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It has always been man's greatest goal to uncover the secret of immortality.

The quest to eternal life has always and will always begin with knowledge. But is there a unified, one truth?

Centuries ago, five schools of thought-the five Factions-arose with what they felt was the true path to enlightenment. Two worked for the path of Good, two walked the path of Evil, and one, fallen from good, but not evil- walked the line of neutrality. All these factions, through years and years of research and studying have cultivated the ability to channel their chi and control magic.

History is always fated to repeat itself. Not much has changed-the five factions remain, each promising knowledge, training and the ultimately goal of immortality to every recruit. Now, in the realm of Jade Dynasty, you find yourself torn between the siren call of each Faction. Each will grant a different power to pave your path to immortality.

Will you follow the path of Good, and choose Jadeon, named for their leader who uncovered the magic sword Regenesis or Skysong, the Buddhist order that harnesses the power of holy mantras for healing?

Or will you choose the path of Evil, joining the secretive, vampire-like Modo or perhaps Lupin, who trains to their followers to move and think like assassins.

Or will you join the fallen faction of Good-the Vim. While not evil, they are one-minded and seek to achieve their goals by any and all means necessary.

The time has come for you to join history's ranks. Choose a side, choose a faction and unlock your own story of immortality.

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