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About Alganon

Alganon is an upcoming fantasy-based MMORPG filled with rich features as: an in-game database called The Library, Studies that grow your character's capabilities while offline, Consignment capabilities for an expansive crafting system, Dual Role's so your characters fit into groups better, and much more.

There are of course great features as multiple races and classes, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests and adventures, ancient places to discover, detailed tradeskills, MyAlganon connectivity, and more! Click here for more Alganon game information.

The Goal

Designed from scratch and based in a uniquely created world, the initial goal in designing Alganon is to provide "Simple Gameplay with Unlimited Growth in a massive world of immersion and interaction".

Part of achieving this goal was to create a game that makes it easy for anyone to get started in and play, but also build the game in such a fashion that even the most skilled and hardcore gamer has the potential to grow beyond their expectations. A world where the causal and hardcore gamer alike can adventure, grow, build, and share their accomplishments with other players.

The Difference

While we offer a number of innovative systems such as The Library, Studies, deities, and a Hybrid Character Progression System. The overall "difference" that we hope to offer with ALGANON is that of total interaction and world immersion supportive of a pace you enjoy most.

Deities actually walk the world in ALGANON and protect their followers. Specific realms of the world are under constant conflict for deity control. The patrons of those deities either gain or lose special powers based on what realm they are in and which deity controls it.

The Library system is innovative; a grand repository of knowledge that can be accessed by any player to gain insight into the world - from within the game itself! These are just a few of the features that set ALGANON apart from other MMOGs. We encourage you to read the "Features" section to familiarize yourself with the others!

Key Features


  • MyAlganon is the direct portal into the Alganon game. Users can sign up at
  • An online social-networking site that can be used by players of all MMOGs.
  • Ties directly into game data from Alganon.
  • Guild Communication - no need to go find outside webspace for your Alganon guild, just use MyAlganon.
  • Groups/Forums/News - all provide ways to enhance your experience with Alganon. MyAlganon is a part of the fun, not tacked on the end.


  • Allows players who cannot play every day to still advance their characters
  • Allow characters to grow over time at the same rate as all other players
  • Acts as a built-in reward for veterans of the game - rewarding players who have been a part of Alganon since launch.


  • Learn all aspects of the game through the library interface.
  • The capital cities contain a grand library. Players contribute to the library at these locations, however, view access to the library is available anywhere in the game.
  • The Library records not only facts about the game, but Legends of the greatest warriors of Alganon. These Leaderboards record things like largest damage done, richest player, most library scryings, etc.
  • Since the reward for contributing is based on player action (time since last scrying), the library system gives players an "unspoken quest" to go seek out a "rarely scryed" object.


  • Players can post requests for items to be made or found on the auction system.
  • Allows players to setup and participate in player-based "Item Quests" within the Consignment house.
  • Gives players who only have a short time to play something to do. It is quick to hop on the Consignment house, pick an order to fill, and craft or gather those items.


  • The politics of Alganon are influenced by the deities. Instead of a Warchief or King, you are under orders from a more powerful being.
  • Multiple gods allow characters to represent different powers, teachings and knowledge.
  • A player declaring patronage to a deity may find more hostile parts of the world that hate that deity, and may find more rewarding places that are friendly.


  • In addition to their character name, players have a "family" name.
  • The purpose of this family name is to allow for interaction and reputation for the player (the human being sitting at the keyboard) instead of just the character (the 1s and 0s moving around on the screen.)
  • No matter how many alts you have, you can choose to link them together to make it easier for your friends to keep in touch.


  • Actions are what characters carry out during gameplay.
  • Abilities represent a point-based distribution system allowing the character to focus on specific class-based specialties.
  • Skills are the underlying methods of growth in utilizing certain areas of class-based focus, such as a character's skill in swords, or a specific profession.
  • Studies are the core support base for all other systems, allowing characters to grow over time at the same rate as all other players.


  • Endgame Group Combat is very "role-driven" - when you enter combat, you know what you need to do (kill, heal, protect, control). However, classes are not restricted to a single role. Each character class has a primary role, and can choose one of 3 secondary roles.
  • Example of why this is important:
    • If you need a tank - you know that any soldier can fill that role. You do not have to ask "what is your spec?" to everyone you see - just invite a soldier.
    • However, soldiers are not the only tanks! You can also bring a Frost Magus, or a Guardianship Ranger!
    • If you already have a tank, you can still invite a soldier without their slot being "wasted" as a second tank. Instead, the soldier changes stance to match their chosen secondary role and does that job instead.


  • Alganon maps will contain a tight "Fog-of-War", showing a player exactly where their character has been. Other games often open up entire areas upon reaching them, only providing a very broad exploration history.

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