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  • Classes: There are 45 playable classes available in Dark Age of Camelot (one, the Mauler class, available to all three realms.) Each class is unique and restricted to only being playable in the originating realm (except for the Mauler class.)

  • Races: Players can choose from 19 races, 7 per realm (one, the Minotaur, available to all three realms,) as their avatars.

  • Realms: There exist three warring nations in Dark Age of Camelot: Albion, Hibernia, and Midgard. Players can choose to align themselves with a particular realm. Some servers even allow you to play all three, though traditional servers restrict players to one.

  • Realm vs. Realm: Since the death of Arthur, the three realms of Camelot have been at war over each other's relics. Players can participate in battles ranging from single players to well over 100 players.
  • Community: Dark Age of Camelot has a strong community presence with communication, documentation, and guides available from the Camelot Herald.


Original Game: Dark Age of Camelot US Sep 28, 2001

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