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Warriors have spent years honing their strength and swordsmanship skills, turning them into exceptional fighters. Gifted with extraordinary offensive and defensive melee skills, they are the ideal vanguard of any battle group. As a Warrior progresses through Dragonica, they will be faced with the choice of becoming a skillful Knight or punishing Gladiator.


Knights gain their advantage through their skillfull training and well rounded defensive abilities. A Knight's use and understanding of their training allows them to take more damage than anyone else on the battlefield whilst dishing out a range of punishing attacks on their foes. Upon reaching level 40 a Knight is promoted to a Paladin.


Gladiators are pure brutes on the battle field. Trained on the premise that strength overcomes all, they have endured hours of torturous physical training to reach the level they are at. Gladiators are renowned for their ability to take inordinate amounts of damage whilst dealing out huge amounts in return. Gladiators can wield double handed weapons and are promoted to Myrmidons upon reaching level 40.


Magicians grew up with an increased understanding of the world. After spending years in Magic Towers studying the laws and principles of magic, they emerge as trained sorcerers. Their powerful magical abilities more than compensate for their lack of strength. As Magicians progress, they have the choice of evolving into healing Monks or offensive Battlemages.


Monks have gained a whole new level of knowledge by combining what they've learned from their studies with what they have learned from the battlefield. In pursuit of a higher understanding, Monks participate in more battles to develop their sorcery skills. As the only class with resurrection and healing abilities, they are a highly valued member of any party. Monks evolve to Priests upon reaching level 40.



Archers are the masters of the bow and arrow, one of the greatest weapons of all time. Their ranged attacks can prove deadly in long-range battles, but they can also hold their own at close quarters. As Archers progress, they have the choice to hone their skills with traditional weapons as a Pathfinder or to use explosive modern weapons as an Arbalist.


Pathfinders have remained true to their Archer roots as their primary weapon remains the Longbow. The dedication shown to the use of the Longbow has proven invaluable as Pathfinders combine a range of skills to ensure they are amongst the best ranged attackers in the land. Pathfinders can evolve to Rangers upon reaching level 40.


Arbalists are amongst the most adaptable fighters in the land of Dragatoka due to their ability to traverse any terrain at high speed. They are equipped with a lethal crossbow for high speed, ranged attacks and a multitude of modern weaponry from grenades, missile launchers and machine guns. Arbalists evolve to Grenadiers upon reaching level 40.


Thieves are masters of stealth and shadow. They are close range fighters who use their agility and dodging abilities to attack their prey and retreat. Sneaky fighters, they are rumoured to have never fought a straight battle with their set of blades. As Thieves evolve, they have the choice to become an over-the-top Jester or an elusive Assassin.


Jesters are larger than life personalities with a wicked sense of humour who have evolved above their status of simple Thieves. Jesters rely on their claws as their primary weapon for pinpoint attacks but are renowned for using their ingenious to develop a whole host of creative attacks. Jesters evolve to Harlequins upon reaching level 40.


Assassins are geniuses of infiltration and stealth. Masters of close combat, they inflict quick and successive damage to enemies using a combination of their speed and the lethality of their primary weapon, the Katar. Assassins have a preference for using a range of poisons on their foes, eliminating large numbers enemies effortlessly. Upon reaching level 40, Assassins can be promoted to Ninjas.

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