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Voyage Century is the first 3D Nautical Online Game in history, which combines the strategy, trade and role-play. You can download the client on the official website of Voyage Century or other cooperated websites that released on the official site. The Client is about 1.12G in total.

Around 1480 A.D., with the development of industry and commerce and the progress of ship building skill, countries in Asia and Europe began to realize the importance of the sea. Some fleets came up. Soon, countries on the Mediterranean coast started to explore their own sea route. Blue and deep sea was considered as the passage to the gold kingdom, waiting for men to explore.

In late 17th century, for each of their own interest, countries in the west built new battleships, made up great fleets. And then ballets of large scale for sea hegemony started.


In a traditional game, you have to choose one class, warrior, mage or others when you create your character. However, Voyage Century provide you with a freely way to create your character. You won't get stuck spending all your time in a class that you'll get tired of. Every new character has the same attribute at the beginning; you could pursue a merchant career, then sigh up with the navy, or work your way as an adventure and even become a dastardly pirate. Also you could become a farmer, axman, miner, sewing, doctor or whatever you want to be according to your own favor. We've taken the shackles off of RPGs and given you the freedom to pursue your own destiny.


A warrior is accomplished with both sea battle and land battle, furthermore, adept at fighting against any enemy and playing the role of frigate or pirate in the game. Warrior's specialized skill includes sea battle, Equip, Sword-playing, Falchion-playing, Axe-playing, Shooting, and Bare-handed Fighting.


A merchant is adept at 'argy-bargy'. The merchant ship are with large Durability and Load and suitable for ocean trade. Merchant would be the best choice of those people who is fond of earning and communication. The specialized skill of the merchant includes eloquence and structure.


An explorer is fairs well in voyage, adventure and exploration. The Explorer is suitable for the players who are keen on adventuring, traveling and looking for treasure. The specialized skill of explorer includes voyage and maneuverability.


Most weapons, clothes, potion, ship and ship equipment are made by player themselves. The artisan is logistic supporter in the game. The specialized skill of artisan includes Mining, Timber-building, Planting, Fishing, Shipbuilding, Process, Foundry, Sewing and Alchemy.


A pirate is skilled in voyaging, adventuring and exploring. To become a pirate is the dream of the players who have a liking for adventure, travel and looking for treasure. The specialized skill of pirate is still a mystery.

Game Features

Sea Battle System

In voyage century, you will experience the excitement that hundreds of warships combat in simultaneity. The verisimilar and perfect ocean waves represent the grand scenes of sea battle and bring you extraordinary experience.The combat patterns are various. You can choose any one, the grand far-forth cannon firing or the exciting grappling. The battles between countries, guilds and parties will break out at any moment.

Trade System

There are more than 160 kinds of merchandises. Genuine Finance System is embodied in the game. The prices fluctuate according to the change of the supply and demand, and the dynamic price system tests the players commercial mind. The realistic voyage line and distribution of the merchandises represent the flourishing maritime trade of the 16th century and bring you to the true voyage world.

Adventure System

Adventure and exploration is where the charm of the voyage works. Experiencing the adventure of discovery, fighting against the pirate and cruel nature environment on the broad sea will prove your competence of dominating the sea. More than 1000 kinds of mysterious findings are waiting for you, which will fully satisfy your curiosity. The exploration on the Pyramid of Ancient Egypt and search for the lost secret of Beirut Palace will give you a sense of presenting on the scene and the pleasanse on discovery. Voyage Century is not only a game, but also an encyclopedia that broaden your knowledge in geography and history of 16th century.


There are altogether four different basic characters, whose appearance can be changed according to one's own favor. There is a large pallet at weapons and articles of clothing, for which one must control certain in each case talents. The most important companion of the player on the ocean is naturally the ship, which can be upgraded and changed in Voyage Century.


In the game, there is an enormous selection of sequential missions. One receives these from the respective contact men, in addition, of the NPCs. If a player successfully brought a mission to end, the player receive a reward in the form of cash or a treasure, construction or draft sketches and a higher reputation. The accomplishment of a mission brings you the sense of success.

System Requirements


  • CPU:P-IV 2.0
  • Graphics Card:GF4 Ti4200 or more
  • RAM:256M
  • Available HD Space:2.5G

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