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Darkfall has most of the features one would associate with fantasy based MMORPGs, but also contains elements found in real-time strategy and action games. In Darkfall it's the players and their actions that shape the world. We provide you with the platform and the tools to engage in grand activities such as kingdom building, politics, strategy, diplomacy, combat, warfare, conquest, and racial wars. We also offer you the freedom and the option to not get involved in any of that if you don't want to, and to follow a path of your own.

The setting of Darkfall is a fantasy adventure where anything is possible, with dragons, elves, orks, sorcery, epic battles, quests, and the never-ending struggle between good and evil.

The world is huge, possibly the largest single online game world ever created. Besides being huge, the world features hundreds of islands you could discover and make your secret base on. As you travel across Agon you will encounter unique terrain features never seen before in online games, such as mountains ranges that rise for thousands of feet, waiting for you to climb and explore them.

There are no safe zones in Darkfall unless the players themselves create them or seek them out. There is no area where a player cannot be attacked by another player.

There is relative safety in numbers and in staying out of harm's way. A player in a city full of his clanmates and further guarded by NPC guards is as safe as he can be, but he is still vulnerable to a sudden enemy raid. A player who has made a home for himself in a remote area is also relatively safe, but an enemy could always come along. The six racial capitals are very well guarded and will probably be the safest locations on Agon. Someone could still attack you, but he would probably die in the process.

Calling Darkfall a PvP game would be selling it short. Of course there's going to be a lot of PvP combat and the combat gameplay will be as fast paced and fun as a first person shooter, but the focus of the game is kingdom building, clan warfare, and conquest. The battles will be epic and will require a lot more than just PvP skill to be won. Darkfall is as much a social, a real-time strategy, and a fantasy role playing game, as it is a PvP game.

If you give it a chance, you'll discover that Darkfall is an extremely well rounded game. For example, there’s as much effort going into the quest engine and the crafting process, as there is going into the combat design. Darkfall features the ultimate player based economy, more useful trade skills than any other released MMORPG to date, advanced NPC and monster AI, and a quest engine constantly creating new and challenging content. Furthermore, the game world is huge; you could move to a remote area with your friends and try to create a safe haven for other like-minded players.

Agon will be a very atmospheric and beautiful world complete with world physics that will surprise you. The weather effects will often be dramatic, and the day/night cycles will sometimes be accompanied with spectacular dawns and sunsets. The exact time cycle is not set yet, but the current total night/day cycle is about four hours long. Expect realistic weather effects, such as rain, snow, wind blowing in the trees, wind blowing in the grass on the ground, thunder and lightning.

There will be horses and other types of mounts you can ride, ships you can sail, as well as magical means of travel.

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