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Developer: Disney Online
Release Date:September 01, 2003
Monthly Fee:$9.95 USD

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Disney's Toontown Online, the first massively multiplayer online game designed specifically for kids and families, is an award-winning, kid-safe, endlessly evolving, and immersive 3-D online world.

In Toontown, players, as Toons, join forces to save the world from the invading robot Cogs - humorless business robots who are attempting to turn the colorful, happy world of Toontown into a corporate metropolis. Because Cogs can't take a joke, Toons use cartoon gags to crack them up!

  • Have a Toontastic time....
  • Creating your own Toon character
  • Exploring different neighborhoods
  • Furnishing your estate
  • Customizing and racing karts
  • Training a pet Doodle
  • Teaming up with friends to defeat the Cogs

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