallen to the alien attack has given the enemy greater gravity and power as it moves on to the latest victim ... the world of Cartoon Network Universe.

Planet Fusion sent wave after wave of fusion spawns to our world to gather information and start the assault. The small blobs of noxious goo sample everything from our planet to create an army of distorted fusion versions of common life forms.

Terrafusers are landing everywhere. They're breaking down the environment, creating minefields of platforms and pitfalls. If something isn't done to stop the destruction, all will be lost.


Console Style Platforming

With platforming challenges included in every game area, FusionFall's got the jump on other online games. You'll be able to jump, bounce, hop and leap through a variety of obstacle-filled environments, all while solving puzzles and completing missions.

Missions from Familiar Faces

Mingle with characters from your favorite Cartoon Network shows to get missions that will take you through the entire Cartoon Network Universe. Since you can find mission givers everywhere in the FusionFall world, you'll never run out of things to do!

Combat and Monsters

When it comes to combat in FusionFall, it pays to know your enemy. The monsters you battle come in all shapes and sizes, and you have to specialize your attacks by combining the best weapons and Nanos to defeat each adversary.

Custom Avatars

Create a character as unique as you are! With nearly endless options and combination's in our character creation studio, you can mix and match hair, clothes, shoes and more to develop an avatar with your distinct style. Create multiple characters to really express your creativity!


  • Explore Environments
    • Leap into the worlds of your favorite shows.
    • Discover totally new environments.
    • Investigate a massively huge world.

  • Engage in Combat
    • Choose your weapons.
    • Suit up with specialized armor.
    • Select your Nanos.
    • Fine tune your strategy by combining elements from your arsenal.

  • Accept Missions
    • Perform tasks solo or with buddies.
    • Earn items to boost stats.
    • Level up with Nano tasks.

  • Collect and Customize
    • Armor - These wearable items gathered during game play let you customize your look and boost your stats.
    • Weapons - Choose from a variety of weapons to customize your attacks for the enemy you're battling.
    • Nanos - Tiny but mighty, Nanos are miniature versions of Cartoon Network characters you can collect to amp up your game skills.
    • Trading - Exchange items with friends to further enhance abilities and show your personal style.
    • Accessories - In addition to your armor, you can further trick out your avatar with all kinds of accessories.

  • Socialize
    • Interact with Cartoon Network characters and meet up with friends online.
    • Make new friends using in-game chat options, then team up with them to complete missions.

  • Platforming
    • Solve environmental puzzles.
    • Use your skills to avoid danger.
    • Explore unique three-dimensional spaces.
    • Maneuver around obstacles.

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