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Prepare for the ultimate war of the worlds! The never-ending conflict between the Dark World and Light World is about to take a turn for the worst, with the Human World left shaken by the Dark World's latest crippling attack. Five ancient Chinese emperors have been assembled on a noble mission, to discover The Chosen. Who is heroic enough to challenge the gods and restore order to the three kingdoms? Embark on an epic adventure inspired by ancient Chinese legends, align with one of history's five greatest Dynasties, and fight alongside your army to return balance to the universe.

Key Features

  • Five Factions: Choose to fight alongside the Qin, Han, Tang, Song, or Ming emperor and strive for control of the whole dynasty.
  • Six Classes: Choose to fight by Sword, Blade, Bow, Flute, Fan, or Scroll. Each are equipped with physical or magic attacks as well as short range and/or long range skills.
  • Seven Battle Systems: Face-off PvP, fight in the Arena, engage in Army Battle, Fight for the Palace, start a Guild NPC Battle, go Faction Looting, or enter a Contest.
  • Rise in the ranks: ascend through the levels of players from regular user, to guild leader, to army leader.
  • Equipment System: Use the Equipment Systems to power your weapons and transform—level up—your arsenal.
  • Family System: Make friends and share resources with your descendants on your family tree.
  • Pet System: Animals are family too! Choose from over 10 pets, each with their own skills to attack, defend, or join forces (and bodies) with your character.
  • Item Mall: Choose from a large selection of suits, pills, and limited-offer items as well as a recommended list personalized for your character's needs and abilities.
  • Four Currencies: Use copper coins, silver coins, silver bills, and gold coins to spend in the item mall and NPC shop.
  • Small client size: A client-size of 1.4 GB, smaller than most games, reduces the chances of players needing to cancel installation during the downloading process.
  • True Free-to-Play: Exchange currency, trade with other classes, and obtain items by purchasing them or playing for them.

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