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Developer: Cornered Rat Software
Release Date:June 06, 2001
Monthly Fee:$14.99 USD

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World War II Online: Battleground Europe, also referred to as WWIIOL:BE, WW2OL or BE is a massively multi-player online first-person shooter computer game (MMOFPS) first released June 06, 2001. The game is set in 1940 through 1943 World War II Europe. It is a combined arms war simulation otherwise known as a virtual battlefield. A player can command or crew a variety of accurately modeled aircraft, armored fighting vehicles, anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft artillery, and naval vessels, or fight as a foot-soldier with a variety of infantry weapons. The game is played in real time along-side or against other players as German, British (UK) and French forces in a persistent world. Command structures and missions provide strategic and tactical layers while ranks provide a RPG layer by demonstrating leadership roles. WWIIOL online uses a 1/2 scale map of Western Europe with 30,000 km² of accurate terrain (800 m resolution satellite data). It is commonly recognized as the first MMOFPS.

WWIIOL was re-packaged and re-released in 2006 under the new name of World War II Online: Battleground Europe, and the name Battleground Europe is sometimes used to refer to the game.

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  • First Person Point of View in all units
  • Advanced Combat Simulation with Combined arms action (Air, Sea, Ground)
  • Over 600 Cities and Towns to fight for, in block by block combat through over 29,000 Buildings
  • Huge zoneless map of Europe covering over 350,000 kilometers with over 4,000,000 3D trees
  • Over 200 Bridges that can be destroyed and repaired
  • Line of Sight over 6km
  • Thousands of players fighting 24/7


  • Over 80 different vehicles and weapons available (including land air and sea types)
  • Multicrew feature allows more than one player to play in the same vehicle
  • Realistic Ballistics for all weapons


  • Factory production sets spawnable units in the field
  • Airfields host deployed fighter or bomber units
  • Deep Water Ports host deployed naval flotillas
  • Supply management
  • Production Management
  • Technologies Research Management
  • Brigade Deployment
  • Attack Objectives
  • Defense Objectives
  • Re-supply
  • Cut enemy supply
  • Blow and Repair Bridges
  • Strategic Map
  • Early Warning Air Attack System


  • Area Chat (Whisper, Normal, Shout)
  • Enemy communications delivered as garbled translations
  • Community Chat (French/Spanish/German etc...)
  • High Command Chat
  • Brigade Chat
  • Private Messaging
  • Squad Chat (Talk with your buddies)


  • Multiple careers in 3 Different Armies(Air/Sea/Ground)
  • Personal combat stats and records(Kills/Ratio/Death/Best Units and personal diary)
  • Rank promotion with gameplay success
  • Promotion to Command positions possible with tactical success
  • Gazette Online newspaper(English Only)
  • Campaign Stats
  • Global Stats
  • Join a virtual unit with your personal
  • Get Missions and Orders by the High Command
  • Lead your men and become an officer


  • Weekly newsletter
  • Dev News/Log
  • Development screenshots
  • Replies to Players questions
  • Polls
  • Community sites "HQ" (French, German, Italian, Spanish etc...)
  • Technical Support Forum(French/English)
  • Customer Support Forum (French/English)
  • HQ Managers forum
  • Dev team interaction via the HQs or Forum(French/English)


  • Intermission between campaigns with Free Events
  • Frequent updates adding gameplay enhancements and new content to the game
  • Paid subscription required ($14.99/mo as low as $8.33/mo with prepay)
  • Multiple payment methods(Credit Card, check, wire etc...)
  • 1/3/6/12 Months subscriptions available

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System Requirements



  • Windows XP
  • 1.2 GHz CPU
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 128 MB 3d Video Card
  • 56K Modem or with Internet connection (broadband internet connection recommended)
  • 1GB free hard disc space
  • DirectX 9.0 or higher


  • OS X (version 10.4.5 minimum) or higher
  • Apple Macintosh G4 processor 1.2 GHz or higher version.
  • 512MB RAM
  • 128 MB video card
  • 56k modem with internet connection (broadband internet connection recommended)
  • 1GB free hard drive space

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